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Pristine 1978 Chrysler Cordoba Survivor

While this isn’t a mainstream muscle car, for being a two owner car, this 1978 Chrysler Cordoba has been preserved to at a status most cars only wish they were. Located in Edmonds, Washington, the car does have a clear title and 44,000 original miles. The asking price is $12,000. Over 100 service records from the second owner are included. That is 25 years worth. Thank you, Rocco B., for the tip. You can take a closer look at it here on craigslist.

The listing states that a rare 400 cubic inch V8 with a four-barrel carburetor sits under the hood. It gets moving by an automatic transmission. As you can see in the photo, the engine bay is clean and looks great, which really does support the note that it was always garaged and driven only in nice weather. The listing is also keen to note that the car is an all original survivor that hasn’t ever been restored.

There is not a whole lot listed about the gray cloth interior, but the photos speak for themselves. It is simply stunning, practically brand new. A center console is able to be brought down to separate the front bench seat. Residing in the dash is the original cassette radio. The original window sticker and owner’s manual are in the glove box. It looks so luscious in there that you could almost camp in your own garage and sleep in the back seat.

It makes complete sense that in the listing, people are amazed by the car and say it belongs in a museum. The listing also takes a guess that it is the best Cordoba in the United States, to which I would second that guess. The photos have been taken recently according to the listing. If you are interested in this type of thing, and enjoy telling stories or are a history buff, this is certainly the ride for you.


  1. TimS Member

    I’m drawn in by the fact that it doesn’t have the seemingly standard 1972-1982 red interior.

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    12K and no Corinthian leather!!

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    • Will Fox

      $12K and the troublesome ‘Lean Burn’ system; no thanks. Also, no power windows, seat, or sunroof. This is a fairly standard Cordoba, and IMHO, not worth over $9K.

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      • Dave Graham

        Will, it’s owned by a dealer, see the picture of the plates. So a dealer or anyone for that matter will put a price in their ad, that for the most part is a little higher than what the car is worth or what they expect to get for it. So you make the seller an offer of $8900, under your $9k and see what they say.

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      • fred

        Lean Burn is fine, it’s a bad mechanic that doesn’t know how to work on Lean Burn that causes the problem.

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  3. John Cole

    Absolutely stunning, although I loved the earlier, round headlight model just a bit more!!

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    I agree on the earlier round headlight models looking nicer. I was never a fan of the double stack headlights on these or the Monte’s. That aside, this is really a stunner and those seats look like living room furniture! The door panels look first rate, but I’m a little surprised at the crank windows. The black/white landau roof is an eye catcher. Are these 12k cars?

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    • Tom Member

      BOSS! BOSS !!

      Not a huge fan of the car but ANY 2 door car in this condition is worth 12K especially when you start asking the question “How many others in this condition are out there to choose/buy from?”

      It would take 4 to 8 times that amount to restore run down version to this level and it would still only be worth 12K. Furthermore, good luck finding parts for a restoration.

      Someone will find this a STEAL at 12K. I bet it would auction for more.

      Ricardo M.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        Well put, Ricardo!

        (Just Look at What They Have Done With My Car!)

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  5. Scott Mason

    I have a 76, 2nd owner with 55,000 miles. 400, 2 barrel, not a lean burn, velour interior. It looks as clean as this one!

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  6. Poptheclutch

    Electronic Lean Burn.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

      What is with those head restraints? They don’t match that incredibly fugly interior???
      Mr. Montelban is rolling over in his grave, which, I assume his casket is fully lined with fine Corinthian leather.

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  7. CCFisher

    I’m imagining a conversation something like this….

    “Those rectangular bulbs are the first new headlight design since 1957! We have to get them on the Cordoba!”

    “But, boss, the round headlights and turn signals are the Cordoba’s signature design element. I’m not sure we can add rectangular lights without ruining the design or completely changing the front clip.”

