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Ramblin’ Around: 1965 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

When they were new, and now as much as then, American Motors products may be seen as underdogs. The underdog sometimes wins, even when going up against some pretty big dogs. The fellows who put in the long hours over in the AMC R & D department never had the same budget to work with than their brethren over at GM, Ford and Chrysler. This forced them to do more with less. To innovate. To compete harder.

American Motors always offered a very competitive product in the “economy” field, but this third-generation of the “Classic” line was a little bit of a stretch for them, to create a slightly more upscale product in order to compete with Big Three cars that always outsold them in huge numbers. This 770 model had a lower and longer look than the typical offering from AMC.

It was still an AMC, but along with the expanded look came cleaner lines, somewhat more luxurious interiors, (in this case, a two-tone scheme) and features that other cars, particularly those in it’s lower price class, just didn’t have. Dual system brakes for one, which at this time in American automotive history, could only be found on one Big Three car; the Cadillac.

While many of AMC’s styling choices will always be open for debate, their reputation for reliability and owner loyalty are not; they offered a decent car for the price. The sedan models in this body style had front seats that could fold all the way back, so the back of the seat laid flat and level with the cushion of the rear seat. This created a large, in-car bed, a great way to find a quiet back road, and with a few blankets stashed in the trunk, keep the cash that would have been otherwise been paid out for a room in a hotel. (I don’t know if these convertible models offered this same type of fold-flat seat backs as the sedans, and I look forward to our knowledgeable readers enlightening the rest of us on that).

One source says just 4,953 of these convertibles were produced in either six cylinder or V8 in 1965. I found that number to be higher than I expected. A number that is comparable with many Chrysler convertibles of the era (although the sedans and coupes were produced in far lower numbers than anything from the Big Three).

I won’t dwell on my standard complaints that this is no way to sell a nice car like this, needs more and better photos, more description, the seller could and should have dropped a C-note on some new carpet and on and on, so I’ll just leave you with the facts. This car is located in Benton, Illinois. It can be found here on craigslist. The asking price is $8,000. Do you think that’s a good deal for a nice, serviceable AMC convertible? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Woodie Man

    Kind of funny ( though at this point, somewhat pathetic) that sellers think such few exterior photos are enough to trigger someone’s interest sufficient enough to provoke someone to pick up the phone and inquire about the car Especially when you are asking eight thousand dollars…………..

    Whatever happened to the concept of ‘effort’?

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  2. Loco Mikado

    I would much rather it had a V8. The V8’s had larger drum brakes, transmission cooler heavier springs and shocks, front antisway bar and a few heavier duty items. I have had 3 V8 and 2 6cyl ’62-66 Ramblers over the years and prefer the V8 over the 6. Decent looking survivor though.

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    • Jacob

      did all straight 6s come with amc 15 rearends? For some reason I assumed that 323s were the exception.

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  3. RJ

    Great write up! I tend to root for underdog automobiles also. AMC in particular has always been my favorite quirky car manufacturer. As stated, they did so much with so little. AMC cars whether good or bad designs, good or bad reliability, they are one thing. Instantly recognizable.

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  4. Sam

    Ditto on the write up. Five or six hours of elbow grease might justify the price. $4,500 might be a good price.

    I see alot of Chevy Malibu in the styling…a bit more formal. The version of this car with the vertical stacked headlights is sharp.

    Anyone that drove through southeast Wisconsin in the “60’s and “70’s knows AMC loyalty.

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  5. Nova Scotian

    I love it! Cool cruiser if not mechanically crippled.

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  6. John Hess

    Yup, had a Rambler 660 SW, had a 232 6(same engine used in Jeeps as had a 93 Jeep W/ same pot injected) was a great car. Hauled 4 kids and “stuff” all over the US economically. Then I had access to a transmission W/OD, was better as got about upper 30’s of .25 cent gas. Traded it on a gas hog Ford Country Sedan. Last I seen the car was still running in the early 80’s

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  7. Rustytech Member

    Great find, but over priced for a 6 cyl. car in its present condition. I agree with Sam. $4500 would be a good buy.

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