Race Worthy Survivor: 1969 Camaro Z/28

I can hear it, just as much as see it. You know the sound – from a block away your first thought is this car has the bass pumped up from a pair of JBL speakers, but as it rolls closer you realize it’s all natural muscle music, not hip hop, that’s creating the gut punching serenade. It’s that sound, and that fact that the 1969 Z28’s, like the one found here on eBay, were actually created to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am of the day that make them amazingly cool, and collectable.

The finicky collector won’t approve of the fatty F70-14 Wide Oval rear tires, but for me, it’s my single favorite stance for Camaro’s (and its other late 60’s, early 70’s brethren). They will, however, love just about everything else this barn find has to offer: correct rebuilt #618 4 bolt main engine block with the 302 Rotating assembly, original valve covers, two Holly 600 double pumpers, a Muncie M 21 4 speed with Hurst linkage, front to back Hooker headers, and they’ve updated with front disc brakes and boosters.

Even with a few modernizations, this survivor (built at the preferred Chevy Van Nuys facility) is a wonderful walk back through memory lane for many of us. And since it’s been in stored in the California rust-free weather since the mid 1980’s, it’s a well preserved specimen from the year of Woodstock and the first Apollo moon landing. Personally, I like the Camaro interior just a bit more than it’s “pony” rival. Even with a yellow 1965 Mustang convertible in the garage, I’ve always secretly coveted the more muscular, brawny Z28’s that came out starting in late ’66. And since the 1969 is the last year of the Generation One, it’s even more my dream car.

Although the yellow pony in the garage, which rolls out for the occasional local show and wedding, will never be replaced by a Z28, perhaps it will be joined by a rival in the future – one just like this stunning find. Since this example is currently at over $32k, with the reserve not met, my budget requires a more labor intensive, rust removal and rebuild strategy in order to get a Z28 in the family. If your budget is more in the bid, buy, and drive range – you might want to make this beauty yours!




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  1. Walter Joy

    Ex street racer?

  2. Steve R

    I thought only the Norwood trim plates could help decipher if the car came from the factory as a Z28. It may be me, but I get the feeling it was pieced together.

    I hate when sellers take pictures of the trunk but don’t remove the trunk mat, it gives the impression they are trying to hide something.

    Steve R

    • Classic Steel

      I think it’s a nice clone too!
      No. Console / gauges or tach makes me want much more documentation !

      I like it but scepticsl having owned a real z back in the day!

  3. DRV

    Are those rear bumperettes stock ones?
    What’s up with the paint? It appears to be shiny but looks faded or a bad repaint.

    • Gary McDaniel

      I agree with the odd paint coloring. Looks like a partial repaint with some strange masking.

      • Steve R

        The ad says there has been some touch up paint work done.

        The rear bumper guards are correct, they are also not uncommon. I recently bought 3 sets at an estate sale.

        Steve R

      • Miguel

        From the Ebay ad

        “The body on this car is super solid with zero rust and has its original frost green paint under the blue repaint from the late 70s/early 80s”

        So the car was originally green but was repainted in the ’80 to this blue.

  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Wow. A time capsule grail car…I love the subdued color too

  5. Classic Steel

    Oh my youth of yeateryear…..

    I used to have a 69 Camaro rally z
    With the hidden headlights and rubber neopreme bumper 12 bolt four speed along with tach etc etc .

    I like the color but where’s the console and pix of gauges .
    A replacement block hmm and the eBay site not showing gauges or console scare me!
    I hope that’s an extra tach and original is in dash to authenticate z etc.

    Many regular non z’s got badges applied back in the day 😉

    • al8apex

      The console/gauges were NOT a requirement for the Z28 option and ALL 67-72 Z28’s came with the optional rear bumper guards

      • Classic Steel


        Re: 1969 z28 camaro…factory dash tach & console w/guages standard??
        Until about May 1969 factory instrumentation was not a requirement; many Z/28s were built without them.

        At that time Chevrolet revised Z/28 ordering requirements and a tachometer became a mandatory option.

  6. TMagda

    Looks really pieced together. Seats and door panels don’t match, deluxe vs. standard. The shifter position looks really strange.

  7. grant

    Can we see your Mustang, Garr?

  8. jdjonesdr

    * sigh *

  9. Dusty Stalz

    So this car’s been repainted and has a rebuilt engine and has been “modernized” with disc brakes up front but it’s a survivor?

  10. Derek F

    I’ve never seen a frost green Z-28- not racy color and surprised it was even available for them- but I love the idea.

