Pushes & Steers: 1967 Ford Mustang

When the seller includes “pushes and steers” in the description of a barn find, you pretty well know you’ve got a job on your hands if you choose to buy it. This 1967 Ford Mustang fastback fits that description. Fortunately, we know it left the factory with a big-block V8 and a four speed, which would certainly make an interesting combination! It’s located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and is listed for sale here on eBay if you hurry, with bidding up to $7,000 at this point.

That rear suspension shows some interesting modifications we’ll get to a little later. The shell is basically sound but there’s a lot of surface rust and some rust through. I’m hoping that door fit is just a lack of latching, but I wouldn’t want to bet on that, and two other doors (“better” ones) are included. The seller also does have the trunk lid.

Now, about that rear spring mounting.  I don’t think it left the factory with that I-beam in place.  I’m also betting there was an inner fender well. Lots of work to be done here! I don’t think this one needs to be left alone cosmetically–I think the car deserves some floors and a trunk.

While there is a dash on the inside, again, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. That unusual vent on the lower right side means the car was equipped with air conditioning at some point, although you’ll also see it’s missing on the driver’s side. The Marti report confirms this.

Here’s the interior and some body panels that are included.  Is this a find for you?  Let us know!



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  1. Dave Member

    Of course, the fastbacks are cool, and with an FE/4spd, even cooler, but this one will eat up a ton of scrilla.

  2. nighttrainx03

    You can buy a real nice driver for around 30 to 40k and its at 7 and hasn’t meant reserve. It would take at least 40k to restore it if it stops there. where do you go from here, I guess upside down. I just don’t see it.

    • CJ

      My thoughts exactly! Why spend time, effort and $60K to restore this rust bucket when a beautiful Mustang similar to this may be purchased for the same amount on eBay, Hemmings, etc…….

    • Tyler

      I like 67-68 fast backs, & would love to have one. But for what you can purchase one already finished, I don’t understand what is driving the price here.

    • Shayne

      So you’re saying this car should be given away because it would be worth 40k after 40k worth of work?

      Maybe to someone with no knowledge of restoring a car. My uncle has basically restored his 1970 Mach one 351C for 25-28k. And it was in this condition.

      There has to be a point where these cars bottom dollar out in a decent condition (for a 50yo car). And that price is around 10k. I guess I don’t see how people don’t understand that.

  3. redwagon


    my northern minnesota friends will understand.

    • 63Comet

      As would any of us from Nort Dakoooota.

  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    Jesus – look at it – it’s been stuffed for years

    • Jesus

      Yes Luke I shall.

  5. JamestownMike

    Way too far gone for me!……..especially at $7k! I don’t care for the muted, light, Brittany Blue color.

  6. Car Guy

    You would be better off buying a brand new reproduction body and building your car from there at this price.

  7. C Brand

    The tin worm did a job on this and who ever gets this it will eat up the green in the wallet also. You would be upside down in no time. But some one will do it !!

  8. Al D

    Someone will end up paying too much for it thanks to the Eleanor craze *ugh* sucking up so many other FBs. Maybe that special drag pack beam in the trunk will help push it up some in price…LOL. Odd the way that the inside of the passenger door has been ruined by cutting away the inner part.

  9. G.P. Member

    It’s hard to believe I could of had a hundred acre’s of this rusted out stuff for FREE.

  10. erikj

    I wonder if the drivers door is sagging from no structure in the door latch area-rust also.
    I hate to see any f/backs gone, but this one looks pretty bad. Anything is fixable if you choose to for whatever reason.

  11. racer99

    Sure looks like an old drag car that someone forgot to throw away. Rear beams in trunk look like a cheap and dirty fuel cell mount, hacked wheel wells and the spring shackles kind of give it away. I agree with the above comments — you’d be way upside down using this as a starting spot.

  12. Keith

    I’m not a huge fan of doing this but…..
    The Dynacorn shell is $15k-$16k. If you bought this heap for $7k (even though it hasn’t met reserve at that price), you’d be up to $15k in body/rust repairs before the wife even realized your kid’s college fund was missing. Buy the Dynacorn shell, buy a 67 Stang to yank parts off of for $5k-ish, and you’re still thousands of dollars ahead of where you’d be if you decided to restore this old rusted out clap trap.

  13. JCWJr

    All of you giving the 60thou resto prices are forgetting the guy who has the ability to bring this car back. Maybe not to show room restored or show quality restoration. Maybe someone can afford 10,000 right now. Buys for 7 has 3 to put in aftermarket parts. Alteady has a engine/trans. Maybe not absolutly correct for the vin, but will look and run good. So when done he has a zillion of his hours in it and maybe 12 to 15 total. For him it is worth it. Not everyone has a shop do a restoration for them.

  14. Rich Tague

    my income is great , but this would be a great STARTER car if Less ……..Like FREE………then we would talk

  15. JamestownMike

    Sold for $10,100 with RESERVE NOT MET?? Can’t believe they won’t sell at $10k! I think that was MORE than all the money!

  16. Nighttrainx03

    Mike, greed has been many of peoples undoing, and who is to say that shill bidders didn’t take it that far to begin with. Unless your a total DIY guy that heap isn’t worth 5g I know because im still working on one like it. I paid 1800 for a basket case 69 Mach and im at 20k and not even half way. To get 10k for scrap they should thank Steave McQueen or Nicolas Cage.

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