Preserve or Restore? 1960 Ford F100

This 1960 Ford F100 is a West Texas truck that has sat for years and is in pretty rough shape. Fortunately, trucks tend to be tough, so there’s always the chance the next owner could get it running and driving again without a major restoration. This workhorse is currently up for sale here on eBay in El Paso, Texas, with a ‘Buy-It-Now” price of $4,950.

1960 was the final year of the 3rd generation of Ford’s F-series trucks. One of the biggest design features of this model was the integration of the cab, front fenders, and hood. Compared to the 1955 F100 (the final year of the previous generation of F-series), that approach lends this otherwise utilitarian truck a bit of a refined look. This truck in particular has definitely been used, although the body is actually in a bit better shape than I would have expected. We can probably thank the dry Texas weather for that. As you look around, there are definitely areas of rust in the usual spots – cab corners, lower fenders, the bed – but none of them appear to be past the point of being patched. The seller states several times that this truck is in need of a total restoration, but I also think this would be a cool truck to get running again and used on a farm, in which case a little bit of rust wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

The engine in this F100 is supposedly the original 292 Y-Block. The seller says that they got it to light off by pouring some gas directly down the carb, but have not done the work to get it running and idling. Anyone with mechanical knowledge should not have to work too hard, since we at least know the engine isn’t seized. Hopefully there isn’t any internal issues to deal with. One thing that will probably be needed is some electrical work – you can see broken and loose wires all around the engine and interior of this truck, which are usually a sign of someone trying to fix electrical problems.  You’ll notice the radiator is also missing from the engine bay, but it’s sitting in the bed of the truck right now.

The interior of the truck looks sad at first glance, but may not need excessive work to be serviceable again. The headliner is missing, but there really weren’t that many soft surfaces to start with – the doors and dash were painted metal. Fortunately, the bench seat is located in the bed. From the other photos in the listing you can see 3 distinct paint colors on the door jambs – red, cream, and the current white. No word on the condition of the gauges, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is definitely a truck that needs some work, and would look awesome once restored. Is that what you would do, or would you give it a second life again while preserving it as-is?


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  1. Dewey G

    I was raised in a truck like this one. Later in life I went and dug it out of a field on the farm and rebuilt it. I drove it for some time and sold it. My very first happiest day of my life was digging dads old truck from the field. My second happiest was the day I sold it. But WOW does it bring back some memories.

  2. Terrry

    If it’s on eBay, I’ll bid $500, and chances are I’ll win..and still take a loss.

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  3. Classic Steel

    My parents had a 60 Ford six cylinder3 on tree.

    It was a good old farm pickup

    Still have a soft spot for the simplistic boxy look.

  4. Steve R

    For the asking price, $4,950, I’d keep looking. It too much money for a project of unknown scope, add to that, it’s not particularly desirable. For what it will cost to purchase and make it reliable you should be able to find a decent turn key truck from the 1990’s to early-2000’s.

    Steve R

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  5. Howard A Member

    When I was a lad, before the weight of the world crushed my spirit, I got a brand new Tonka truck like this. My parents had a long drive that led to the street, we took turns seeing how far our Tonka trucks would roll. On it’s maiden run, my brother was supposed to be looking for cars, he didn’t, the truck made it to the street where it was promptly crushed by a passing Buick Electra as I watched in horror. Never forgave my brother for that,,,

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Ford definitely influenced the styling for not only Tonka but a couple of other brands as well. I had a Structo gravel truck for many years. Lost track of it about the time the model kits and motorcycles took over my life. Been watching some YouTube videos about restoring the old toys. Some of those guys are dedicated…

  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Back in 1960 there was a middle aged Indian woman shacked up with a younger Mexican man on the banks of the Sacramento River between Keswick and Shasta Dams. He drove a new 1960 Ford pickup like this but in bright yellow. The trail that led to their place was quite rugged and during the fall rainy season was barely passable yet that Ford never failed to get them to the nearest beer store. I was 13 at the time and the trail passed directly by our Farm. It was about two miles from the main road back to their place and often times rifle shots could be heard coming from their direction. Probably shooting Coyotes but you never knew for sure. Just reminiscing.
    God bless America

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  7. chrlsful

    luv the ol rigs (car/truck) with the wrap-a-round windshield so the (not this 1) curve comes into the dor, it hasa cut out/protrusion into the dor frame. (Hard 4 me to describe). I think I can remember scootin around them when 3 or 4 of us lill kids ran to jump in up front (a place of privdledge). Also (again not here) the split wndshield, often deviding planes as well. The last mede I remember – dodge van, did not do this but was flat. Also do not like p/us in past times when the bed turned a corner (see this one) so that there were 4 problematic corners ina bed. Two at frnt by cab, two at back where unnecessary as a tail gait can B flush w/side boards…
    Guess this is not of interest to me (correct, good guess). Funny as I like the ’73/9 better than most ANY vehicle made (F250 4WD, short bed, step side, 240/4.9 motor) for looks/style’n use.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    This era of Ford is amongst my favorites. I can’t decide if I like the ‘57 or the ‘60 more. I wouldn’t kick any of them off my driveway just the same. Like the other makes this was somewhat of a radical change compared to the what ran before. Many didn’t embrace the squared off style but a lot of others did. And they look pretty good dressed up too…

  9. B Isaac

    Anyone know how to get ahold of of whoever has this to see if it’s still available?

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