Priceless: ’64 Sunroof Beetle


I struggled mightily with whether to share this super clean example of a sunroof-equipped VW Beetle, largely because the seller is coy about the price. But perhaps it was an innocent mistake, and there’s a potentially great project candidate with this dry, cheerful ’64 Bug. You can find this life-long Arizona resident here on craigslist, where the seller promises this one will bring back memories of driving a Beetle in its purest form. 


The issues with the unlisted price aside, the seller doesn’t seem to be forgetting any details as it relates to the Beetle’s clean condition. The body looks straight, as do the bumpers and hubcaps. The pop-out windows are one of my favorite features of any car, and they look great on this early-bodied Bug. The seller does mention there is some slight rust, but “no severe cancer.” There’s a big spread between those two conditions and it demands more info from the seller.


The interior is tidy, but I’m unsure of that color combo is correct. Perhaps our Bug experts can weigh in, as the color of the dash would seem to indicate it came from the factory with similar tones on the seating surfaces and door panels, but I could be mistaken. The lack of the original radio is also a bit of a letdown, but overall, the interior looks to have minimal needs if you just want to drive and enjoy.


The seller claims the engine has been rebuilt; no word on if it’s numbers matching. Regardless, the fact that it’s not been hot-rodded or otherwise modified is nice to see, but I can’t help but wonder if that’s the original paint poking through under the engine lid. It’s interesting – from different angles, I can’t even if it’s currently painted blue or white, but the seller calls it brown in the listing. What do you think: is this Bug as honest as the seller says, or are there some stories here?


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  1. Rabbit

    The color of the dash on a ’64 should be the original exterior color, unless the dash has been painted. If they couldn’t paint inside the rear apron, I doubt they painted the dash. Seats are wrong, they’ve been recovered, likely replacement door panels too. Motor looks original, down to the ‘small’ air cleaner. So long as the dash hasn’t been cut, original Sapphire radios are a dime a dozen, and the right antenna easy to find. All in all, with the cranker sunroof & pop-out windows, this looks like a great foundation for a resto or custom project. Personally, I’m holding out for a later Cabrio.

  2. dirtyharry

    It certainly looks like a dry climate bug. Hard to tell about the colors, the sun can do crazy things to a paint job in the desert. Does listing a car without the price get attention? Looks like a new non-original interior at some point, which is hardly a bad thing. You can always change it and sell off those interior parts. I would call it a “survivor” of sorts. I certainly love the sunroof and flip out windows.

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  3. doug

    It’s been converted to 12 volts.

  4. JW454

    Nice little car… it would have been nice if the advertiser would have given some idea what he thinks it’s worth.

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Oh man – ’64 is my favorite color……and judging by the map on craigslist, it’s about 3-4 miles from my house…..and I was going to go for a bike ride over there today…must resist…

  6. packrat

    Ironically, here in Hipster Central (East Nashville) we are having a VolksFest today, which combines craft beer, polka music and vintage Volkswagens as crowd-pleasers. There’s nothing like Classic Volkswagens for design intelligence simplicity, and enduring interest.

    • Mr. TKD

      Where exactly?

  7. alan

    $300 delivered to SD.

  8. Mr. Bond

    @Todd Zuercher: I hope you enjoy your new beetle!

  9. Canso Mike

    I have to add I am also not a big fan of cars for sale with no price .. People must have some idea of what they want, if not why put it up for sale .I will not even call if no price listed. Thanks

  10. Dale Leier

    Seems to me he has no idea what it is worth so he left it open for offers. You figure it out.

  11. Thomas Allen

    Why is the crank pully and nut looking so new?

  12. Graham Line

    Figure a motor rebuilt for peace of mind, but how can anyone pass up the exceedingly rare roof-rack-delete Beetle?

  13. John P

    Without facts I’ll refute the “barn find” claim by the owner as he gives no details of his find.. I always find such claims suspect without good background stories volunteered.. I also believe it’s an older restore as evidenced by the chocolate brown interior probably from TMI Interiors. Also-I believe based on the extremely dirty engine compartment-the owner or restorer was too lazy to put the engine-to-body gasket seals back in.. I think the front apron has been repainted–I’d like to see the fender bead up close–I’d be surprised if it’s the original body colored beading rather than just painted over…
    I could be wrong on all points I assume..

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