Rare Shortbed: 1977 Power Wagon

This poor, unfortunate 1977 Dodge D150 Power Wagon had been sitting for about 20 years, and when found, it had moss growing on it. Now, it’s been cleaned up and is for sale here on eBay out of Olivehurst, CA with a BIN of $3100.

The seller tells us the tale of a third-generation D-series 4wd with 360 V8 and automatic transmission, which started its life green but was at some point painted white. This somewhat-rare short bed Power Wagon got inebriated and bumped its left backside cheek into a Semi, causing its owner to lose his license.

The poor thing sat for the next 20 years, alone and cold in the world, until the current owner found it, cleaned it up and checked it out, finding a super-solid body, straight frame, and engine that just needs tune-up parts to run.

What do you think? Would you give this poor creature a loving “forever” home?

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  1. 71_LT1

    Very nice, I am definitely interested annnnnnnd it’s gone….

  2. Fred Franke

    I love these….why ? Must be because I have one. I have mine in my summer residence in Norway, just outside Bergen. I bought it some years ago from the first owner. He bought this in Norway new in 1979 as an Export Model and it was sold under the name FARGO. This car was in a barn since he bought it new and only used a couple of times to buy inn fire wood for the winter time. When I heard about that it was for sale I run….It had only 14K miles on it and was still very new in condition. All original and unmolested. Never painted or modified. It drives as new and gives me proudness to own it. Just a fantastic find.

  3. Chuck

    Not surprised it was snapped up, the BIN was super reasonable!

  4. James Turner

    I could never understand why they called some of these power wagons. I am talking about the trucks with the 225 C I slant 6 engines in them. The slant 6 engine was a reliable engine in itself but not in a so called Power Wagon. The insinuation of the moniker Power Wagon means power like in at least equipped with the V 8 318 CI and the 360 CI engines . I say this with experience because I had Dodge / Plymouths over many years since the 1960,s

  5. Troy s

    The original green color tells me it was an ex California forest service truck, just like the one I had which had also been painted white. Funny that mine was an ’87 but looked very similar to this. Don’t know how well these engines ran in ’77 but my ’87 was a mechanical nightmare and extremely under powered.
    Still I really like this body style and the interior was fairly comfortable and roomy. Smog regulations really botched up what had been a fairly decent runner.

  6. Bennie Member

    My first truck when I got married was a 1977 Dodge with the 225 CI slant 6 with the 3 sp on the column. I loved driving that truck to work because it was so easy on gas. That’s when gas was .65 a gal. We you started that thing it had a distinctive sound to it but hey all Dodges did.

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