Ready To Off-Road: 1956 Pontiac Sedan 4×4

I absolutely love seeing something other than a truck body placed on top of a truck chassis. Though it may look somewhat silly, it always brings a smile to my face, and I’m sure it offers quite an interesting driving experience. As you can imagine, I was quite excited when Barn Finds reader Greg J. shared this 1956 Pontiac Sedan here on craigslist, which uses a mid 80s Chevrolet Silverado chassis.

There isn’t too much detail in this advertisement, which is a shame, because I’d truly like to know more about what went into this project. The sedan has a clean and clear title as a ’56 Pontiac in North Carolina, where it is also located.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 5.7-liter V8 engine, which uses an Edelbrock carburetor and uses fender exit headers, meaning this old Pontiac is quite a loud one. The engine pairs with a rebuilt 4-speed 700R4 automatic transmission, which distributes power to 8.5-inch 10-bolt differentials in both the front and rear.

The owner notes that this project “drives just like a Chevy truck,” also mentioning that it goes 80 miles per hour easily. Additionally, it rides on four brand new tires.

For $4,750, you could be the proud owner of this Pontiac, though the owner will consider trades for a few other interesting vehicles, such as early 70s GM wagons, Volkswagen Beetles, and 1959-1965 Cadillac models. Would you take a chance on this wild ride, or is this rugged classic is a little too much for you?


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  1. Howard A Member

    This is really cool, living in 4 wheel drive country, USA ( Colorado) this would blow away that Landcruiser/Jeep crowd. Got both worlds, a classic car and a dependable 4×4. The only thing I’d change, looks like a nice conversion, but make it look sharp for crying out loud. The ’56 Chief was, I feel, a much nicer looking car than the Chevy, and the body looks pretty straight, it looks terrible like this.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Damnit Howard, you took the words right out of my mouth!

      I’d paint it and restore the body. I’d love to drive this around up here in the mountains,scaring the living bejezuz out of all the geezers with their 4 wheels with the handicapped tag hanging from the rear view mirror. Hillbilly Elegy. Just terrific!

      Now how to get it to California without paying as much as it costs to buy!

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      • J.T. WILSON

        Good luck getting that registered in California.

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    • Mike

      I built this with my dad. We had a ton of other projects that took priority over the body work and paint for this. The end goal was gong to be painting it to match my dad’s 2 door hard top 56 Pontiac, but time and other priorities got in the way

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      • danieldc

        You and your dad done did good. It looks great.

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      • Tracy

        Was this car in Virginia several years ago?

  2. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Pretty nice old body there.

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  3. don

    gone already !

    • Tavern Pub

      Wonder what it sold for….?

  4. Warren

    I built this. Why not…

  5. Little_Cars Alexander Member
  6. Kenneth Carney

    You can get this titled here in Florida in a
    snap! From hearses, to fire trucks, and
    even a Yugo, these folks here can make
    a 4X4 out of anything. Their ingenuity is
    enhanced by the amount of alcohol they
    consume BEFORE starting the project.
    I’d love to take this car to Old Town and
    cruise it on the weekends. It’s just too
    impractical to be a daily driver but the fun
    factor is enormous. Shoot this thing’s
    a full foot taller than my F-350 which I
    thought was quite tall. Too bad it’s
    already gone!

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  7. DerikLattigCats

    There seems to a trend emerging with these kind of ‘upgrades’. I see them time to time, just saw a 56 Nomad that had this done to it down in Central Texas. My question always is Why?

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    • don

      I don’t mind someone building this, I mean that Pontiac looks like its been sitting forgotten for decades , and how many people would go gaga about finding an old 56 Pontiac post sedan and want to restore it ? Better it gets some love now then heading to a crusher .

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  8. OhU8one2

    This rig would be a blast to drive the back roads in Moab,Utah. With all the serious off-roaders in their Jeep’s and Land Rovers. Then cresting a hill in this sedan. Oh the looks on their faces. It would be worth every penny spent.

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  9. Kenneth Carney

    Funny you should say that Ou8one2, this
    one reminds me of the Baja Phantom, a
    specially prepared 1935 Ford sedan that
    was raced in the Mexican 1000 from 1968-73. Two friends, Joel Walters and
    Carl Weir found the old Ford in a delapidated state and bought the car
    cheaply enough and began rebuilding
    it–that was until they got the wild idea
    to enter it in the ’68 Mexican 1000–the
    Superbowl of off road racing. Other than
    the required safety equipment and some
    brake and suspension upgrades, the car
    was basically stock. It ran a ’48 Mercury
    V-8 mated to a floor shifted ’39 3-speed
    tranny stuffed with 24-tooth Zephyr
    gears. Power was sent to a 2-speed
    Columbia rear axle. Skid plates were
    used to protect the oil pan and the
    original fuel tank from unfriendly rocks
    that might be found along the way. Maybe Mr. Walters and Mr. Weir would
    like to run this old Poncho in the next
    Baja 1000. That’s what I’d do at least

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  10. ccrvtt

    This is what happens when rednecks have too much time on their hands.

    And a sense of humor. Love it.

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  11. jerry z

    I’ve seen this for sale in CL a long time. Definitely unique.

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  12. Superstreet

    Wow another classic car destroyed what a shame!!!

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    • Karl

      It may be a classic car , but I’m sure this car was sitting forgotten about for 40 odd years with no future but the junkyard. Its just a 4 door post sedan and these cars don’t bring in much money (like a 56 Chevy would) , and a restoration would cost far more than this car is worth. Imagine how much it would cost to restore the interior , assuming the parts are available ? If the parts were worth anything it would have been stripped long ago. Its not my thing , but I can appreciate the workmanship done, and at least the Pontiac is back on the road instead of getting squashed and shipped off to China !

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      • Marshall

        Hear hear! If it’s been sitting out in the weeds for 40 years, and therefore is not worth a righteous frame-off “trailer queen” (or even a semi righteous frame-on “driver”) restoration, THAT’s the appropriate time to think ratrod, 4×4,etc., RATHER THAN continue to let it rot, or let it go to the crusher.

  13. Bob McK Member

    I am always amazed that when I see something that I do not understand, there are a bunch of people that do understand and love it… Best of luck to the new owner… I still do not understand.

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    • Marshall

      👍 Kudos to you! At least you are withholding judgment🧐(which is more than can be said of me sometimes)

  14. Pete Phillips

    It almost makes me physically ill…

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  15. Little_Cars Saul Member

    Anybody know what the interior looked like? I know the listing is down and the car was sold.

  16. RNR

    I wish I had this much spare time….

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  17. Wayne

    It says listing expired not removed. I’m betting that it did not sell. For a change a Cool Bama-Cruiser!

  18. Del

    I must be missing a chromazone ?

    This is just junk.

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  19. Ken

    Wouldn’t be caught dead in this piece of crap.

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    anybody know what part of north carolina it was located ? says listing expired and im looking for it

  21. Justin

    Did this sell? The link says the post expired. I live in that area and if it’s still out there I want to buy it.

  22. Andy

    Kudos on the awesome project! Your thinking outside the box was great!

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