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Rare 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

Update 11/12/20 – The seller has lowered their asking price by $5k here on eBay. Do you think that’s enough to get this cool convertible sold?

From 10/5/20 – The owner of this 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible holds documentation from The Chrysler Registry that confirms that this car is 1-of-91 built to these specifications in that model year. It has previously undergone some amateur restoration work, but it now needs a new owner willing to weave their own special magic on it. If you believe that you could be that person, you will find the Challenger located in Wylie, Texas, and listed for sale here on eBay. Exclusivity comes at a price, with the BIN set at $29,800. However, there is the option to make an offer.

The Challenger is finished in Bright Red and features a White power top. On the surface, this is a promising looking project car. The panels appear to be reasonably straight, and there are no signs of any significant rust issues. The owner admits that the vehicle has undergone some amateur restoration work in the past, including some rust repairs. It isn’t clear whether there was rust in the panels, but there is evidence of prior repairs in the rockers. The rust there appears to be returning with a vengeance. When we start to delve below the surface, things take a turn for the worse. There is rust in the floors and the rear frame rails. This is particularly apparent around the rear spring hangers and is at a point where it will need fixing before the car hits the road once again. Some of the rust in the floors has been repaired at some point. These repairs appear to be of inferior quality. The power top looks to be in respectable condition, and the same seems to be true of the glass. There are a couple of minor trim pieces missing, but what remains is presentable for a driver-quality car.

If you were hoping for a spotless interior, then the chances are you will be mighty disappointed. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its good points. The carpet appears to be new, while the dash and console are in excellent condition. Some of the rear trim is missing or damaged, and the door trims have been cut to fit speakers. It is the bucket seats that steal the show here. That doesn’t look like regular wear to me. I suspect that something furry has called this interior home at some point. The covers are badly shredded, with the foam beneath looking no better. Given that most of the trim will need to be removed to address the rust in the floors, that will provide an ideal opportunity to fix some of the worst of the interior trim problems.

It’s when we lift the hood that we find what makes this Challenger a rarity. Occupying the engine bay is the venerable 225ci slant-six engine, which is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. The original owner also chose to order the vehicle equipped with power steering. This combination is not guaranteed to get your pulse racing. The ¼ mile ET of 18.8 seconds is never going to set the world on fire. The Dodge has been parked for the past 15-years. It appears that the engine hasn’t been fired in that time, so the owner has shown good sense in leaving it untouched. It will fall to the buyer to discover its relative health. These engines are tough old things, and if it was in good health when it parked, it might revive fairly easily. The owner holds documentation from The Chrysler Registry that confirms that this car is a rarity. It states that all 6-cylinder Challengers built during the 1970 model year rolled off the Hamtramck production line. The company made a total of 378 Challenger Convertibles for the US market equipped with the slant-six. Of these, only 91 featured a 3-speed manual transmission. The VIN confirms this is one of those cars. It was listed on the Register in 2002.

This 1970 Challenger Convertible poses a vexing question. The documentation that the owner holds would seem to validate its rarity. The question remains as to whether this rarity justifies a faithful restoration. The alternative would be for someone to take this old classic and to transform it into the Challenger of their dreams. The reality is that at the asking price, this can not be considered to be a cheap project car. That makes the decision even harder for prospective owners. Would you hand over the cash for this Challenger? If you did, how would you tackle it as a project?


  1. Howard A Member

    Oh yeah, this car takes me back,,,
    John Glenn was on that car, goes safely around world in space, and then this.

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    • Dave

      Maybe Elon Musk should buy this and send it into space to keep his Roadster company? Seriously, if I walked into my local CDJR dealer planning to spend $30K I would have a new Hemi.

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    • steviealx

      Wonder if that car is still around?

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    As for rust, I’d say some of it got to the left rear suspension mounts because the rear wheel isn’t exactly where it should be. Close check on this one needed. 29K pretty much way too much for this one. Maybe $2,900……

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  3. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    This is ridiculous.

    Another case of rare not equating to value.
    And the seller has painted literally EVERYTHING facing upwards orange. Interior fabrics, panels, and rust. And EVERYTHING underneath in black slime.
    I wonder how much Bondo is in the A-pillar door frames and body?

    bobhess is right, the LR wheel is mis-located, and looking underneath, the front spring mount indicates why. I don’t recall ever seeing a shock absorber break that way. And the right side mount is not far behind the left one.

