Rallye ‘Round: 1979 International Scout II Rallye

International was never known for their extravagant designs – they were, after all, originally an agricultural manufacturer. This 1979 International Scout II Rallye is in Grenada, Mississippi and it can be found listed on eBay. The current bid price is $5,000 and the reserve isn’t met yet.

I don’t know if any truck manufacturers put a lot of design into their offerings until fairly recently when people started commuting with them? These things were as pragmatic as it got. They were square and they were tough, sort of like most of the folks who bought them. The Scout II was luxurious, at least compared to the previous Scout offerings, but to today’s standards they were and still are somewhat primitive compared to a modern SUV.

The seller says that this Rallye edition has had just “One owner, have all original manuals and paperwork including window sticker.” There are no overall photos, unfortunately, and you can see some rough areas in these cropped photos. But, for a 39-year old vehicle it doesn’t appear to be as rough as it would have been if it would have been in the Midwest or Northeast. Hagerty lists a #4 fair condition 1979 Scout II as being worth $9,200! Yeah, they’re about as hot as it gets right now.

This is it for photos, four. I know. There are no interior or engine photos at all which is highly unusual, but with $5,000 in bids so far it must not matter. This is about the only other information that the seller gives us: “sliding rear quarter windows, luggage rack, folding rear seat, heater air-conditioner package, on/off road spare tire, door edge guards, am-fm radio with tape player.” They list “V8” but that’s it, no cubic-inch number and I’m guessing that it doesn’t run or it would be touted as being a running example. Does it has the 304 V8 or the 345 V8? And, what does the interior look like? The underside? These are all question that any potential bidders will have to ask.

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  1. Nrg8

    This looks new to what they look like here. Usually the rust starts at the front and ends at the back. And the doors are holding the tub together

  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    Again, same thing, this is one of the few places that one will see trucks like this. The Rallye was a very nice truck. But even in dry Colorado, they rarely look like this. I think they rust in the sunshine. Naturally, I’d ditch the V8, and put some in line 6. I hope nobody drives this rare truck in the salt, even once will get the ball rolling. Great find.

  3. KSwheatfarmer

    Got a Scout 2 in “inventory” ,not junk row. Bad rusty and mechanically used up but can’t help thinking about a restoration. With the crazy money Broncos are bringing it might make sense. Not enough hours in a day to address all my dumb ideas.

  4. Jim Rockford

    Pull the V8 and install a 6 cylinder? You have that backwards.

    It looks like the Scout has some potential, but without underside pictures, I’d wouldn’t recommend taking a chance on it. Scouts rust from the bottom up.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      You can do what you like. In my almost 50 years of driving, I’ve rarely had a bad in line 6, and every one of these IH V8’s, I had trouble with. Probably, because most of them were in a commercial, heavy duty application, and maintenance was poor and demand was great ( foot to the floor all day). However, I’ve had in line sixes, that were NEVER maintained, and still chugged on and on. My only other choice would be an older GMC 305 ( or 351) V6 or the Jeep “Dauntless” V6.

      • bill carroll

        my 345 v8 has run great for 40 years I would not trade or sell it for anything

  5. george

    vehicles rust from the inside out in Mississippi. buyer beware. another lazy seller with poor photos and poor description . Poor people have poor ways as my mama always said.

  6. Martin Sparkes

    International v8’s were bullet proof. We had one in an old farm dump truck that was geared for 55. Naturally I drove it everywhere at 65 at 5500 rpm. We loaded it so heavy that we bent the frame. But it was still going last time I saw it a few years ago on a different farm.

  7. Alan

    I like the International Scout Its on my radar as a collectable classic 4×4!

  8. CJ

    Scouts are notorious for rust especially around the the rear fenders, bottom of front fenders near the doors……..

  9. chad

    like the ’80’ model better (no 4 cyl tho, the 6 – as the tq comes in at low revs so as not to spin tires when off roading).

  10. Warren

    If you are going to take the time to list on eBay, take the time to take some decent pictures.

  11. Jubjub

    These may be boxy but there is no shortage of styling. Design themes are consistent throughout. Nothing is out scale. Nicely and gently swept back wheel well radius and the upsweeep in the rear side glass which corresponds with the bottom of the quarters. Don’t get me started on current styling trends. Especially on SUVs. Most of today’s design has the conviction of one of those blue transparent guns that shoot ping pong balls.
    That big Infiniti is hideous, talk about abundant real estate and anabbysmal lost opportunity with its slab sides and random, out of character, decorations…nice A pillars though! Or the Lexus LX with its backwards raked wheel wells. Looks like it’s constantly slamming on its brakes. I could go on.

    Love these Scouts. Owned one for years.

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Feb 03, 2018 , 11:02AM
    Winning bid:US $5,501.00
    [ 7 bids ]


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