Ran When Parked: 1968 Porsche 912

This 1968 Porsche 912 looks way better than most garage finds do, especially for a car that was dragged out as a non-runner. The air-cooled coupe was supposedly parked for a few upgrades and repairs that never happened, and as such, it was last run in 2012. However, the seller has updated his listing to note he got it running again without too much effort and it’s currently able to be driven around his neighborhood. It’s still a project with the usual assortment of issues but it looks like a far better starting point than most garage finds. Find the 912 here on craigslist for $39,000.

When you see black plates and the old-school Porsche Club of America grill badges still in place, you know you’re looking at a desirable, enthusiast-owned car. This 912 really does check all the right boxes for an air-cooled classic, although the paintwork isn’t original. However, the factory color is a very desirable one, a shade of orange known as tangerine. The original polished hubcaps are still present will and look quite tidy, as do all the glass and lenses. As a longtime California car, rust seems like a very remote possibility, especially after years of indoor storage – however, the listing does confirm one of the reasons the car was parked due to the front cross-member being rusty, with a replacement part never installed.

The 912 will come with a variety of upgrades and spare parts never installed. This includes dual De’llorto carburetors, which were acquired to be installed in concert with a 1800cc big bore kit that has been installed. It’s clear a variety of repairs and upgrades were planned, with the seller noting there’s also a new windshield included to replace the scratched one currently installed, along with a new headliner, new carpet kit, and new window moldings. With those parts in hand, it makes sense to simply take this one all the way, including a respray back to its original color of tangerine – but that’s just my opinion. Would you drive it as-is once the mechanical work is completed?

The interior looks to be in great shape other than the presumably-tired headliner, with an aftermarket three-spoke steering wheel and what looks like seats from a later-model Porsche. The seller does have the original “low back” seats and factory steering wheel, so you could get this looking like a damn-near stock driver with some nice upgrades under the hood if you wanted to. After replacing the battery, flushing the fuel system, and replacing a leaking fuel line, the seller was able to drive this 912 around the block with no major issues, and the brakes and transmission are said to feel healthy. This looks like an awesome project with the right parts installed to make it an incredibly fun driver and far cheaper entry into classic air-cooled ownership.


  1. alphasud Member

    Given the current Porsche market the price doesn’t seem out of line. What I like about this car is the fact it comes with a lot of the original parts of which I would be inclined to reinstall. It does look to be pretty solid and I would drive in the current condition for a while before I had it restored to the original color. That’s a crazy looking smog pump. I have never seen a roots type blower used as a secondary air injection device.

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    • Euromoto Member

      That’s a 1968-only feature on the 912 and (shocking, I know) most owners yanked them, so it’s somewhat rare to see one in situ.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    While the short wheel base cars are rare enough, finding one like this with no rust is even rarer. Nice example here but I would think it would enhance the sale if it wasn’t sitting in a garage full of junk.

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  3. SMS

    Had multiple VW before buying a ‘65 912 in the late ‘80s. Have a Karmann Ghia now and really like VWs. Have read multiple people write where a KG is just as good as a 912, and how a 912 is more VW than Porsche. Horsefeathers.

    The design and build quality of 912s are superior to any VW. Have also owned a similar vintage 911 and in most instances I preferred the handling of the 912.

    As to price, well this is 10x what I paid for mine which ran, but then again this is a heck of a car and lots has changed in 40 years.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      It’s interesting that there are some who continue to say the Porsches are more VW than anything else when there isn’t a single feature, nut or bolt, or part on this 912 that has anything to do with a VW. Had a ’69 Targa for a while and it was a fun car to drive with enough power to cover long trips. With the exception of some running gear designs the same goes for the 356s.

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  4. Malcolm Boyes

    First fix that front suspension member..a common failure point of 912 and 911’s of this vintage as the battery leaked right there ..a problem like the “hell hole”on 914’s. That said..I own both VW’s and Porsches and as, said, no comparison. They are all great but very different.This lookls likje a decent car at a decent price..I think the 1800 calim for the motor probab ly should be 1720 Big Bore like I have in my 56 Outlaw. Lots more troque with the setuip and no loss of reliability..

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  5. Jack Quantrill

    6802 Polo Red?

  6. Kurt Member

    Could be a little jewel in my garage, but don’t have forty grand.

    • Chris

      Yeah, I don’t have 40 grand or an open garage stall, so you’re ahead of me! We’ll have to leave this beauty for someone else.

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  7. Richard

    I had a 69 911T. Nice car. The engine lid latch had a VW circle logo stamped in it. So at least one part on those cars was VW.👍👍

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    • Kurt Member

      My 74 Super Beetle block was made in Brazil and has the four circles of Audi stamped on it.

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  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member


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