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Rare Ragtop Rebel: 1967 AMC Rebel SST


This rare ragtop Rebel is a 1967 AMC Rebel SST and it’s in West Hartford, Connecticut. It’s on eBay with a current bid price of just over $4,500 and the reserve isn’t met. There is a Buy It Now price of $25,000 and less then three days left on the auction. I’m not sure if it’ll get up to $25,000, what’s your guess on the top price for this one?


This is a rare car with 1,686 of them being sold in 1967. Only 823 were made in 1968, the last year for the convertible Rebel SST. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how a person looks at restorations, this car has been “restored“. I’m not a huge fan of the spray-everything-underneath-black “restorations”, but at least it’ll probably help to preserve it for a few more years. Even the trunk has that black wrinkle-finish. I guess it’s tough stuff and will help hold corrosion back a bit, hopefully. The seller says that the car is solid and the floors are perfect and the body and interior have been redone. The say that over $15,000 has been invested in the last six months, dang.


I’m not sure if I’ve seen this color on a Rebel SST, or even on an AMC before, but the seller says that it’s been freshly-painted in the original color. A question for your AMC authorities: is this “Royale Blue Metallic”? Speaking of color, that’s an interesting color choice on the wheels, that can’t be an original wheel color, can it be? But, cars today are sooooo bland, color-wise (“Do you want black, white, silver, or gray, sir/ma’am?”) that I like a splash of color like that! I wonder what red would have looked like on the rims? What do you think for a wheel color on this one?


The interior looks perfect, but of course it’s been reupholstered. I expected to see a floor shifter and a console here, not a column-mounted automatic. Some of the details let this car down a bit, in my opinion. I can’t see the seller getting $25,000 for it, maybe if it would have been un-“restored”, but not with the way that it’s been gone over. The seller says that it’s “all original”, but pretty much every square inch, top to bottom, inside and out, has been changed, painted, or somehow gone over, so maybe they mean something else by saying that it’s “all original”.


The engine compartment looks clean, but give me an OEM engine rebuild every time. I know this one will breathe better and it probably looks better to a lot of people, but I’m such an AMC fan that I like to see them restored to original specs, but that’s just me. It sure looks clean, even from underneath! It’s been said that Rambler invented the muscle car with the mid-sized Rebel in 1957 with a V8 engine, but statements like that always open up Pandora’s Box, so I won’t say it here.. wait, I just did! This is a 5.6L, 343 cubic-inch V8 and it would have had around 275 hp with the four-barrel carb, but I’m not sure what it has now after being tweaked. Or, maybe the tweaking is just chrome and aluminum for show and not any performance items. What do you think about this SST convertible? They are pretty rare, but I would want one that hasn’t been changed so much, unless it could be had for much less than $25,000.


  1. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I don’t know about 25 large, but this is a cool old bit of AMC history…when they made cars that spanked the road (343 is a great engine). This old AMC fan gives this two thumbs up…love it!

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  2. Jeff

    H8 the wheel paint and not a big fan of the RWL tires either. Car looks great otherwise, agree with the engine comment and the $25K is… the seller was sniffing the baby-blue paint when they made that figure up, that’s friggin’ loopy.

  3. Ikey Heyman Member

    I always thought the ’49 Rocket 88 was the first “muscle car”!
    There you go, somebody had to say it.

  4. Oingo

    IMHO originality is not going to affect the price very much. Overall I like it, except the price. The wheel color can easily be remedied. As for the desirability the vert and the 343 make it desirable. I am always wary about body/trim parts for oddballs. The column auto can be expected. The paint appears to be from a different year maybe 1965 12987 Atlantis Dark Aqua Poly. How about a right hand drive from England for less than 4K.


      That’s a 68

      • Oingo

        Yes that is.The ad says that.

  5. Dovi65

    Unless there’s $10k cash stuffed in the trunk, the best the seller can hope for is to recover the $15k investment. These cars may be rare, but I don’t see them bringing in $25k or above anytime soon.
    Lose the RWL tires, and put on a factory stock wheel & tire package.

