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Rare Color: 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS QV

Cars, girls, and music.  Is there anything more important to an adolescent male?  If you grew up in the 1980s as I did you probably decorated your bedroom with posters highlighting all three of those subjects.  Farrah Fawcett sprawled on the ceiling above the bed, Eddie Van Halen hung on the door, and a monster-sized poster of a Countach, Corvette, or Ferrari 308 on the wall.  Maybe you’re a glutton like me and you had posters of all three of those cars in your room!  To be different, I bought a poster of a black 308 because after all, it seemed like few people realized Ferraris came in any color other than red.  Silver and yellow I vaguely recollect but a white 308?  I can honestly say I’ve never seen one.  This rare colored QV or “quattrovalvole” has less than 40K original miles and is available here on craigslist in Wallington, New Jersey.  With a price tag of $49,900, this could be the opportunity to finally make one of my adolescent dreams come true!

While $50k might be considered a good deal on a 308 if I were actually serious and could afford one of these classics I think I’d have to go with a black one.  It’s neat to see one in white but it just doesn’t seem to muster up the same appeal as a red, black, or even silver 308.  Largely due to the hit 1980s TV show Magnum P.I.  the 308 in red reached the iconic status we recognize today.  As if being featured on Magnum wasn’t enough to satiate 80s pop culture appetite, the car also enjoyed a starring role in the movie Cannonball Run and, as you likely remember, an unforgettable cameo appearance in National Lampoon’s Vacation with supermodel Christie Brinkley behind the wheel!

Originally purchased in California, this Ferrari also spent time in Oregon previous to being purchased by the seller in September 2018.  It reportedly sat for about seven years before he purchased it.  Over $25,000 worth of repairs and maintenance work was recently performed by the seller, including timing belts and tensioners, front brakes, A/C recharge, and fluid replacement/flush all done according to Ferrari specs with Ferrari parts.  Receipts showing all of the work performed are offered with the sale.

While the car was on the West Coast it was extensively serviced by Ferrari trained technicians, according to the seller.  He claims any work the car needed over the years was meticulously performed and lots of documentation is offered to verify how well the car was cared for.  Ferrari’s 308 quattrovalvole design successfully increased the horsepower output of the 2.9 liter V8 over previous fuel injected 308’s that were impacted by emissions regulations.  In the late 70s and early 80s, horsepower ratings of 308’s sold in the U.S. dropped to around 205.  The QV engine helped return the hp rating to 230 (240 in Europe) with its introduction in 1982.  What do you think of this rare white 308?  Would it look better with Christie Brinkley behind the wheel?  Wait, that’s a seriously dumb question!  Of course, it would!


  1. Thomas Conger

    Love it!!

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  2. Francisco

    She uses a walker? Poor thing.

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    • Sandy Claws

      Yup, wears Attends too. (just like me, so maybe we are meant to be together)

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  3. Tony

    Wow. Guess you haven’t seen her lately. You couldn’t afford her anyway.

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  4. t-bone Bob

    Oh come on now. She’s only 65 and I think she still looks fine.


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  5. 36 Packard

    65 and stunning? Either she met up with Dr. Frankenstein or senility has crept into your life. I might be old and senile myself, but I still understand that fantasy about young women usually involves someone young.

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  6. 36Packard

    Nah, cars and girls have always gone together, where have you been? I recall in high school getting dates well above my “grade” because of my cool car.

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    • Sandy Claws

      I think Packard is right. I LOST a girl one time to a guy with a classier ride. Too bad too, she fit my back seat pretty well, but hey, we all know that money is the worlds oldest and most reliable aphrodisiac.

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  7. olerascal

    Likely the same car owned by friend while it was in Oregon. Only white 308 I ever saw in Oregon. Very nice when I rode in it…parade lap at Portland Raceway during Historic Races.

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  8. Sirpike

    Those US bumpers kill it ….. just sayin .

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  9. TimM

    Nice car!! Is this the Magnum P.I. Car in white!! I’m not sure which model he drove but this reminds me of it!!

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  10. TimM

    Just saw it in the write up!!

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  11. Sandy Claws

    Hey, who you calling a gentleman??!!! I gave up that title a while ago and have never looked back.. Besides, this isn’t the kind of car most of us could have anyway, it should be in the Robb Report or something, not here. This is the place for rust bucket Chevys and crush able Dodges with silly price tags. BTW, Jay in his article says, “Cars, girls, and music” as the opening. If Jay mentions girls, we should too! Thank you Jay for your wisdom and compete understanding of the American male.

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