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Rare Two Door: 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe

There are some cars that are just achingly pretty yet still reasonably affordable. While beauty is subjective and certainly not valuable enough to warrant over-paying for a rough specimen, cars like this 1975 Jaguar XJ6 coupe remind us that you can get the best of both worlds in terms of a delightful highway cruiser with incredible looks for non-exotic prices. The seller contends his XJ6C runs very well – to the point of him saying it runs like a daily driver – and the list of recent maintenance is quite detailed. Of course, the biggest concern with one of these is rust, and it looks to be free from major corrosion. Find the Jaguar here on eBay with bidding up to $15,1000 and the reserve unmet.

The XJ has a familiar face, but it’s normally attached to a sad-looking sedan that’s been taking up space on the back lot of a mechanic’s shop. The coupe is generally sought-after and protected from the perils of cheap owners and budget-minded mechanics. It seems the enthusiast community agreed that despite its shared maladies of the mechanical sort, the coupe’s good looks made it worthy of saving. Of course, the inline-six cars are slightly smaller headaches, as it was the V12s that could make even the most seasoned mechanic cry uncle. The seller’s car appears to be a long-term California resident, which helps explain why it has escaped the grip of the tin worm.

It’s amazing how little the basic design changed over the years, which perhaps explains why they became throwaway cars once the costs to maintain an XJ became prohibitive. The leather interior of the subject car is in excellent condition, and white over black is a sharp, if not overall exciting, combination. The seller points out several highlights from the cockpit, including the seating surfaces looking as good in real life as they do in photos and that the trademark wood trim on the dash is in excellent condition. It even comes with its original cartridge tape player, and we assume the mention of the new air compressor indicates the A/C is working.

Engine-wise, the seller lists out how he has replaced all the belts, installed a new steering pump, and sourced a fresh battery. Incredibly, he claims all of the service records going back to 1975 are present and accounted for, which is as sure of a sign as any that this Jaguar has been loved since it was near-new. The coupes have always found favor with enthusiasts, and it appears the seller owns one of the few that led a charmed existence in terms of surviving with both its bodywork and mechanical components being looked after since new. The bidding should rise higher with that kind of documentation, which goes to show you how valuable good record-keeping can be for certain collectible cars.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Certainly one of the better designed British cars. After hacking up the later XKEs something like this almost redeems them. Nice car.

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    • BritCarGuy

      Very true, if you can excuse them cutting & shutting the standard car to achieve this.

  2. Stevieg Member

    Beautiful cars, always liked the looks of these. They terrify me mechanically. Part of that terror, I am sure, stems from my lack of knowledge of them. But I have seen enough Jaguar products sitting unprepared for a reason. Not cheap to own.

  3. luke arnott

    The old adage was that “the only people who drive Jaguars are criminals and bookmakers”.

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  4. Steve Clinton

    Whatever this Jag goes for, Hopefully, he will have enough cash left for the inevitable repairs.

  5. tompdx Member

    I used to love the looks of these 20 years ago. But now I actually think the XJ sedan designs, both short and long wheelbase, have better stood the test of time. Whereas the sedans are elegant and stately, these coupes look a little funky to me now. But they’re rare, so ….

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  6. Joe Hartsell

    I’ve had 2 Etypes and a 1976 XJ6 Coupe. The XJ6C got more comments than the E’s and even from people who were not car people. The AC system is way overly complicated. Jaguar seemed to think that if one wire was good then 6 had to be better.

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  7. John Anderson Member

    The inline 6 is very smooth and reliable, it’s the Lucas electrical on Jaguars pre Ford that frighten me

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  8. charlie Member

    Another great car, and, if it has been faithfully maintained, it should be no worse than a 5 year old Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or other “fine” car. Changing the oil may have been 12 quarts, which is why it was not done, making toast of the engine long before its time. Just spent $1600 replacing a leaking oil gasket on my Audi (part was about $160) Q5 turbo, and that was less than “book” if i had taken it to the dealer. “Fine” cars cost more to fix than Fords. And Toyotas rarely need fixing.

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  9. Maestro1 Member

    Somebody jump on this car. You won’t regret it.

    • Kim Margosein

      You mean jump up and down on the hood while screaming in a Nancy Kerrigan voice “Why, why?”. When someone dumps a few mortgage payments into some car and then decides to unload it there is a reason, and it is not generosity to one’s fellow man.

  10. Mountainwoodie

    I always wanted one of these but a sunroof would be a prerequisite. I’d also have to buy it ‘right’ as you know whats coming :)

  11. John Traylor

    Bid is up to $17,100.00 now

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  12. t-bone BOB

    Located in:
    Menlo Park, California

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