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Rebuilt 283 V8: 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Wagon

The Chevelle debuted in 1964 as Chevrolet’s entrant in the “new” intermediate market. Ironically, the cars had similar proportions to the 1957 Chevy full-size cars. It sold well and changes were minimal for the following year, just enough to tell the two years apart. This 1965 Malibu station wagon has been in the same family since new and it’s 283 V8 motor has recently been rebuilt. The car is situated in Davis, California, and here on craigslist for $18,000. Thanks, Pat L., for uncovering another tip for us!

Ford downsized its Fairlane series in 1962, thus creating the mid-size market while full-size cars were still sold. Chevrolet responded with the Chevelle, as did other GM divisions. The Malibu was the top trim level and the line’s biggest seller, representing two-thirds of Chevelle production in its encore year. Out of 378,000 Chevelle’s, the Malibu wagon accounted for 18,000 units or about five percent of the total.

This ’65 Malibu wagon was purchased new in California 55 years ago and has stayed in the same family ever since. The body looks good from what we can tell, but the original Artesian Turquoise paint is faded and could stand a respray. Also, the rubber molding at the bottom of the tailgate glass looks shot. The chrome and glass all look tidy and there is no mention of any rust, past or present. The car wears Rally wheels which I don’t believe were available until 1967, but they look good on this 2-seat wagon. We only have one photo of the interior as the seller didn’t have the keys to the car when taking pictures (?). We’re told that the seats have been reupholstered and the carpeting is new.

The 283 V8 has just 200 miles on it since being rebuilt and is said to run well. Mileage for the rest of the car is not stated. The motor is paired with an automatic, which is no doubt Chevy’s 2-speed Powerglide. Both the tires and battery are either new or newer. The seller mentions that other miscellaneous repairs have been made, but they’re not identified. And no underhood photos are given.

A really nice Malibu coupe could bring $25,000, according to Hagerty, and the lesser 300 series sedan half that or better. So, a Malibu wagon priced in between the two is probably a fair number. You could use some rubbing compound and then drive it as-is since they’re only original once. Or put a new paint job on the Malibu. Either way, it would probably be the only one at your local Cars & Coffee.


  1. Skorzeny

    At first I thought 18K was a bit steep, but, rebuilt 283, no rust (we think), new carpet and upholstery, glass is good, and can be driven all day long as is. If you like Rally wheels (I don’t) you are good there as well. Not a bad buy really if you consider what a new car costs… Compare to that mess of a ‘68 Camaro. I’d rather have this anyway. Maybe convert to a 5 speed later, and make upgrades here and there. I really like this car. Someone will have a lot of fun with it.

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  2. Jcs

    What a great looking wagon.

    Love the design and shape of the rear windows. Also must compliment the seller on perfect tailpipes, so many screw up that detail.

    Throw in a Vintage A/C and cruise. Very cool.

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    • Angrymike

      They’re even better looking as two door wagons. I have always wanted a 64-65 two door wagon to build up. A nice small block with malibu SS int would be a dream !

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      • jerry z

        I agree on the 2 door wagon. A guy I used to work with had a ’64 2 door wagon, fawn with tan int. If that was a 2 door, then I’d pay the $18K.

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      • Don Page

        I feel the same way about the two door wagons. They were only available as a model 300, and only 1668 total were built. I think the front & rear fender badges have been added.

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  3. Bill W

    Vintage Air, 700R4, Done.

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  4. mike henry

    That’s a “patina machina” that I would surely buy and just enjoy the drive.

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  5. Harold Moon

    My Dad had one with a 327/3 spd on the tree. Could do 75 in second and not realize it. Clean it up and repaint it. Leave the rest alone. $18K is too high though.

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    • Gray Wolf

      Price is right on! Look at the classifieds! I have a ‘66 Impala s/w and I have turned down two different offers of $30,000.

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  6. Car Nut Tacoma

    Nice looking car. You don’t see many 1965 Chevelle station wagons. I’ve only seen one in person. I’d buy one if the condition was nicer. But my favourites have always been the 1964 and 65 Chevelle Malibu. My favourite body styles have always been the 4 door sedan and station wagon.

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  7. Mike

    We had a ’66, same color and engine. Took my driving test in it too 48 years ago! The styling changes for the ’66 Malibu were much more appealing especially the front end. There are very few of these wagons around anymore but I think $18k is a little steep without new paint!

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  8. Dave Mathers

    My first NEW car was a 64 Chevelle Malibu SS 327/250 4 speed. So I have a soft spot for 64s!!

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  9. Peter J Weinzierl

    My dad had a 72 Chevy Kingswood- “clamshell” tailgate-just unique. My mom had a 71 Olds Vista Cruiser-unique roof style then my mom got a 62 Chevy II wagon. Just too cool. Low and long!! It’s because of them, I got the love interest from my parents. I love long roof cars. I have a 64 Chevy II 100 Wagon 6cyl with a 4 on the tree NOT 3 (m21) on the tree! This wagon is very cool. I don’t believe I have ever seen one. I have seen a few 2 door wagons and thought they were cool/rare. THIS is rare.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, is this a full chassis car?

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  10. steve sammut

    When these came out in 64, my dad traded in a 57 MK VII Jaguar Saloon for a wagon to support our growing family needs. It was 327 with a 3 on the tree. Learned how to drive in that car. My brother and I always had plans for it, but so did Dad, I guess. He sold it without telling us and that was that. LOL. Dad was a perfectionist with his cars so the guy who bought his probably got the deal of the century. Ours was red, with a red interior. Had the rack, a third seat facing rearward that could be folded down and an electric rear window. These always tug at the heartstrings. Not sure if 18K is too much but they are getting harder and harder to find.

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  11. Jost

    Thats a great find.. and love the rally wheels. They make any Chevy look great. This is the type of car you would see towing that Camaro or Nova to the track back in the 70’s

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  12. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    This is really nice. I never see the wagons anymore and the color is great.

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  13. Bryan

    For another .50 he/she could’ve opened the door instead of shooting pictures thru the glass and given us detailed photo’s.

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    ( I forgot my keys) Thats a new one for Craigslist. I hope a neighbor isnt surprised to find his wagon for sale. :)

    Sweet looking wagon. Whoever thought a run of the mill ( even if it is a 2 door) wagon would be posted for sale at 18 large!

    A Chambers Brothers song comes to mind

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  15. martin elking

    this particular was not made for car rebuilders hot rod .it was made as a family car ,4 doors easy access in in out, luggage rack for family vactions, chevy mis size engine for over the road driving.

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  16. Dave sampsell

    More pictures please?

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