Rare 1978 International Scout SSII

Are you familiar with the Scout SSII package? This rare option was initially developed by International Harvester stylist Dick Hatch. According to fourwheeler.com, “Scout Side Kick (SSK) became the working name as the prototype was developed…Eventually…Super Scout, which soon became abbreviated to SS and later SSII.” This particular SSII can be found here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $13,800.  Located in Gloucester, Virginia, this beast looks ready to handle whatever you can dish out.

The SSII was a topless Scout featuring a rollbar and plastic door inserts amongst other touches. Featuring several powertrain options from the base 86 horsepower 4-cylinder to the Baja Cruiser which had the 345 cubic inch V8. The ad states the engine in this Scout is the original 345 c.i.d. with 4bbl carburetor. Said to only have 53,000 original miles, the unique SUV has a special-order 3-speed transmission with 3.73 gears.

There isn’t much information regarding the aftermarket modifications that have been done, but clearly there have been a few. You can see aftermarket shocks, lift, wheels and tires along with the front bumper. It looks like this Scout will go anywhere you want it to go.

There are some detailed photos of the interior, but no overall shots. You can see in this photo, the floor pan looks like it is in good shape. No big rust holes and solid. There are also photos of the passenger floor, rear cargo area, and shift levers. There is some rust showing around the rear wheel openings, but overall, this Scout appears solid.

The SSII is an interesting vehicle with an even more interesting history. If you’d like to read more, check out this article here on fourwheeler.com. What do you think about this Scout? Let us know.

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  1. half cab

    They is a feller up in Maryland that use to love these thangs. He saw the light and has him some Broncos now😄

    I’d drive it like I stole it.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Does Bill know you’re talking about him like that? :)

      • half cab

        Yeah his ears burn constantly.😄

    • Beefeater

      Good for him. More Scouts for us

  2. Evan

    “the unique SUV has a special-order 3-speed transmission”

    If a 3-speed was a special order, what did the base model come with??

    • Dave Wright

      Everything on an IHC is “special order” there is no standard equipment (there is common equipment) Each vehicle is hand specked by the orignal buyer or the dealer ordering it. The list of options looks like a phone book for a small town. The list is called a “line setting sheet” and it accompanies the vehicle down the production line as it is being built.

  3. Rick

    Equipped with the rare 1965 Ford Galaxie hood ornament!

  4. Lance Nord

    I love Scouts. The Scout I owned would out crawl any stock 4×4. The SSII is highly desirable and the asking price is low… makes me wonder why… The only thing I don’t like is the 3 speed.

  5. Jimmy

    I like it, reminds me of the first generation Broncos. If it runs and stops it might be a great deal.

    • Lance Nord

      Jimmy – it is a great deal even with the odd 3 speed. Reconditioned SSII’s are selling for as much as $60K (typically $30K-$40K).

  6. Rob

    Is that a Mercury hood emblem?

  7. Hide Behind

    In it’s day these were the terror of off roading and hard to match.
    IH caught everyone by surprise with these especially when equipped with 345.
    Intake with Holley exhaust headers,mild cams, kept the grunt and smooth torque band.
    Just right gears in this one where one had low rev grunt and upped top end speed.
    Any of you guys driven 410 and higher numerical gears any distance?
    I doubt that this rig ever saw any serious off road events.
    Gimme one of these over any Bronco made.

  8. Mark

    I own from 1989 Scott II international 1977
    392 with 4 speed manual.
    I can’t express my love to this tank.
    I’m almost 70 years old and will never replace with another 4×4
    In present time 109000 miles

  9. camfen

    This SSII has been color changed from white in addition to the significant rust shown in the eBay listing, I’d want to start with a better tub. SSII’s are rare with exceptional build quality (boxed frame, commercial 345 V8, Dana componets, grade 8 everything). Half brain and his buddy can have all the Big Three Scout “copies” as far as I’m concerned…

    • Todd Zuercher

      “Half brain”? Posting rules here say no personal attacks.

      • half cab

        He can’t help it Todd. Prolly never owned the ultimate 4X4.


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