Reader Ad: 1974 VW Karmann Ghia Project + Parts Car

What Makes It Special? I am the 2nd owner of this car, it was never wrecked, has its original metal nose, has been professionally painted, custom engine built, is on Porsche wheels etc just needs assembled. It also comes with a complete yet rusty 1974 parts car or project and other parts

Body Condition: The body is strait, has been painted Porsche arctic silver metallic with Glasurit /BASF paint, its on refinished custom Porsche 914s wheels. Also comes with custom early type fiberglass bumpers made for me by Glass Action. ETC

Mechanical Condition: It’s a project, the engine and transmission were built by Valley VW by Dennis Miller. The car comes with many new parts, enough to get it running and stopping!

Seller’s Listing: Here

  • Asking Price: $12,000
  • Location: Harpers Ferry, WV
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    These karmann ghia’s in my opinion are way more stylish than the bath tub 356 Porsches. This car can be done up to perform every bit as good as a 356 can as well. The difference is way more bang for your buck when you consider how much the Porsche cousins go for. All the hard work is done here makes me wonder what’s preventing the seller from finishing it.

    • Matt

      Its my car, I started on it before starting a family and now with 2 little ones I just dont have the time and need the garage space back more than anything. When my son bumped it I knew it was time to find it a new home!

    • Billy 007

      Yes indeed! Now here is a car I can get my heart into, and for a price I can afford. Question here, do you think any snooty Porsche drivers will read this thread? They don’t have a very good sense of humor, and when that balloon pops it is going to get much worse. Nothing like watching dollars go down the drain, oh well.

    • Bruce Jackson

      I don’t disagree with your comments, as I have a modified 1969 Ghia that I think is far nicer than any 356 that I have seen, and will run circles around same…EXCEPT…most 356’s will bring at least 5 times the money (rarer, Porsche history, Porsche-Philes want a piece of that history, etc). This is an interesting opportunity for someone who wants a project with a nice outcome when they are done. Depending on whether that person does the work themself, or they pay someone to do it, will determine where they come out on the deal.

  2. Newport Pagnell

    Just add some Fuchs.

  3. Classic Steel

    Wow Dennis Miller now does body work on cars.
    I remember his SNL skits in the past 🙃

    This looks nice and real price for a nice new paint job included.
    This makes those old rusted Porsche’s look like donkeys (nicknames). 😼

    This should sell and a nice find 👍✅

    • Billy 007

      Makes their owners look like that too. Only a fool would pay ten times more then they had too.

  4. grant

    Why do I want to stuff an air cooled 911 motor in this and go mess with people?

    • Billy 007

      Try a slant six. It has more potential power and would TRULY mess up the mind of a hapless Porsche owner.

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      I’ve seen them with Corvair motors too. Makes for a huge jump in displacement, horsepower, and torque!

  5. leiniedude Member

    12 K for a Karmann Ghia project? I just bought a 2000 BMW Z3 a week ago with 60k miles for 7K. Like new condition, with a power convertible top. Not trying to sound like the guy from over sea. Al or Max, who ever. Not seeing the cabbage here. Are they really worth that much? Not to me.

    • Billy 007

      It is true, modern cars do rock. I wonder if the younger crowd will be as foolish as the Boomers when they get gray haired with more money then common sense.

      • leiniedude Member

        Hi Billy, I enjoy your comments, thank you. You know you may be right as the younger cats get the chrome hair. As a 62 year old boomer or bomber, I like a ton of vehicles. I imagine if you have the coin you can <<<< it away as you choose. I prefer to spend my coin to the best value for my my needs. Oh, and the Z3 was in a 007 movie, Goldeneye I believe. Take care, Mike.

  6. Bob_S

    Very HIGH price for a project VW that has minor body damage from just sitting. If the removed parts haven’t been stored well, what has gone missing. How long has the motor been sitting and has it been properly stored? Has the engine been turned over by hand since being rebuilt? Has it been run? Are the gasket & seals drying out from sitting. Are a couple of cylinders starting to rust from valves being open and lack of oil/protection?

    It cost more to ship a project car than a car that is all together, if you can find a reliable shipper to do it. I have a friend that had a car shipped cross-country that was a project, what a Royal Pain In The A__ that was. He had to hire someone to install the motor/trans and have all the other parts boxed before the shipper would move the car. The shipper doesn’t want to be responsible for missing parts. It to, was a painted shell when he bought it.

    The 2 rusty VW are more of a problem for someone not local – is it worth shipping them cross-country? Shipping would be $1200+ a piece. This is a basically and expensive jigsaw puzzle. The seller will never get out of it what he has put into it. Besides the buyer may have a different idea of what they want the car to be than the sellers dreams. The buyer may want to change the color, which negates the cost of the sellers paint job in the buyers mind.

    There are hundreds of hour to be put into this car before it is completed. Therefore, $12K is way too much for this car.

    Just my two cents worth.

  7. Kenneth Carney

    Restore the better car and then turn the
    lesser one into an EV. Saw Mike Brewer
    driving an EV bus on Wheeler Dealers.
    He really went ape about the huge amount of torque that thing had and how
    fast it accelerated. If the bus was that fast, than a Ghia EV would be a rocket
    ship! Due to Emptywalletosis, that plan will never be. Nice to dream though.

  8. Matt

    Thanks all, I just listed it on eBay too.

    The engine and trans were built a couple years ago, the cylinders were fogged with Sta-Bil fogging spray and it has been turned over by hand. The car, engine and trans have been in a climate controlled garage the entire time its been back from paint etc. The dent from my son is minor, you can get to the back of it so Im sure a paintless dent person could fix it, I should just have it fixed… It is an assembly project, I have totes and boxes with bagged and tagged parts and it comes with an official Bentley manual and a complete 74 parts car that can be used as a puzzle box if you will to re-assemble it correctly which is why I bought it! Only selling this because with 2 little ones later in life I just do not have the time to finish it, even if it were finished i wouldn’t be able to enjoy it and I could honestly use the garage space back… for power wheels etc! Cheers! Matt

  9. Matt

    sold sold sold


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