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“Presentable Classic”: 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau


Here we have a stock-appearing 1966 Thunderbird Town Landau. There were four different body styles for the 1966 Thunderbird, and this is the most glamorous of the fixed-roof models with a vinyl roof, formal roofline and the all-important landau bars. This cool find was sent in by reader Eric B.–thanks for the cool find! It’s located in Plantsville, Connecticut and is for sale here on craigslist for $3,500.


The seller doesn’t tell us a lot about the condition of the car, but it looks like there are some dents and certainly some rust, especially on this side. We don’t get any under car shots, either. The ad does state that the car is “presentable” and has been repainted at least once. The simple Wimbledon White with black vinyl color scheme has a lot of appeal, and it’s nice to see a complete set of original wheel covers (the spare ones in the trunk are from a later Thunderbird).


The 1964-66 Thunderbirds have a very distinctive shape, with the stylists having moved on from the 1961-63 “bullet birds” but still kept a vaguely boat-like shape. This generation is actually known for its sequential tail lights, shown here in video form. These cars are actually deceptively large and weigh in at a hefty 4,568 pounds!


I keep expecting prices to shoot up on these great cruisers, but they seem to continue to stay low. With really nice interiors, large V8’s and decent road manners combined with pretty good parts availability, I’m really not sure why they have not taken off, but maybe they’ll stay low enough for me to pick one up sometime!


Here’s the 390 cubic inch V8, which in 1966 was rated at 315 horsepower. It’s a shame the original purchaser didn’t spend the additional $64.30 for the 345 horsepower 428 cubic inch model. Even with that large engine, 0-60 miles per hour still took 9.1 seconds! Yes, that really was a lot of weight! But did you notice that air conditioning with the belt in place and what looks like at least one new hose? Obviously, a lot will depend on a close up body inspection, but this seems like a lot of classic car for $3,500! Do you agree?


  1. piper62j

    I also like this body style.. Squared off and sharp.. The vinyl roof was a rot collector for the pinch weld around the windshield. Rot holes in the upper corners allowed water to weep down into the A pillars and rotted them out too..

    Nice car and it can easily be restored..

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  2. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    It is a nice car at a fair peice too. Uhoh what’s this ? title missing……..pass

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  3. Pfk1106

    Classmate in high school had a dark blue with white top convertible with white interior. It was beautiful, but the convertible top almost filled the trunk when it was down. Even though it wasn’t, it looked like a low rider.

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  4. angliagt

    I really like the front & back ends on the ’66’s,
    back when Thunderbirds still earned some respect.

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  5. Don Helmrich

    A missing title is no problem, a lot of states did not have car titles till 1974. Just get a bill of sale saying it came from one of those states. I’ve done it more than once and had no trouble get a title.

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