Potentially Potential: 1964 Bel Air 2 Door


This old Chevy listed here on craigslist looks pretty solid from the few pictures provided. If you’re south of San Antonio it might be worth a look. It a completely original V8 automatic car with factory A/C. There’s no information provided on condition except that the AC compressor is frozen. They are asking $8,500 for this Chevy. The  trim looks complete and it even has 3 hubcaps.

front seat

Inside, it looks very basic (sorry, no electric windows!) but at least there’s no daylight showing through the floors.

left rear

There’s no rust showing anywhere on the car and it looks great in the pictures. This is the only glimpse we get of the rear and we have no idea what state the engine is in. If it’s as nice as it looks could be a great driver after the usual mechanical repairs or it could be the basis for anything from a restomod to a custom. What do you think you’d find if you had a good look at this? What are your ideas for this old Chevy?


  1. Jeremy

    I want to take it to supper and a movie and make it ……MINE!!!!!!!! just love that rear end

  2. Chebby

    Wants top dollar for the car yet can’t even bother to open the garage door for some light for the pics. Let alone wash it and air up the tire. Come on people, staging stuff for sale is not that complicated. That’s what gets you the kind of money you seem to expect for doing nothing.

    • DAN

      insulation fell from ceiling all over floor
      none on car
      flipper got it somewhere,didn’t sit in that place

      • MeToo

        You may be right. Looking at what I can only describe as a “crud line” on the floor along side the car in the bottom photo it appears something wider was parked there recently.

      • Chebby

        Staged = sweep the shop floor, wash the car, put the all the hubcaps on, inflate the tires, vacuum the interior, no crap on the seats, optimize the light and take good photos. Basically make it look as good as possible. Remember THIS guy bought it cheap and dirty and is trying to cash in, so it’s the least he could do. He’s certainly not offering the next owner any room for profit.

    • Ed B

      I could not agree more Chebby. Staging, of course, but at least take the rag off the front fender and move a couple of boxes and other detritus out of sight before clicking the shot. And what’s with the three wheel covers (not hub caps) that David mentions? Rear right wheel has a cover in one photo and not in the other. Must be playing musical wheel covers!

      • David

        Sorry, in the 1960s we call them hub caps.

  3. 68 custom

    64 Belair 2 door with factory air V8 and automatic would make a great cruiser, I love it.

    • 68 custom

      I would build a 340 horse 409/powerglide clone. wonder if any were actually built?

  4. booya

    You guys.


    Buyers (who aren’t you) want the mystique of a barn find. That means dust and oily rags.

    • MeToo

      The barn find mystique, glory, bragging rights, only go to the original finder. Anyone after that is just the dude who bought it from them.

      • Chebby


  5. Paul Z

    What do ya expect from a guy that can’t spell?

  6. Canso Mike

    Those are 1964 Impala Super Sport wheel covers I wish they were closer could sure use them.

  7. Eric Dashman

    This car is almost a clone to the probably Biscayne (6 cyl, powerglide, no air) 2 door that my best friend’s 1st wife (he’s on #3 and I think this one’s gonna stick) bought for $150 with a little over 100K on it. She (and we) drove it all over the place, including down to the Chatooga River with 2 canoes on it (to run the Deliverance sections…a good story for another time). Every time I drive on Erwin Road between Chapel Hill and Durham, I remember the time that he and I went to get a queen size mattress that she had bought at a yard sale (she was far worse than my mother as a yard sale queen and hoarder). We only had a little string to try and tie it on the roof. We had our arms out the windows on both sides to keep the thing from becoming a sail. We still laugh about that trip. Back to the car…she drove it another 150K miles only changing the oil and then sold it some sucker for $300. It had a little rust, but still ran pretty well. As Thomas would say, “You want $8500 for that $2500 car?”

  8. Gorzor

    Those are the best looking, classiest wheel covers ever. I had a set once.

  9. mat

    ss wheel covers for sure. the engine ids were very specific for these years (on the fenders) the pic is bad but looks like a 6 cylinder emblem to me. 283 would have a small colored v emblem, 327 would have been the same emblem with two flags above it and 409 would be the 327 emblem with the numbers 409 above it.

  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Matt….your correct – but it does look like the small V for a 283 emblem. Youse guys remember you had your choice of a 6 or small V8…at the same cost.

    Nice car – just not for me at that price – sure it will sell though as it’s a clean one.

    • Niles Chumney

      The VIN indicates a V6.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Niles, In-line 6. I don’t think there was a V-6 in Chevy’s in ’64. ( GMC, yes)

  11. Roselandpete

    Would an Impala in that condition fetch that price? And this is a Bel Air.

  12. Howard A Member

    Needs a chain link steering wheel and dingle balls. Many moons ago, my 1st (real) gf, had a 2 door Impala like this. She was just a peanut, and had to sit on some cushions to see over the wheel. Even for an Impala, it was pretty basic. She ended up trading it in on Datsun 1200 fastback ( 1 extreme to the other) I’d cut the seller some slack, we don’t know the story here. Obviously, the garage hasn’t been used, and buckets on the floor, mean the roof is leaking. V-8 or not, cars like this are pretty rare. Cool find.

    • Niles Chumney

      Seller says it has a V8 in it now but does not know what size.

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