Rare Or Just Fishy? 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

With the recent passing of Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner, you can bet more and more former Playmate rides and special editions will be reappearing. Here is a faded pink 1966 Plymouth Barracuda, claimed to be a rare Playmate edition, found here on craigslist in Las Vegas, Neveda.

Claimed to be one of ten built in 1966, these cars mimicked the custom painted Barracuda made for Playmate Lisax Baker. Her car attracted enough attention that the go ahead was given for ten factory painted Plymouths. The factory code for the pink paint was 999, which is showing on this faded beauty. Ms. Baker’s Barracuda was the only Playboy Plymouth made, as the cars given to the beautiful ladies became more expensive and elaborate in the following decades.

Probably need an expert to decipher if this truly is a factory pink Playmate mobile. Galen Govier, anyone? If it isn’t a true pink lady, is there any interest in a well patina’d Barracuda in the final year for this body style?

Homely Valiant roots definitely show up inside and in the front end. But the back half is all exotic. Not sure if it is still the largest piece of glass ever made for a factory produced car since we now have panoramic roofs, but thankfully it is still intact. That big piece of glass sure has helped to burn the inside in the desert sun. Baked fish?

Whether it is running or even has running gear isn’t provided in the ad, but the asking price of $4K definitely leaves room for refurbishment. Buckets are present, but not a matching console and shifter. Also unknown are side windows and what documentation comes with the car. Let’s hope Lisa Baker has aged better than this sunburned Playmate fish.


WANTED 1987 Mercury Merkur Ideally rust free, nicely optioned, solid running car w/ man. trans. Also consider 85&86. Contact

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  1. Patrick Pylant

    999 is the special order paint code. The 1966 pink was one of those colors.

  2. Mlaw

    Does a playmate come with it?

    • jw454

      Yes, one from 1966.

      • Mlaw


      • Jim in AL


      • LAB3


  3. Coventrycat

    Listen to the snoozing at the local car show when you tell them it’s a playmate’s from 51 years ago that no one even remembers and you’re still driving a pink car. Amazing how boobies motivate us.

  4. Rodney

    Beauty fades. Rust is forever.

    • glen

      Rust never sleeps!

    • Michael

      Paint and hair fade. Bodies sag. But rust and wrinkles can be repaired!

  5. Karguy James

    It seems that everyone with a pink car from the 60’s claims it was a “Playboy” model give away car. Fact is, they only gave ONE pink car to the Playmate of the year. The rest were just pink cars.

  6. Dan

    I think I still have that Playboy mag with the article…. :-) Yeah I’m old…lol…

    • Jay M

      Wait, Playboy had articles?

  7. glen

    Or is it a Mary Kay car?

    • Charles G Van De Sampel

      Didja ever stop to think that Mary Kay might have been a bunny under a different name?

      • glen

        I never did!

    • John

      The POTY received a pink 1966 Dodge Charger in 1966.

  8. RoKo

    Your facts are wrong. Allison Parks was the Playmate of The Year for 1966 and she received a Dodge Charger.
    In 1967 it was Lisa Baker, and she received a 1967 Barracuda.

    This is still a rare special order colour, but not a Playmate car.

    Like 2
  9. Leon

    Pepto Bismol salesman car. Lol

  10. RoughDiamond rough diamond Member

    Check out this link from Motor1: Article touches on some of the Playmate of the Year Winners’ Cars with car pictures. Shows the ’67 Barracuda. Nothing inappropriate and approved by Net Nanny internet filter.


  11. Jay E.

    BF listed the Playbox AMX a while back. Turns out the cars aged much better than the pin-ups.
    Probably true in this case too, but she was pretty.
    I recall you could hardly give a pink car away back in the day. I have to say, I am really a fan of Panther Pink Dodge Demons though.

  12. Mike Layton

    As with my collection of WWII Eastern European small arms , Buy the item , Not the story .

  13. Rex Kahrs Member

    Here’s another one

    • Charles G Van De Sampel

      Marilyn Cole. Was the first “Playmate of the Year” to pose for ‘full’ frontal photo. British. What a bod. Had the looks. Was given her life size puzzle as a gift back in 1973. Still have it in storage. And yes, I also have the complete collection from 1966 until 1987. I never had to pay for an issue thanks to two uncles and their friendship with Hugh Hefner.

      • Jim Benjaminson

        That honor goes to Liv Lindelund (spelling ?) although the photo was much more subtle….