    “There’s no budget for a new clip, and I don’t care if it destroys the design, JUST DO IT!”

    “Yes, sir.”

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Fisher, I think you just nailed the Big Three mentality in the 70’s! Thanks for the laugh.

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  8. Capriest

    My first thought was “I wish it had round lights”. They did the same thing with the trucks in 79. Pretty much everything Chrysler switched to rectangular lights around that time got uglier. Chevy trucks as well. The only vehicle I can think of off the top of my head that they improved was the 77 trans am compared to the 76. The 73 with rounds looked better though so I dunno

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  9. Bing

    I owned an earlier version, with the leather seats, and all the whistles. It was a great car, and had some features that were pretty ahead of its time. However, my car in the two years I owned it was at the dealers at least 12 times for warranty work. When the warranty expired, I unloaded the car. I only had one other car that required more work and that was an 83 XJ6, that was BRG and lovely, except the electrical system was a nightmare.
    Yes, the ask is fair, given the condition and milage. If you like this type of car, you’ll most likely not find another one in this condition at any price.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    Had a black 78 like this with the red Corinthian “ Lather “. Put 200,000 miles on it and sold it to the gardener for $500. I can still visualize Ricardo Montalban, hawking these on the tv!

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  11. Brick

    What a treat to see this car in this condition. As for buying it? Honestly, do you want to endure the questions at every meet up, every gas stop, of “What, no fine Corinthian leather?”

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  12. Chris Greene

    I almost bought a ’77 last year for $7,000 that was far nicer than this one. It had a crank sunroof, power everything, 360-4bbl (California emissions engine with 175 hp), AM/FM 8-track, leather AND floor shift automatic with the console.

    This one is very, very nice and they might get $10k for it, but it won’t be from me. These cars simply don’t have the following. The ’78 I had back in high school had the 400 engine and the console automatic, and – like this one – roll-up windows and a cloth interior.

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  13. mainlymuscle

    Joke about the Corinthian all you like,it was the finest interior in any car near it’s price range in its time (along with big brother New Yorker ).

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  14. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    What is with those head restraints? They don’t match that incredibly fugly interior???
    Mr. Montelban is rolling over in his grave, which, I assume his casket is fully lined with fine Corinthian leather.

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  15. Gene

    NO Corinthian Lay-there!

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  16. Jack Sakaluk

    Sweet … the only thing those mud flaps would go.

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  17. Karl

    Even though I have never been a fan of these cars, seeing the “Lean Burn” logo on the air cleaner brought back memories. My Dad had a Mopar station wagon with this engine, I can’t guess the weight of that beast but I remember when dad would put the hammer down it wouldn’t shift out of 2nd gear till over 100 mph. I think the engine was fairly decent!

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    • Mark D

      This particular year is a bad choice for this car. The 78’s had thin poor quality metal in trunk floor area that had the suspension mounts/supports. They rotted /rusted out a lot sooner than other years. When
      the one I had, with no body rust, started listing,I found it was a common problem for the year from several body shops. Devalues them in my opinion, though I loved the big ride and power. Wouldnt buy, this model year however. Unless it stays out of any wet weather. If still solid, get it z-barted or coat the under trunk area.

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  18. John Oliveri

    No Corinthian leather? No deal, no power windows also? 8 track?

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  19. Srt8

    I had the 76 Charger Daytona in ’81, it had the highest hp 400 offered at the time. I put glass packs and Cragars on it, looked good and cackled like crazy. By ’82 the quarters were shot, 7 model years and it had holes big enough to toss a cat through.

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    • Srt8

      I sold the car in ’84 for $1000.00. The guy tried to replace wires and plugs shortly thereafter and mucked up the process by pushing the wire ends up into the boots instead of into the distributor cap. Had a miss on a couple of cylinders. He figured it was shot, sold it back to me for $150.00, I took it home, checked fire, found the problem and drove it till she finally rolled over and died.

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