Real Boss: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

When this 1970 Mustang rolled out of the factory in October of 1969, it would have been considered to be something pretty special by Ford enthusiasts of the day. This sad and sorry sight is a real Boss 302 and is 1-of 6,319 such cars that were built during the 1970 model year. It now needs a passionate enthusiast to take the car and return it to its former glory. Located in Monterey, California, you will find the Boss listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding having reached $8,300, the reserve hasn’t been met. There is also a BIN option of $15,000 available for the Mustang.

Time has not been kind to the Mustang, with only glimpses of its original Lime Metallic paint visible today. What is visible is rust, and it is in all of the places that would be expected in a Mustang of this era. As a consequence, the floors and front torque boxes are going to need to be replaced. There is also rust showing in the lower fenders, lower doors, and some visible in the rockers. The driver’s side quarter panel has been removed, but a replacement panel is included with the car. Not attached to the car but included in the sale are a front bumper and brackets, along with a wiper motor and linkage. Most of the original tinted glass is present and in good condition, with the exception of the rear window. When it comes to the remaining body panels, it would appear to be a case of “what you see is what you get.” This means that a replacement hood and numerous other items will need to be sourced to complete the Mustang’s restoration.

The interior of the Mustang must have looked a treat with its original black trim, but those days are long behind it. There’s no point really dwelling on the details here because the interior will need nothing short of a complete restoration. Apart from the seat frames and possibly the foam, there looks like there will be precious little that can be salvaged inside the car. The news doesn’t get much better when we look at the car’s mechanical situation. The original Boss 302 engine is gone, along with the 4-speed close-ratio transmission. The Traction-Lok rear end is still there, along with some of the original brake components, and the front and rear sway bars. Barring a miracle, this will almost certainly never be a numbers-matching car again, but the owner does offer a potential lifeline. He currently has a date-correct Boss 302 engine that can be purchased separately for $6,000, while a 4-speed Toploader transmission is available for an additional $1,500. There is no indication from the owner on the condition of either of these components.

Is this a Mustang that is worth the time and effort? I’ll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. It needs a lot of restoration work, but there have been plenty of Mustangs in worse shape than this one that have been brought back from the dead. If this was a numbers-matching car, then a high-quality restoration could see it potentially commanding a six-figure value. However, the market has quite a few examples kicking around at present that are extremely nice, but that are not numbers-matching. These can be secured for between $65,000 and $80,000. What do you think?


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    I would call the seller smart. Take the money and run.

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    • jerry

      so how come a california car ends up in this shape? what kind of cheap drugs would you have to be on to dump the better part of a 100 grand into this heap!

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      • Rjonec

        Read the fine print the Marti report lists the DSO as a 16. That is PA. This vehicle started life in the rust belt. CA is not a cure for cancer either, park it by the beach for a few years and see what happens. This is purely a VIN purchase or someone with a stash of B302 parts and it becomes a labor of love. Dynacorn has certainly made it easier for this level of a restoration.

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  2. mike b

    Real Loss

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  3. Superdessucke

    Expensive VIN plate.

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  4. Don Page

    I’d say just part it out but between the description & the pictures, it’s only worth the current price of scrap metal.

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  5. CanuckCarGuy

    It’s like most toys…some assembly required, batteries not included.

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  6. Classic Steel

    I bet the air for tires is at $500
    and lug nuts at $29 each. The title fee to process 1000 and just for the new owner the coveted ash tray for 200 .

    I never deal with sectional sellers.

    Bundle it up or just say for parts only and crush the rest 😏

    I will say the only parts good have been harvested and plug is pulled …

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  7. canadainmarkseh Member

    Yes it can be restored doesn’t mean it should.

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  8. Bob

    Who has $8300.00 plus to waste on something like this!

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  9. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I’m with Classic Steel, I don’t care for sellers who sell the goodies separately. Sell what’s left of this Boss with the engine and trans to give the buyer a fighting chance to get this pony back on the road.

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  10. Dave

    It’s a little rough…some of it probably won’t buff out. You might want to make sure your tetanus shots are up to date.

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  11. Ralph

    More like a Boss 150……

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  12. P Wentzell

    What the…..looks like tires and wheels on a cheese grater.

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  13. sir mike

    How much for what??? A vin and a few parts??

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  14. Danger Dan

    You’re not the Boss of me

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  15. Ken

    I send in tips on solid, complete, restorable cars and trucks, but Barn Finds would rather post this.


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    • John Wilburn

      And I would rather see this “junk.” I’m glad they posted it.

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  16. Pat

    Joke of the day, thanks

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  17. Ike Onick

    Total loss Boss, Hoss.

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  18. bikefixr

    This will be a low-mile, numbers-match, documented car 3 years from now. Why doesn’t the seller just sell the various tags and title and scrap the metal. I’ll bet there are more Boss 302’s registered today than FORD built.

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    • Davi65

      Selling the whole car [for lack of a better term] and not just the VIN tag means that the burden of disposing the useless hulk falls upon the new owner.

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  19. Comet

    Hard pass. Cracked dash pad.

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  20. JimZ

    Gotta be kidding, BF…..

    All I can say is…RUN!!!!!

  21. bigdoc

    BIN $15000.00? I wouldn’t even pay $15.00

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  22. John B.

    It never ceases to amaze me how much people are willing to pay for a piece of crap; even more amazing is what the sellers have the audacity to ask!

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  23. EJB

    I love Mustangs and all but NO!

  24. Paul

    Junk …someone bid $8300 and reserve not met?
    I see two fools here!

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  25. Ezeerider

    You couldn’t pay me to haul it away.

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  26. TimM

    So if I were to hand you a horn that came out of a Ferrari could I tell you it’s worth $15K and just tell you to find the rest of the parts yourself???? I guess if I give you part of a mustang it works though!!!

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  27. PAW

    Body is much better than mine when I bought it. I paid about half of BIN of this one and that price included engine. Now mine is a roller awaiting its turn in line for assembly for road & track worthiness

    Would I buy this one? Nope, as one would end up heavily under water very soon.

    Why did I then buy mine? It is has race car history in seventies and it is rebuilt again as a race car so I can avoid all expensive small parts where the money gets burned.

    I can burn the money “I saved” on interior etc. on engine, suspension etc. As racer I do understand that this money will never be recovered

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  28. George Mattar

    Junk. People have gone mad. These things in concours condition bring maybe $75,000.

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  29. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    What Keith said……

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  30. Richard Hollis

    Another vehicle that begs the question WHY.

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  31. Blueovaldude

    John B., my thoughts exactly. I still think I paid too much for my heap in 1988 at $4900.00 but it was pretty much complete albeit non-numbers matching motor. I only had 4 lousy polaroid pics to look at for reference and had to drive 1500 miles to boot! It took me 3 years to get it to trophy status!

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