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Rare 1974 Lamborghini Urraco P250

Lamborghini went from a farm equipment manufacturer to one of the most revered sports car makers in the world thanks to a bad clutch on Ferrucio Lamborghini’s personal Ferrari. Ever since, Lamborghinis have been synonymous with speed, and the rich and powerful. A good origin story adds mystique to an already good product, and even the “entry-level” Lamborghinis are amazing sports cars. Meaning “little bull,” the Urraco was an attempt to offer Lamborghini performance to a wider audience. You can find this one, sans powertrain, here on craigslist, ready for a dedicated tinkerer! Special thanks to Pat L. for letting us know about it!

Let’s start under the engine cover…since there’s nothing there. It was built with a 2.5-liter V-8 engine mounted amidship making about 220 horsepower at 7800 RPM, driving the rear wheels through a manual gearbox. I’m sure it gave an engaging driving experience with that powertrain in it. The seller states that they have a connection for the correct powertrain to be fitted, so it might be worth taking them up on that offer. Otherwise, there’s no shortage of GM LS crate engines. Or if you want to get weird with it, there are a slew of electric crate engines that have either just been released, or will soon be released.

The interior looks complete, if a little rough. There are some rips on the upholstery, the weatherstripping will need to be touched up, but I’ve seen worse. The back seats are there in name only, but they are there–that’s by design. You don’t buy a Lamborghini if you want to cart around your family. But then again, maybe you do. You didn’t buy one for that in the past, anyway. Maybe if you have a smallish backpack you like to take on drives with you, that would be a good place to put it.

Lamborghini has a cute write-up about the Urraco on their website, so I guess there’s still a thought about it on the corporate level. Maybe I’m being too hopeful thinking that that means a good replacement parts market. Regardless, the seller clearly knows about the car enough to care for it. You don’t accidentally come into Urraco ownership. They mention that it was previously owned by the prince of Lebanon; I’d be curious to know how accurate that claim is. Still, this will give an engaging driving experience no matter who owned it…once you put an engine in it.


  1. Connecticut Mark

    Looks like a pantera.

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  2. MoragaPulsar

    From the seller’s listing:

    “Just the interior and wheels alone are worth over 40k for this car”

    Ah yeah, right. Then why are you listing this parts-missing “car” for just $34.5? Really increases the faith in the seller (beyond even the scum scam of listing of 50-100 extraneous vehicle names in his Craigslist ad).

    GLWT? No, GTFOH.

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  3. Mike

    No motor? Well then, here’s the number of the guy who’s holding it for ransom. An electric conversion might be the way to go since you’ll be tearing it apart anyway.

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    • Frank

      Ouch! Don’t say that too loud to a Pantera owner Mark! Nothing racy about this car.The ’70s and into the early 80’s you couldn’t give one way. Just like the Lambo Jalpa and the Espada.

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  4. Maestro1

    Ben, I bought a used UrracoS from a Swiss Architect in San Francisco and it was a real experience using it as a commute car from a suburb every day where I did not live (yes, she was lovely). The car was cobalt blue with a tan
    interior. It needed a clutch, which was open heart surgery, and a water pump which are the only two major repair items. Otherwise it ran like the Italian it is,
    passionate, very fast, instantly responsive, elegant interiors. I sold the car (this
    is years ago) and I still regret the sale.
    Thank you for this and stay well.

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  5. Vin_in_NJ

    A bit odd that the prince of Lebanon would order an entry level Lamborghini.

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  6. Howie Mueler

    Yes there is nothing more expensive than a cheap Lambo or Ferrari.

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  7. gaijinshogun

    A collector with a drivetrain-less Urraco and a Ferrari GT4 likely lusts for Porsche 924 and Maserati Biturbo to round out his “exotic car” collection.

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  8. FireAxeGXP

    I don’t know much about Italian cars but this looks like a good project for $3450. What a C&C head turner!

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  9. Paul T Root

    is no one going to say “LS1”? Or is EV replacing that now?

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    • douglas hunt

      i don’t know about anyone else, but the thought of all those batteries in the front trunk kill EV for me, in a car like this

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  10. chrlsful

    @ 2425 lbs I wonder ifa motorcycle would due?
    Think there’s 2.5L one for it (1.6 is biggest I know)?

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