Rare Crew Cab: 1972 Dodge D200

While we seem to be hell-bent as a culture on bringing back everything that was once old and making it new again (versus creating new things of actual value), the long wheelbase pickup with a fleetside bed and four cab doors doesn’t seem to be a hot topic right now. This 1972 Dodge D200 pickup is a rarity these days, but it’s also shockingly long – to the point that I’m honestly not sure it’s cut out for people who live close to an urban core of any kind. The seller highlights the nearly rust-free condition, smooth ride, and recently reupholstered cabin as highlights. Find the Dodge here on craigslist for $14,000 or best offer.

Look at this thing – that’s a seriously looong truck. Parralell parking is a n0-no unless you’re the only vehicle on the city block. The Dodge looks good riding on late-model Ram wheels but the seller notes he still has four hubcaps that presumably would mount over a set of factory steel wheels. The paint is good, not great, but really what you’re checking out here is now nicely aged it is. The patina factory is high with this one, and I personally love the combo of forest green paint over white lower body cladding with a matching white roof. And don’t sleep on that huge step bumper in the first photo that the seller notes is easily removable and comes equipped with two hitch balls.

It’s incredible just how much space is inside, with more than enough room for six passengers to stretch out comfortably if they wish. The recently redone seats look good here, and I applaud the seller for keeping with the green and white color scheme. Heck, even the door panels and dash are green! The Dodge is powered by a 360 V8 and a three-speed automatic transmission. With the “Adventurer” package, which I believe was the Mopar equivalent of owning a Camper Special, you also got options like dual fuel tanks, a brake controller, and oversized towing mirrors. It is equipped with air conditioning but the compressor is no good; that seems like a no-brainer for the next owner to fix.

While it does reside in California, the seller notes that the floors have already been replaced, so it had rust issues at one point. The good news is there doesn’t seem to be any lingering side effects from whatever caused the rust to materialize in the first place. The seller notes that the truck’s registration is paid through 2023, so it would seem that there were no immediate plans to sell the Dodge apart from realizing that “…doesn’t meet our current needs,” according to the listing. Does $14K seem like a reasonable price for a truck like this that will absolutely need off-street parking?


  1. Howard A Member

    Well, this one wasn’t for ” workin’ on the railroad”, where most of the “crew” cabs ended up, some folks knew they would work perfect for camping, and that’s exactly what this truck did. That’s one heck of a “cow catcher” bumper, clearly had some industrial connection. Gramps, I sure at the time, never in his wildest dreams thought THIS would become the standard in transportation. I doubt Dodge knew it either, but here we are. I bet this truck has a ton of memories, and capable of many more. Dodge sure did come around from these humble beginnings, when Dodge was not very popular. Considering what these cost today, you can’t go wrong here.

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  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    With the exception of the newer wheels, and whatever the hell that is bolted to front, I’m digging this! I think it’s the color combo.

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  3. CCFisher

    That’s quite a front bumper. It makes the 5-mph bumpers of the mid-70s appear downright svelte.

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  4. Papa Bear

    A guy down the road from us has one that is brown and white 2 tone except his is a short bed. It looks a lot better than this one with the long bed.

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  5. Tony Primo

    Holy crap, that front bumper gives new meaning to the words Dodge Ram!

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  6. markp

    Looks like the rear bumper from a larger utility truck bolted to the front of this truck.

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  7. Daniel Wright

    That bumper is for pushing trailers into place in tight quarters.

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    • taxijohn

      Caravan sites use those sort of front bumpers to get out of use vans packed in tight, it’s easier than trying to reverse them in,

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  8. Troy

    I need to put a front bumper like that on my truck so maybe the next person who cuts me off when I’m already going almost 5 over and break checks me I might forget where my brake pedal is

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  9. Greg Gustafson

    The benefit of having a front bumper like this one has is that no matter how large a camper they slide into the bed, the truck will still sit level.

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  10. Terry Bowman

    I had a Chevy 73′ crew cab, similar to this Dodge. They were mostly used during this time frame as utility trucks for electric companies and similar applications. Mine was for private use, but that was rare. Paid $5,800. Note: All my buddies would laugh at me for such a stupid looking truck it was, with the four doors. Today it is hard to find a two door one. Guess I was ahead of the times. LOL

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  11. Bill West

    The Adventurer name plate solely denotes trim level, has nothing to do with any specific options for camper or towing package. These trucks were spec’d and built ala carte.

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    • Terry Bowman

      True Bill, my crew cab was also special ordered and I did not recieve it until 74′.

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  12. John

    I do not see what you mean about parallel parking being a No-No. Parallel parking should be a breeze, you just find one opening and use that bumper to push everything needed up far enough to create your space, than back up 3 ft and you are parked and ready to leave when the time comes.

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  13. Matt Saunders

    In the shape it’s in the seller shouldn’t really have a problem getting what he’s currently asking. Many ppl that love this particular truck style live in rural areas where it’s overall length really wouldn’t be an issue. If finances allowed I’d be all over this truck even though I’m in S TX. Would definitely have to fix the a/c, line-x the bed, & scrap that front bumper for a nice front end replacement bumper/grill guard. Color combo would be great as it’s my hometowns school colors. Go Gobblers!!!

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    • Terry Bowman

      My first vehicle was a 72′ Dodge Van B300, with the same color, Jade Green lower half and white upper. No big deal, but the window cranks are not correct, being both are trucks, they were larger at the base. The title said station wagon on my van, not sure why.

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  14. Michael Babinetz

    Thats all we had for crew transportation when i was in the airforce. Munitions squadron alone had 20 of them. Cold hearted beasts in the winter but you can’t kill one. Used to drag race them on fridays.

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  15. Gary

    What’s the big deal, its no longer than a modern crewcab dually long bed that horse women across America drive everyday.

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  16. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Love that front bumper! Always said if I ever got my hands on a Checker Marathon I’d install that kind of bumper.
    Ex hubby almost bought a Ford p/u very similar to this. 4 door crew cab with an 8 foot bed. Ended up with a new Toyota Tundra with rear 1/2 suicide doors. 6 ft bed

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