Rare U13 Roadster: 1966 Ford Bronco Survivor

Red hot doesn’t even begin to describe the Ford Bronco market right now. These were just old trucks in my day (cough, wheeze.. boy did that make me sound old). This 1966 Ford Bronco U13 Roadster is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $17,600 but the reserve isn’t met. It’s located in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I can’t personally think of a more desirable Bronco than this one right here. The seller says that “You are looking at arguably the best non restored Bronco U13 in existence.” I think they may be right. This is another case where rare doesn’t necessarily equate to value. These soft-top roadster Broncos aren’t commanding the prices as hardtop wagon models are because they’re really meant for summer use, or for extra-hardy people who don’t mind flapping fabric doors and a flapping top in the winter. I’m surprised that Hagerty is at $10,900 for a #4 fair condition U13 and $20,800 for a #3 good condition example.

Ford made the U13 – the first three characters of the VIN – Bronco from 1966 to 1968 and roadsters usually came with fiberglass door inserts but dealer-installed fabric was an option as were hard doors either with or without glass and frame. The seller says that the “top is supposed to be the only original Ford factory top left that is not completely broken down over the years. The snaps on the top all function properly and the top is not shrunk up or tight as they tend to do. A top company looking to remanufacture these tops came and took measurement of this one as it is the best example they could find. This U13 also has all the original top bows.”

The driver’s seat is in rough condition “but they are factory Ford and the rare silver color.” Original is cool but perfect is better, at least it is for me, and I’d get these reupholstered asap. With just over 28,000 miles this Bronco is pretty well-preserved for its age. I wish I could say the same thing about myself. The rear compartment looks solid and rust-free and I’m assuming that the black paint is some sort of undercoating? It’s in the engine compartment, too.

Speaking of which, here it is. This U13 has Ford’s 170 cubic-inch inline-six with 105 hp and the seller says that it “will start, run, drive and brake as it should.  It shifts great through all gears and the transfer case shifts with surprising ease.” Have any of you owned a “U13” Bronco?

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  1. karguy James

    Is this the same one that the American Pickers located and supposedly paid $30,000+ for? The American Picker’s Bronco looked to be in better shape than this one and all original too.

    • Howard A

      Close, but no cigar. I saw that episode, and the AP one was much nicer. Had 29,000 ( real) miles, and different hubcaps, and was like brand new. Hank KImball in Green Acres drove a U13 roadster. ( btw, no way on the 28K)

      • Todd Zuercher

        I don’t doubt the mileage myself as most of these roadsters didn’t accumulate many miles.

    • Den Member

      No. American pickers vehicle was in better shape inside and out, but,…………….they also over paid for the Bronco they purchased. They over pay for a lot of items, a typical TV entertainment show.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        Yes, they overpay all the time and especially recently, paying lots of $$ for rusted out junk. They say the story will sell the items, but not if they want to make any sort of profit.

        Like most of these reality-based shows, it’s time has come and gone.

      • Gaspumpchas

        You mean they say that they overpaid…made up scripted trash by 2 creeps….None of its real…all they do is run up the prices on everything they get their greasy hands on. They have ruined the collectibles market.

  2. jb cool mo

    Can’t you recover the seats for a price like that?

  3. Todd Zuercher

    Truck looks familiar. I should know this one.

  4. Jimmy

    I owned a 68 but with a hard top. Rusty but that thing would go anywhere. Drove it through mud off roading and snow in the winter. My 73 was much nicer and a V8 but it got pampered. Would love another but not at todays prices.

  5. Richard F

    Ahh yea…it’s all coming back to me. I had one for a short time, found it sitting in a field and it was the first early Bronco I ever owned…and the last. Very rare indeed, but WAY underpowered and as primitive as a Massey Ferguson tractor. I think they look pretty cool…but severely overpriced.

  6. chris

    I call bull _ H _ t !!! on the miles.. lots of leakage for 28 thousand miles on the engine.. Look at the brake pedal and clutch pads. Heavy wear … cool bronco but don’t pass it try and pass it off on the unknowing..

