Project Coupe: 1967 Lincoln Continental

This 1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe is shown in what looks like a tent but it must be a portable fabric storage unit. Whatever storage facility that it’s in, this will be a big project for the next owner but it’ll be worth it once it’s done. This project car can be found here on eBay in Brookings, Oregon with no reserve and a current bid price of just over $500. Let’s dig into this one as much as we can.

I would be sleeping in a tent if I bought this car. Some of you may remember that I had a 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe and I’ve been kicking myself black and blue ever since selling it. It was a nice car overall but it was too long for our garage so I had to store it in a 30-foot-long storage unit, which is the shortest one they had, and it was costing me $230 a month. I had to drive over to get the car every time I wanted to use it and it was just an all-around hassle. I don’t have what it takes for a project as intense as the ’67 Lincoln Continental Coupe shown here but someone will complete it.

I should have mentioned the photos, they’re really not even remotely good. My apologies to the seller, but they really aren’t. They’re blurry and most of them are cropped to only show a small portion of the vehicle. I realize that it’s in a fabric storage enclosure and sometimes it’s not possible to get good photos, but I have to believe that good photos will bring more money for a vehicle than bad ones will. If you can’t get good photos of your vehicle by yourself, please don’t just settle on bad photos. Never, ever settle on bad photos. You’re selling a vehicle online where thee only way for a potential buyer to see it is from the photos that you upload to the listing. Ask a family member, friend, stranger, enemy, anyone – they’ll take good photos of your car and it will sell for much more than you thought it would. You’ll thank me later. Back to the car.

On that note, I think this may be an interior photo? I have no clue what it is but there weren’t any interior-looking interior photos so I grabbed one that I thought may possibly be showing part of the interior. Although, what it’s representing I have no clue what so ever. The seller does mention that there is an all-new interior with black simulated leather (i.e. vinyl), is that what those pleats are? Whoever owned this car seemed to be in the midst of turning it into somewhat of a restomod, they say that it comes with a lowering kit and airbags. Next slide…

This is the engine, I think. They say that the engine is done, I’m assuming that means rebuilt? It would have originally been a 340-hp 462 cubic-inch V8. This one has new valves, water pump, and timing chain and it’s sitting in the engine bay. There actually are quite a few new or rebuilt/restored parts, including a new gas tank, new motor for the power seat, new alternator, new fuel pump, and more. They mention rust in the floors and the trunk channel – hopefully that’s it. The Lincoln Continental Coupe is a fairly rare body style and I hope that someone can bring this one back. They’re such elegant cars, I’d restore it back to original spec, how about you?

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  1. Weasel

    This one is odd:

    Terrible pictures, fresh ebayer with a 0 rating and 2 cars currently listed, but they do show some problem spots in the pics. If I were interested I would most definitely call the seller for more pictures and information.

    I’m thinking $1,500 if your local?

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  2. schooner

    Just hit the ebay listing… that has to be the crappiest set of photos to sell a car I’ve ever seen and this site is quick to point out the bad ones. This one tops them all.

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  3. Fred W

    I agree. Worst BF pictures of 2019 – Ding! Ding! we have a winner!

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  4. Deano

    Love it!!
    I bid $750

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    • Ralph

      That’s all in, I think it might even be too much.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Now, now, let’s talk ’67 Lincolns, we know the photos could be better. I felt really bad when Scotty had to sell his Lincoln, it was a heck of a lot nicer, and drivable, for the most part( I won’t say anything about it stalling on that gas delivery issue) these are really nice cars. I took my road test on my old mans ’68 4 door, same color as this. The examiner was a bit taken back, but it was a very easy car to drive, passed no problem. Again, same old thing here, these have to be nicer in this day and age. Restorations on cars like this can get really pricey in a hurry. The miles of electrics are the biggest obstacle. Cool car, I just don’t see any interest in these barges in the future, and the bids reflect that.

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  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m still interested in these barges. If this car were closer, I’d be on it like a bum on a baloney sandwich!

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  7. Pete Phillips

    The ’66 and ’67 Lincoln two-door models are some of the most beautiful Lincolns ever made, in my opinion. I owned two of these back in the 1970s and 1980s. Howard A. is right, they are a breeze to handle. The power and responsiveness of the 462 are tremendous–the only car I ever drove where I felt like it could almost anticipate what I wanted it to do. Yes, it’s a huge, heavy car, but very, very fast, and well built. Not easy to work on due to a very crowded engine compartment.

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  8. Rick

    The unknown photo is the cowl vents since the wiper arm is there. I bought a 69 four door in better condition than this for $1.00.

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  9. Skippy

    I owned a ’66 4-door convertible and am thinking that a ’67 2 door hardtop is way down the list of desirable Lincolns regardless of how rare they are. As far as I know, there were no 2 door convertibles. It looks like many of the NLA door and interior parts might still be there and the dash on these cars, with the fluid filled speedometer, is a work of art, but I don’t know how useful most of th eparts would be for a 4 door. The ’66-69 lincoln body style is also not as attractive as the ’61-65 body, with ’68 marking the beginning of a steady decline into pure ugliness. There is a devoted following for these cars, though, so I’m sure it will sell to somebody who will use the car or parts.

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    • Skippy

      Holy crap! It has bid up over $3k with 4 days left! Wow, maybe I was wrong about the 2 door….but there’s a rust-free convertible project in Miami for $12k BIN. Seems like a no-brainer unless you are on the west coast.

  10. John Oliveri

    After the miles and miles of FOMOCO wiring, there’s miles and miles of vacuum lines, that are over 50 yrs old, plus all those little electric motors, god forbid the heat door and a/c need work, I did a Lincoln once, beautiful MK IV, it was 10 yrs old at the time, by the time I got it all sorted out , things that were done first, were going bad again, took off my Spokes and whitewalls and sold it cheap, cut my losses, I’d let this one sit in that towel it’s parked in

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  11. Andrew Franks

    It’s a $500.00 car maybe, and a monster restoration sold by someone who obviously doesn’t know what they are doing. Buy something else that’s closer to rational.;

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  12. Bill

    Too much rust

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    • WR Hall

      I can understand the rust issues on this car, it is stored semi outside and Brookings is on the South Oregon Coast. This is a damp climate with lots of salt air.

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