      • Charles G Van De Sampel

        Not according to Playboys website and her book.

  14. CCFisher

    A column in the May, 2017 issue of “Hemmings Classic Cars,” written by a former Chrysler district manager, indicates that a number of pink ’66 Barracudas were built as a special promotion for his California sales district.

  15. Nova Scotian


  16. John D.


    A pretty full accounting of the cars. Yes, 1966 was a Charger and 1967 was a Barracuda Fastback, but the new body style.

  17. Lounge

    Oh, come on.

    Found the bunny – like on the cover of every Playboy mag. Seems like a gimmick.

  18. Madmatt

    I thought that it was a promotional car for
    breast cancer awareness!,…oh wait..
    .that’s what I would do with it!Would look great at
    benefits/events….big pink bow on back glass….?LOL.
    Maybe put breast cancer
    survivors name on car.
    Why hasn’t this been done yet?
    I think it would be great!

    • Rodney

      Yes, that would be great if the car was fully restored and perfect. This car looks like disease you would be trying to cure…

    • Ron Wheeler

      Menapause Pink I would now call it.

  19. Chuck Simons

    A Pink Panther mobile would be more interesting.
    AS far as beauty? Martha looks a good.


  20. Ron Wheeler

    Have a 1966 with a 6 in it, had to put a 2 bbl on it. I could crawl faster than the 1 bbl. Not a Pink one but have collected all the parts for a 273 cu. More than the engine has to be changed. Heavy duty front end and other parts must be changed. I got it all but never restored it. Believe it or not, rust free.

  21. sluggo

    I liked the later ‘Cudas with the early 70s style, But hard to pick a favorite Bunny, But Marianne Gravette is at the top of my list.

  22. Ron Wheeler

    I like the later Cudas also. I just keep the 66 parked, why I do not know. Had my own Bunny for many years until the woman thing caught up to her. Woke up to find Hyde turned into Jekyll, then adios.

  23. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    A bunny who’s lot in life has been based on their looks and pampered because of it will of course go from Hyde to Jekyll. Marry the girl next door and save the magazines for your fantasies. It will save a lot of heartbreak and less moolah will go missing for things like make up, clothes, entertainment and plastic surgery as they age.

  24. John P.

    I think all of you are wrong, it looks like the color car that Mary Kay Cosmetics gave sales associates that met their goals

    • Rodney

      Yes, everyone is correct. It was owned by a Mary Kay Cosmetic Playboy Bunny who sold Pepto Bismol as a second job when not appearing in all of the Pink Panther movies. ( just the ones with Peter Sellers). Rare indeed.

  25. Scott

    I can tell you that its not 1 of 10. I had one of these that my grandmother bought brand new. My research found that at least 450 were produced with the pink color. All were produced in the Los Angeles factory.

  26. Walt Thomas

    I own one of the ten made at the California plant. According to my Galen Govier report, mine is #9 of ten. Color code is indeed 99. It is in cherry condition, repainted of course. Originally it came with a 273 engine but now has a 318. Lisa Baker was the 67′ POTY but was given a pink 66′ by Hefner. Here is a picture of my car. Lots of misinformation and guesses “out there” about this limited run of pink 66′ Cuda’s.

    Like 1
  27. sluggo

    Lovely car, although needs some black rally stripes to counter all that PINK! The question this begs is, do you have a vintage Playboy playmate to go with the car??? Kudos if you do, the next question would be,, which is more expensive to maintain???

    Funny story, Back in late 1990s one of my renters worked at the Trails end saloon in Oregon city, Considering what came out of the kitchen some people called the place
    . “Entrails Saloon”.
    So I had a filing cabinet with old playboy magazines and John came and asked me one day if I had the month of XXXX of 198- something. (I long since forgot the month/Year). He explained they hired a bartender and she allegedly was a playmate back in the 1980s. Not the centerfold or top shelf one, but still, a REALLY big deal for the bar if you think about it.
    So that set off a frantic search for that issue, Many of the bar patrons did too and people would bring in that issue to get autographed and pictures taken. Long before everything was on the internet like now. My girlfriend, now wife, was annoyed by this, But still, it was a big deal that a cheesy blues-biker bar in Oregon could boast a playboy playmate pouring drinks.
    All I can say is, either they dont age well or the creative folks at playboy were exceptional photographers, make up artists and air brush editors.
    Please post more pix if you have the trophy wife to go with the Show car.

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