    • Rob'sGT

      …and the pedal pads are on upside down! But it’s a very cool Bronco, none the less.

    • Howard A

      Thank you,,,

  7. HN

    Sorry guys miles are real. I know the full history of this Bronco and it is the real deal. Funny someone talks about leaks and it does not leave a drop. It is a 52 year old motor though.

  8. Cidevco Member

    I have a 1968 Bronco same color but a hard top with a tick over 10,000 miles. 100 percent original NO rust. With that said I mean FOMOCO embossed muffler fan belts, and smog equipment it also has the original vinyl bench seat in perfect condition not torn. I found it in Irvine Kentucky in a chicken barn looking for a 1968 Charger. It was stored by the original owner due to it never ran correctly. Problem was the vacuum lines to the distributor were reversed. It now runs perfectly and I drive on sundays ha ha great little truck. If this one is a real deal buy it, this would be the second near original one I know of. BTW if you want to know, I paid $9,500.00 for mine a year and a half ago.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Oh man, that sounds like what most of dream about, Cidevco. Congrats on the great find!

  9. ctmphrs Member

    A vehicle that has been driven a few miles at a time in the New Mexico desert for 50 years would very likely have seats and pedal pads that look exactly like this.

    • Todd Zuercher

      This truck has only been in New Mexico for a few months at most. Previous owners that I know of had it in Iowa and Michigan.

    • Jett

      My ‘08 Jeep just passed 171,000 km’s, and it has minimal wear on the gas, clutch or brake pedals.

  10. Chris

    So Todd, let’s hear the story. I’m fine with flipping but how many flips has this had in the last year or so?

    • Todd Zuercher

      The two owners I know of were not flippers, they are passionate Bronco owners, and their combined ownership period encompassed multiple years. I do not know the next owner or the current owner and what their motivations might be. I see the auction has ended with reserve not met.

  11. cidevco Member

    Look at the frame rails. If they have been in a dry environment they will be for the most part rust free. Remember all vehicle of this era had no galvanized metals, aluminum or special treating to the vehicle except for the undercoating that was to be that rust proofer.

  12. Hide Behind

    These were not built to be a 4×4 tough truck, nor advertised as such, more along lines of temp SUV of today.
    Seen quite a few and flipped one, I mean actually flipped it clean over, landed up right , started beck up and got out of tulie weeds with help of wife’s Type VW 181.
    Had full roll cage,
    Screwed the pooch out of front suspension never could get aligned again tweaked undercarriage.
    At a time when 4×4 got 12 and under mileage on the highway, many a hunter fishermen bought these. Easy to work on, repair, all Ford off the shelf from other autos, falcons, they served quite well with full metal or glass roofs, but the canvas was a pain you know where.
    Speeds of over 40 IN rain meant wear full rain gear inside, and noisy, doors, especially canvas steel bars flexed and came open, used to have damn safety straps on inside.
    Care not (personal choice) and would not buy one of these at any price, no matter what odometer says( odometers do not lie, but owners may).
    And Mr. F B if you are reading this, damn your soul for selling yours knowing full well front frame was severely cracked, (not uncommon) and rod ends bent, (very common)that sent a family to a watery grave in Columbia River.

  13. Jon

    Looks to be a fairly decent original Bronco but overpriced, imho. That said I was amused with your statement about “old cars, back in the day”, I had been driving for a couple of years when these first came out, guess maybe it’s time for me to check out AARP LOL. (Love those early jeeps, broncos, and scouts.)

  14. tom

    It’s funny. Yes, the market for these things is very hot. I do they look pretty cool. That being said I had several opportunities to drive them in 1970. Actually I passed on purchasing one because next to the Jeepster commando there was no comparison. The Jeepster had established Jeep military good looks. It drove and handled better, and the Dauntless odd fire V6 had the torque of a small block V8. So I bought that instead. I do however respect all Bronco owners.

  15. Douglas Malinowski

    That’s just too cool

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