  6. Gary

    This car looks great! I have no idea if that price is reasonable or not. I would love to have this car. But I don’t have $25,000 of excess cash laying around so I’ll never own it. Man, I keep scrolling up to those pictures and drooling over the car.


    Love those tires and caps. Nice car!

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  8. RicK

    Think the caps are ’61 Ford, weird. Bears a strong resemblance to a ’69 Roadrunner in the rear view photo. I’d say it’s ’67 w/ ’68 rear fender extensions, doesn’t have a front side maker light, or in the alternative,it’s ’68 that somebody put a ’67 front clip on.

    • Eric Dashman

      I was noticing something similar. The rear end does like that Mopar (I can never keep straight the Plymouth/Dodge models of that period). But also, from the front/side view, the rear fenders have a similar Coke bottle flare to the Pontiac Lemans/GTOs of the period. The front, at least from an angle, also looks very Mopar-like. It’s not a bad looking car, all in all. Don’t know about the price, but it’s not out of line with what similar convertibles of the era are going for from the other manufacturers.

  9. 67rebelsst

    It is a 67. Front 67; rear is correct 67; doors 67. I own a 67 Rebel SST vert. I do not see anything that says this is 68. This is my Wife’s favorite car to drive. As for color would need to get a 67 paint chip sample sheet. Nice car for a driver and cruise in car. I would say it is solid $15K maybe little more or less.

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  10. Jim D

    343 – 4 barrel was a Premium fuel motor – great car, great engine!

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  11. Howard A Member

    Very nice car, although, I don’t care for the convertible part. I think these came with wire wheel covers. This setup detracts some from the beautiful lines of the ’67. AMC was riding high around this time. These were some of the best AMC’s. I had friend’s whose parents worked at AMC, and were proud of what they built. Sadly, for this owner, when the car goes up by hundreds, instead of thousand’s, probably set the bar too high, but one thing for sure, someone will get a nice car.

  12. Robert Reeves

    i cant afford these classic cars . but like this car it gets me the slopy way they put plug wires on this car . pass side not to bad but driver side wrapped around hoses and brake lines pretty cheesy job. on a car asking 25k for.

  13. Rustytech Member

    I always liked these AMC’s. This is a nice driver class restoration, too many changes to be “original” but I like it. I agree it would be a good buy in the $14 to $16k range, no way it going to make $25k.

  14. CaCarDude

    Very nice cruiser and can honestly say in all my 68 years I don’t recall ever seeing an SST convertible so yes they are rare indeed. I like the car lots but have to agree with others that the $ asked is probably a good $8-$10k over. I did some color research and PPG shows this may have been the Royal Blue which was the darkest Blue for the ’67 model line. The slightly lighter shade was a Barbados Blue.
    Somebody will have a nice cruiser here and will be the only one at your local cruise-in.

  15. Woodie Man

    One of a kind but 1600 were made ?

  16. Lee Wells

    My father bought a 1967 Rebel SST new from the Rambler dealership in Amarillo,Texas in June of 67 . It also has a column shifter but is candy apple red with a dark blue interior. The rims are blue actually although I can’t say if dad changed the color or not. In the summer of 1970 the alternator went bad and it’s been sitting in dad’s back yard ever since with 42,000 miles on it. Its definitely not a GTX or a Roadrunner but I had a great time on those long Sunday road trips just wandering the countryside with the top down , the sun on my face and the Rolling Stones on the radio. Good memories came rushing back when I look at this car.

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  17. Rick Weston

    The last estimate I saw was that there are about 300 of these cars still registered. I have a 67′ with a 343 v8 auto. I have all the options except for AC. It even has an 8 track player with a reverb unit in the trunk. Parts are hard to find especially the upper window seals. If you want to see some nice cars go to FB Rambler Rebel Convertible page. We have a good group of people on that site.

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