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Rare Wagon: 1959 Opel Olympia Rekord

1959 Opel Olympia Rekord

When I first spotted this Opel wagon, I thought it was a late ’50s Ford or Chevy wagon. The worn blue paint looks like something you’d see on an old Ford. The windshield and pillars have a similar design to the Chevy Nomad. The side trim looks a bit like the side trim on the ’56 Ford Wagon. Of course, once you have a look at the front end you instantly know it’s something unusual. It’s different, but in a good way! I especially love the way it looks with the skis and picnic basket on the roof! I honestly wouldn’t mind having this sweet little wagon. It would garner a lot of attention at cars shows, especially parked next to a much larger wagon. This example looks good and the seller states it is in great mechanical condition. It does have a few rusty areas that will require attention, but the seller provided photos of the areas so you can see what your getting into. If you think this is a project for you, find it here on eBay in Salem, Oregon with bidding just over $1k without a reserve.

1959 Opel Olympia Rekord Interior

The interior is worn and used, but complete. It looks very much like the interior of an American car of the era.

1959 Opel Olympia Rekord engine

The engine is said to be in great shape and all original. It looks very much original and could use a good detailing.

1959 Opel Olympia Rekord rust

While there are a few other rust spots, this is the one that worries me the most. It might not be that bad to fix, but it will require paint work and it’s difficult to say what might be lurking underneath this spot.


It isn’t perfect, but this Opel looks like it would be a fun little car to zip around in. I’m sure it will garner lots of attention and start plenty of conversations! If bidding doesn’t go up much more, it seems like it would be a stellar deal for a rare classic that already runs and drives. So would you buy this wagon and if so, would you just leave it as is and drive it or would you go ahead and restore it?


  1. bonneville 64

    Not surprising that there are Buick like touches on this car. They were sold by select Buick dealers across the United States back then. After looking at some of the body mounts and the floor pan rust, would have to see if replacement sheet metal is available before I would consider bidding on it. The little opal engine will respond with some head work and a mild cam to be able to run above 60 mph on todays interstates. An interesting car seldom seen in todays world, worthy of a restoration.

  2. Robert R. Member

    Here’s a ’59 2 door I sent in to Jesse on 9/25: 1959 OPEL Rekord classic or Street rod – $625 (Ashkum)

    Cheers, Robert

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  3. francisco

    White steering wheel, rooftop, and sidewalls are nice accents. Where the heck is that license plate from?

    • Audifan

      Neuwied am Rhein

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    • Olaf E

      BRD, former Western Germany. Don’t know whether I say this correct: a kind of ‘suburb’ of the city Neuwied am Rhein in ‘county’ Rheinland-Pfalz. At your service!

      • Horse Radish

        German cities are mostly not suburbs to anything. (like in the American sense of the word).
        Just bigger cities developed more, got more inhabitants.
        Some of the smaller cities are the oldest in the country.
        Rheinland Pfalz is one of the “old” States of the union(Bund-Bundesland), of the German Federal Republic.
        Federal just like the US, except fewer states.

  4. dj

    Up to $2500 now. I think the buyer would need to get the car Robert posted to fix it with.

  5. JW454

    In 1967 when My uncle and his family came home from 5 years in Turkey he brought one of these. It had been his family car over there and as a Major he was permitted to have it shipped home by Uncle Sam. His was a copper color and it seemed to run well as I remember.

  6. Horse Radish

    Seller sure cleaned the heck out of this one.

    Unfortunately no cleaner is strong enough to get rid of that pesky little tin worm……….

    let it sit another month or two without washing it and it’ll look again like the $800 car that it really is.

  7. Matt Tritt

    Seller describes it as an “orphan”, which it surely is not. Opel is still a major supplier of cars in Europe and still a subsidiary of GM just as it was in the 30’s and WWII. Opels are strong little cars and this one, being from 1960, should have no problem running at 65 all day long. You would see them on the Autobahn maintaining more like 70ish when I lived there in the mid 60’s. The rust looks really bad on this one. :(

  8. Jason Houston

    Yep – it’s got just enough Chevrolet and Ford in it to make it attractive.

    (Wonder how that happened?)

  9. Howard Coe

    I was stationed in West Germany from 1968-1970, and had a 1958 Opel wagon like this one. Bought for about $ 100 and sold it before returning to states, likely for $ 100, but with studded snow tires included. We could pack our 9 GI flag football team inside. Got stopped for overloading the car by local police. Had a good time.

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