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Ready To Enjoy: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

While it may be finished in yellow, this 1968 Camaro Convertible isn’t finished in the correct Butternut Yellow shade. That isn’t something that is earth-shattering on a car that is as solid as this one appears to be. Barn Finder Patrick S referred the Camaro to us, so thank you for that Patrick. It is located in Valley Springs, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Camaro is currently sitting at $10,000, although the reserve hasn’t been met.

I don’t know how our readers feel on this, but one of my priorities, if I bought the Camaro, would be to repaint it. Butternut Yellow is a nice color and would look a whole lot nicer than what is on the car at present. The body of the car looks pretty promising, and though it isn’t specifically mentioned, rust issues don’t seem to be a problem with this car. There is a single photo of the inside of the trunk, and it looks pretty solid to me. The rest of the body looks good, with only a few dings and marks to be addressed. The owner says that the top goes up and down easily, and it does appear to be in good condition. The rear window will need replacing because it is getting quite cloudy.

Sitting in the engine bay is the original 327ci V8 engine. The owner claims that it produces 325hp, but a check of the stamp identifies it as the 275hp version. It also proves that the transmission is not original. The stamp identifies this as an EE-Code engine, which should have a Powerglide hooked to it. This has a manual, but it isn’t clear what type. Even with that in mind, the owner says that the car does run well.

There are a number of areas of the interior of the Camaro that aren’t original, but the condition itself is pretty good. The seat upholstery has been changed, the wheel isn’t original, while the car is fitted with an aftermarket radio/cassette player, and there are speakers in the kick panels. The only issues to address to get it looking really nice are a tear on the driver’s side armrest, a small tear on the passenger side door trim, and the carpet is looking a bit tired and faded. There is nothing there that is a deal-breaker, and any issues could be addressed as time and finances permitted.

As a car to buy and drive immediately, this Camaro Convertible looks like a strong candidate. If it is as solid and rust-free as the photos seem to indicate, then it would be a great car to buy and restore at the new owner’s leisure. In the time that it has taken me to write this article, the number of people watching the listing has jumped from 10 to 20, which seems to indicate that there are a few people who feel the same way that I do.


  1. TimM

    Looks like a driver not my favorite color but to each his own!!

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  2. 8banger David Mika Member

    I smell a load of bondo.

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  3. ThisGuy

    So how do you prove the trans is wrong? Seems more likely that the engine has been changed.

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    • Keith

      The trans will have a serial number stamped on it to match the car it was born with .

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  4. Superdessucke

    10.6k with nearly 5 days to go. Can’t wait for the sonic boom(er) when the bidding really takes off. I put the over/under at 20K.

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  5. Tom Member

    To the buyer……How does the saying go……A fool and his money are soon parted? That will be appropriate for anyone paying north of 10K for this AND I think 10K is too much.

    What is it exactly? It is a base model 68 Camaro Convertible. Almost zero options outside of power brakes.

    Wrong hood, cool BUT wrong. Wrong wheels off what, a 69 Chevelle SS?

    No idea if the car is solid or not. Doesn’t matter because it is going to need EVERYTHING. Again, 50-80K resto plus the buy for a car that will be worth half that when done. A clone RS/SS or Z28 will bring more money.

    Original color…ok….but painted REALLY POORLY & MANY years ago at that. Sorry, driver…..I guess but I would not be caught dead driving this until the resto was done.

    Clone it, resto mod it, because it will never be worth anything as a restored small block power glide base model camaro even if the top goes down.

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  6. Tom Member

    I went to http://www.cars-on-line.com. In less than 3 minutes I clicked on a listing in Novi Michigan. 68 RS Convertible 327 3 speed manual, super nice car, Retail/Resale Red….good history, DONE CAR…..37,500 obo.

    This is a little high but not far off the right price for this car.

    I keep saying it, the market is changing but there are enough people out there to sell/buy/make a bad deal and the dumb ones twice I guess.

    This yellow camaro is worth storing correctly, accumulate the right parts and MAYBE it will be interesting and bring a profit 10 years from now as a project. However, I believe in 10 to 20 years from now there will be a glut of great quality classic cars at low prices with our current generation not being interested in these cars like Dad and Grandpa were.

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    • Alan

      Exactly as I have been saying. I’ve got a 27 & 25 yr old sons, of which neither despite the muscle car rides & Vette’s I had, while since their birth, you’d think they’d have an interest somewhat. Fat chance. Even my exotic firearms collection, no interest! These millenials have zero interest in muscle cars what so ever. Sure, a few. But to keep the market prices climbing like we see, I highly doubt it. These cars are antiques to them 1st of all. Second, too much work to operate for em. That’s why the ‘invention’ of the p*ssy paddle shifters rather than the hand/foot coordination of using a clutch! Too complex to handle. Imagine them taking to a car wash or washing the engine? The nightmare of calling dad on the cell “the car wont start now, call a tow truck”, with that bit of moisture gettin in the distributor. Or even just using a matchbook to clean the points when some misfire later on. It’s overwhelming for the kids, that need a safe space today! Even so, if they were so compelled to own a ‘muscle’ car, it’d be a later model one with all the options of convenience & simplicity, lets not forget the USB ports they now come equipped with! Must have or no deal! I’m 58 now but also realize I ain’t getting any younger. But like homes here in ID jumping $100k because of the CA people flee’ing like the illegals over the border, when they resettle here & 3 yrs from now or less, realize it’s not the pie in the sky they were peppered into believing & the home prices come back down to normal when they leave, upside down & leave the keys in the door just taking their RV’s & toys as was in ’08, same with the classic muscle cars.
      I’d like to see Barn Finds do a real survey of the ages of ALL subscribers & I’ll bet the avg age is 55! Come on, lets do it!!
      I can wait another 5 years for them to be in vast abundance because of the last of the ‘boomers’ dying off, then God willing if I’m still around, can get the car I wish I had 40 years ago, at half or less what they are, today. Near mint! Be patient! It’s just a trend, now.