    Nice to see a first-gen F body that hasn’t been cut up to add 15″ brakes and 20″ wheels.

    • z28th1s

      My co-worker had a Frost Green with Black stripe ’69 Z28 back in the late 70’s. He just retired last year and has been looking for another one like the one he used to have.

  11. Terry Reagh

    There are just too many questionable tell tale signs pointing to the overall integrity / authenticity of this vehicle. IMO this appears to nice looking clone !

  12. 86 Vette Convertible

    Just doesn’t quite look right to me. One of my classmates bought a 69 Z28 after HS. Darker green with black interior. It’s been over 45 years since seeing it but there’s just a number of things I can’t put my finger on that don’t give me that warm and fuzzy feeling on this one. I’d want to see a whole lot more documentation before acknowledging this isn’t a clone.

  13. Crankyolguy

    Those inner fenders under the hood look like modern reproduction parts.

  14. Nrg8

    Wtf is up with gas tank? More wrong than right here. Buy it right, keep it in the shape it’s in, drive the berries off it for 10 years and still make a buck from some one that wants to make this an emerald green original again.

  15. John Heeg

    Didn’t a Z28 come with disc brakes standard with 4 wheel disc set up as an option. It said that front disc were added.

    • 68custom

      All 67-69 z/28s had front disc brakes with the jl8 optional four wheel discs available for 68-69!

      • Bill King

        Up graded to front disc brakes ? BS, that was the first alarm bell that went off while reading that story. It’s a clone plain and simple. Whoever wrote the ad copy would do better keep quiet.

  16. victor sanchez

    I have a base X-77 1969 Z/28 it has the DZ 302,m21 4 spd and 3:55 posi rear end and, the bumper guards it also has NO console with gauges but does have the center fuel gauge. This car could be an X-77 but I do agree that the shifter seems a bit to the left. Some people think that ALL Z/28’s had the console with gauges but not true.I hope that if this is a real Z/28 it will be bought and restored, as soon as an old fart like me can figure out how to put a picture of my car in to my trusty computer I’ll do it but, until then please take my word for it

  17. victor sanchez

    I just noticed something on this car it might be an early build because the very early Camaro’s had the shorter narrower version of the rear spoiler which were from the 67,68 cars

  18. Jerry

    The seats are standard and the door panels are deluxe. Something is not right here.

  19. victor sanchez

    I’m back sorry but I may start a war with this one the VIN tag does not have the X-77 for a base Z/28 in my infinite wisdom I’m thinking this is not the real deal but a clone, if some one can correct me I am all ears

    • doug

      You are correct. This car has already been declared a clone/fake on the Camaro sites.

    • Tyler

      Only Norwood cars had X codes. This is stated to be a Van Nuys car.

      No pic of the inside of the glove box door to see it it had a tire size sticker. Only Z/28’s had 15″ wheels.

      And I wonder why the shifter change? The original Hurst round bar shifter was excellent.

      I owned an original 69 Hugger Orange X77 Z/28 back in the 80’s, my best guess is this one is a clone.

  20. Troy s

    Clone or no clone, the car itself looks like an absolute high winding screamer! Check out that super rare cross ram intake manifold, wow, nothing but top end and more top end! The tach is in the best place, right in plain view, with the revs this thing will need to stay up! Like it.

    • Steve R

      The ad says the intake manifold is an aftermarket Offenhauser, they should still be available new today.

      Steve R

  21. Jon

    Has anyone noticed the 302 emblem on the dash? Maybe wrong door panels? Aftermarket steering wheel or are the pics too dark to see the the wood rim.

  22. Nrg8

    So, looking at this ebay ad toward the bottom of the page, under the simular items you may be interested in, is a brown w/ white stipe, white vinyl roof 69 z28. Car is documented, every right picture for verification. Numbers matching, restored located in the St Louis car museum. For 69900, I know not a barn find. But sketchy z28 is at 32900 reserve not met. Gonna need a pile of work likely to take you well into, or maybe more than the done one with proof it is legit. So this blue mystery machine that will always be labeled a fake because it has deviated so far from original, there will always be doubt. Buy the Brown one, it has 72k on it with a recent frame off,
    and maybe put 2500 miles get wheels and tires, mothball the firestone wide ovals and factory 15’s. Have all the proof you need to get your money back and enjoy the car to boot. Sorry mad rant delete it if want. But brown one is laid up in museum barn lol

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