Ragtop Oval: 1955 Volkswagen Beetle

Since the listing says nothing about a repaint, I have to believe this is at least a partially original oval window Volkswagen Beetle. It looks too good to be true, but given bidding is over $15K with several days left and no reserve, it seems bidders are confident this one is worth the extra scratch. These early Bugs encompass many unique styling cues that make them standouts before you add in the lowered stance and period roof rack like this one here on eBay features. Factor in the sliding canvas roof and it’s no wonder this oval window is attracting so much attention.

The little details are right on this one, from the rear fog light to the OEM mudflaps. I really despise the fact that California is remaking the black plates, as it somewhat distorts history as to why the originals are so great. The font is all wrong and of course, the plate is brand new – old-school black plates are loved because they have that authentic patina baked in. Anyways, oval window Bugs will likely always be a crowd pleaser, and a smart buy that you can easily sell later on.

The interior has been re-done, but looking at the shine in the paint captured here, I can’t help but believe the paint is a refresh as well. The dash fascia appears to be in beautiful condition, and all switchgear is in nice shape. It’s hard to tell if the upholstery job was done to a high level, but given how dialed in the rest of the Beetle seems, I can’t imagine the sellers skimped on the interior.

The seller notes the Beetle comes with a 36 b.h.p. unit, as well as a Porsche-derived 12V generator and a split-case manual transmission. The overall presentation of this oval window is of a Bug that’s been well thought-out in terms of both usability and style, and I’m guessing a sale price of $20K or better is not to be ruled out. While I think the sale price would be even better if the original suspension were re-installed, it’s hard not liking a Beetle that looks like this one.


  1. TimM

    Clean, cool, good fuel mileage but the price for these things are unreal!! My brother and I used to buy these and beat the hell out of them in the field by our house!!! American cars held up better but you could drive a lot longer for your dollar!!!

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    • JOHN Member

      I had a friend in high school that had a 62 and he used to run bases in the park to roll it, he did, on several occasions. Beat the roof dents out with your feet from inside the car, pulled a fender or two and on to the next time. The last time he folded both rain gutters over the doors and broke the windshield, had to kick it out to get out of the car to roll it back over. A spare windshield and a vice grips to fold the gutter back and he was back on the diamond. He finally stopped rolling it on purpose. Beat the crap out of that car but couldn’t kill it.

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      • 63Comet

        Well, that’s one way to use a swing axle.

  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    That’s actually an authentic 1951 California plate that has been reassigned –

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    … What original suspension needs to be reinstalled? If you are referring to the ride height all you need to do is reset the rear torsion bar splines and and the front locking bolts on the tubes to whatever height you want.

  4. Kurt Member

    These are the Grail of old bugs, the only ones more desirable are the split window ragtops . The pistons are really really small so don’t try to navigate the freeway or drive on a windy day. Or in a flood.

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  5. Bob McK Member

    I prefer an early 60’s, but this is one beautiful car. I can’t remember how many of these I have owned, but at my age, I prefer driving a classic Cadillac.

  6. moosie moosie

    My older sister had a ’62 Rag top Beetle. She was a skier and decided she was going to attempt to turn me into a skier, it was a late winter day the sun was shining , it was very warm. I was sitting in the back & the roof was slid open and as we got closer to the ski hill there was a group of young ladies walking down the road. So I decide to stand up to say hey to the girls and wave to them, when I went to sit back down I couldn’t cause my belt had gotten hooked on the latch/hook part of the sliders lock. No matter what I did I couldn’t get unhooked until she stopped the car and my friend unhooked me, we had a laugh about it . Now every time I see a rag top open and I see that hook I smile.

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  7. Edward

    Interior door panels and passenger side cards should be same red color as seats, with chrome piping strips. Window seal of oval window should have the chrome ring embedded in the rubber like all the other windows. Orange tinted turn signal lenses were an aftermarket item. Original had no color. Exterior wheel rims were bicolored, white and the car’s original paint color. Sought after add-ons of this era included the roof rack as pictured, a round metal cased toolkit stored on the rim of the spare tire, and a supercharger built by Judson.

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