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      • John Hart

        Go Alan! Now its WE would like a survey . Who’s ,whys? And what happen to the reasons . I’m 73 and my thinking…well?
        Or this 55 3100 p.u. i’ve been trying to finish will be my last ?

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      • Al

        @John. Just curious to see what the avg age of the readers are. I’m guessing the ‘under 50’ group is less than 15%. As I said, millenials have not much interest in barn finds/restoring classics as much as you or I!

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      • bowmad

        Survey says, “I’m 55 years old” and waiting/hoping to live long enough to see the bottom drop out of a market perpetuated by the primary demographic. Our 20-year-old son grew up part of a generation being toted around in the back seat playing video games and watching movies only to have no desire to even get a driver’s license in so many cases. They can’t wait to have automated cars to use their thumbs on their phones instead of holding a steering wheel at 10 and 2 or have their left hand on the wheel, right hand on the shifter, and a beer between their legs cause there’s no console. Ten-twenty years from now I’ll be looking for something on the cheap that will but a smile on your face 10 miles wide, looks so good bring a tear to your eye.

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      • Tom Member

        I am 53 (proving your avg age 55, you and I do that!!) and have 3 kids a daughter 26 and 2 sons 24 and 20. All love muscle cars but don’t know that they will ever have the time or money to build them like I have over the years.

        With the cost of paying off college, healthcare and the general cost of living, don’t know if they will have the extra money to do it.

        My daughter just bought a new Dodge Charger, my sons have a Monte Carlo SS (2010) and a 99 Grand Prix GT. They love the local cruise nights and all the classics.

        Unfortunately the recession bought my small car collection at about 65 cents on the dollar. I lost just about everything in the recession trying to keep my company going and, thank the Lord, we are thriving but it still cashed me in. So I am rebuilding.

        I am hoping over the next 15 years to buy and build a small collection of cars I can enjoy and leave to them.

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  7. Gene Parmesan

    This thing looks like it was (very cheaply) modified in the late ’80s/early ’90s, maybe even after an accident. Car gets hit, but not too banged up. It’s a 20-year-old used car then but has some cool factor. Cheapo respray, wheels, interior stuff, 4 speed, back on the road.

    I’d say it was rad back in the day, but those cheap mods have aged this car horribly. That said, wouldn’t be hard to at least correct some of the cosmetic choices and make it kinda cool again.

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  8. Matt steele

    Paint it bryar blue

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    • Greg Stegall

      Looks like they took off their expensive 24” wheels and slapped those “cheapy” old wheels on.

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  9. Matt steele

    Put a white top on it

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  10. Keith

    Vin stamping on the block is a restamp , some numbers are stamped deep in the block while other numbers are very faintly imprinted ….. Results from being stamped one number at a time instead of in a broach tool stamp. The number 3 looks like it’s the wrong font also . Numbers are 1/16 ” higher or lower than other numbers .

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  11. Steve H.

    I was going to suggest my preference would be to make this baby into a clone Z/28 convertible until I read that Chevy DIDN’T MAKE a ‘68 Z/28 vert… GM only made one but it was a one-off special built to showcase performance parts.

    Interesting read here…


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  12. John Hart

    Al, our % s are close but mine are lower. Sad what memories they will have when they reminisce of there youth! Ican still have flashbacks of my seeing a friends leadsled, or the Lyback boys
    56 Nomad! That their grandpa gave them. Those were the days,
    60+years later and I’m smiling now!
    John H.

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  13. John Oliveri

    I smell bondo, lots and lotsa bondo, under that yellow paint, I’m willing to bet lotsa bondo

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  14. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Give me a break! I’m training my now seven year old grandson to be a classic car lover. He knows my 64 Buick Riviera will be his some day. He loves it, and wants to ride in it all the time. He really likes when we smoke the rear tires leaving two black streaks as we power forward. I know a lot of youngsters have an interest. Junior colleges and trade schools are training new mechanics everyday. These schools teach basic mechanicals before they learn the high tech computer stuff. So I say bless these young men and women who are learning what makes cars work, and will carry on the love of the automobile.
    God bless America

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  15. Bill Wilkman

    Geez…the seller didn’t even wash it before putting it up for sale. This one will be a trail of tears for whoever buys it.

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  16. Paul

    I do see Camaro’s, Mustangs, Corvettes, Chargers, Cuda’s and Firebirds having appeal to younger generations…my 26 year old Daughter loves a 67 Camaro convertible for her dream car…..or course she wants one with AC power windows, power steering and power top! She also wants an automatic transmission! I also have a 21 year old family member that would love to have a 65-70 Mustang convertible.
    I also see a lot of interest lately in late 70’s early 80’s T top Trans am’s that I didn’t see that 10 years ago.

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  17. PRA4SNW

    No sale at $15,700 and Reserve Not Met.
    The seller should have jumped on that!

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