    This appears to be a car which has been treated to a color-spray restoration, after sitting over dirt/under a tarp for 25 years.

    Anyone spending more than 1/10 of the ask on this car is in for a hard lesson. $150 invested in rattle cans by the seller can’t hide what it really is from anyone who looks for at least a few minutes.

    This one really gets my hackles up. Grrrr.

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  4. Little_Cars

    The plating on the rear bumper really makes this car stand out! Love the rust on that bumper and the scampering sound of critters when one looks inside the car at those seats. What a jazzy way to drive around in Challenger heaven. Jeez, how about putting some cheap WalMart slipcovers over those gross piles of foam? Is that radio speaker grille stock on the top of the dash?

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  5. JohnD

    Kudos to the seller, Rawling’s little buddy Dennis, for adding all those pictures. You shouldn’t go near it, but if you do, you were warned!!!

    I was wondering why the left floorpans looked so much better than the rest of the car, until I saw they were just laid in over the old tunnel . . . And that spring mount. Ouch! Hard to know what to do with this one, especially at this price .
    Oh, I know! Nothing . . .

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  6. Bret Wills

    Looks like the seller removed the RH side and interior pictures.

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  7. Timothy Phaff

    Thier should be a way to block scam aartist from Barnfinds.

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  8. Evan

    What the absolute hell? Who would order a car equipped like this??

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    • Howard A Member

      Miss Hathaway?

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    • bone

      Maybe not ordered by a customer ,but ordered by a dealership for lot sales

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  9. Timothy Phaff

    I would not even pay the $1500.00 it will cost to ship it. TAKE THIS S… OFF OF Barnfinds. Thank You

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  10. Jeff Simon

    If the value in this car is mostly due to the rarity then the only way to fix/restore this would be a complete disassembly/nut anb bolt restoration. But due to the original engine selection I am not sure this would ever be worth it. If I am going resto mod or protouring I would start with a lot better and less expensive option.

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    • Mr.BZ

      yep–its rare because nobody wanted it set up like that then, or now.

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  11. CCFisher

    Sometimes, an old car is rare because of an expensive or limited-production powertrain. Sometimes, an old car is rare because most examples didn’t survive the years. Sometimes, an old car is rare because nobody wanted it when new.

    People really need to get off the “1 of X” bandwagon. If a car is rare and desirable, people will know it. If you have to rely on that “1 of X” to create desirability, you should probably just lower your price and get it over with.

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    • Terry Melvin

      For that matter, people need to get off the ” barn finds” bandwagon. Most of these wrecks were never in a barn..stuffed under a tarp behind a shed instead.

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  12. Mark

    My cousin’s husband had a beautiful blue 70 Challenger with a white top, blue interior and the slant 6. Sharp car and great to cruise around in.
    Hard to believe it’s related to this one…..this thing just doesnt look right.

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  13. K Gun Offense

    Tons of work to be done here. Myself, I would restore the car. Too expensive to restomod. There are very few 6 cylinders and 318 challengers in nice shape left. Most bit the dust when it was cool to make make hemi clones. People made clones without proper hemi’s, changing the rear end and other garbage and made a lot of money doing it. Sad but true. I seen a few. As for this car, the price is to steep. Fixing the bad bodywork is going to cost more than if it was left alone in the first place. Add to that, the bodywork that had not been paid attention to. If the critters got in the interior that bad, then you can bet wiring among other things are going to be an issue! But being a Mopar Man, I say fix it. As for me, I m just not into 6 cylinder motors. However, that being said, no doubt it will take very little to get it going. Those motors were hard to kill. Lots of work to do to this car and I hope in the end the right person buys it and does it up good. Unfortunately for that to happen, the owner will sit on it for awhile until they are ready to come down in price by a lot.

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  14. Leland

    I like the six 3 speed combo, but 30K? Nah, at least that much to get it somewhat presentable too. Too bad Chrysler never went for a new Challenger convert that was in the plans. That would be how I would go at less then half the cost of this fixed up. And that would be a brand new car that would be better in almost every way.

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  15. Vic M

    Rare isn’t always desirable. The price is way too high, considering the condition and the equipment. Way too far gone.

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  16. Curtis

    I don’t care if it is only a six and not a Hemi, because of it’s rarity in it’s low numbers, I would restore it to the way it came from the factory.It will maintain it’s value that way and who’s to say what the fate of the other 90 are?after all, alot can happen to a car in 50 years.

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  17. Hemi-AMG_Stuff

    I had a slant-six 70 Challenger CV from the original school teacher owner in Orange County CA. It still had the original Scat-Pak setup in the trunk. She exclaimed that the gas mileage was so horrendous after she initially bought the car in Irvine that she took the car back to the Dealer and had the “hop-up” stuff removed. The car had an original 2 bbl so assumed that was it. Only after we stopped for gas to get the car home did we check the trunk and found the ‘hop-up’ stuff still in their original Scat-Pak boxes.

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  18. Craigo

    One and done.

    Showing these wrecks at outrageous prices is crazy.

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  19. Ten50boy

    Certainly the seller must mean $2980.00!!! $29,800.00?!? That’s got to be a typo. At $2980.00, it would still be stretch….. and my wife as a witness…..I have made some pretty bad impulse buys in our 26+ yrs of bliss. So, before someone spends $29k plus on this $2000 car…. think what it may cost your wallet….. sanity and possibly your sleeping space!!!! Because….. wifey will force you to sleep in the garage with you new rusty red sweetheart!!!!! 🤣😂😅

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  20. 433jeff

    Umm it’s still cool to make Hemi Clones, no I don’t have one yet. But when you see convertible 1-91 95% of us( ok that’s my guess maybe it’s 99%)the first thing we want to see is the engine pic, of the elephant, this car has value, just like 71-72 chevelle 2 door 307s, They await being a clone, just my 2 cents. The slant six was awesome for what it is/was.

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  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Oh boy, another overpriced offering from everyone’s favorite Gas Monkey sidekick – wow!

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  22. Richard Martin Member

    If it wasn’t so outrageously over priced, one could install 6 cylinder spiced up parts. Like 4bbl. intake, headers etc.

  23. mark r westphal

    hmmm couple too many decimel points in the price Mr Rowlings

  24. JMB#7

    Can’t drop a hemi in this one. It would crush what is left of the suspension.

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    • Timothy Phaff

      And ripe the rear end out of the car.

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  25. Mike

    HMMM…that POS brings back memories…..Mom had the same setup, in a 77 Volare….the leaning tower of power, and 3 on the tree… I thought it was crap back then….not much has changed. And 30K….LOL…maybe if a 1/3 of the other 90 come with it.

  26. George Mattar

    Price high because Dennis drinks too much coffee. And I cringed when my best friend bought a 69 GTO conv for $800.

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    • Little_Cars

      I bought a 69 Lemans convertible for $800 in 1981. What year are you speaking of George?

  27. angliagt angliagt Member

    For the barnfinds staff – could you please,from now on,
    please post “1 of X” in each vehicle featured?

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  28. Stephen Miklos

    Ok. This poor Challenge needs mega work. First.. twisted rear axle. L/S rear wheel push back. Rust under everything. This would be a good parts car for another project. Always too much money for a hurting Mopar.😄

  29. gaspumpchas

    Living proof that everyone thinks they have gold. Good luck and stay safe.

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  30. steven

    Looks like the interior has been spray painted.

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  31. Clement Feldman

    Rarity doesn’t mean desirability and that’s sure true in this case. There’s a good reason they sold so few 6 bangers in Challengers: nobody wanted them. Then or now.
    This car is a nice shell project for a tribute or restored. Nothing more and should be priced accordingly – LOW…

  32. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    As this attempt to score a major profit is listed, and relisted on eBay and other places, it seems as though the number of photos keep getting smaller, and smaller. Less for potential buyers to look at, and get a real understanding about the very poor condition of the car.

    The saving grace is that most likely, those who may have had an interest have already seen enough, and they are staying away, FAR away.

    Buy this at the current price, invest cubic $ and an outrageous amount of time, and the finished product will be worth about what the ask is right now. As I said 5 weeks ago, 1/10 of this price, and someone might be able to at least only lose half of the investment in a restoration.

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