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Rebuilt 383: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

The Super Bee was one of the shorter-lived muscle cars, made by Dodge from 1968-71. It could be thought of as Dodge’s version of the Plymouth Road Runner, but it never sold as well. This edition from 1970 is a numbers-matching car with a recently rebuilt 383 V-8 and an interior kit in boxes waiting to be installed. Residing in Riverside, California, the car is rather sunbaked and has a bit of rust to be dealt with. This Bee is available here on craigslist for $21,000 and our thanks to Matt R for bringing it to light for us!

While the original Super Bee only saw four years of production, Dodge was keen enough on the name to resurrect it again in 2007-09 and 2012-13 as a special Charger model. The 1970 Super Bee, as well as all the Coronets it was based on, got a radical new nose design for 1970 with a “cat’s eyes” kind of appearance that did nothing to help sales of the car. Production was down by a third in 1970, with 11,540 2-door hardtop Super Bee’s being built. At least 10 percent of them were exported, cutting the available population that may remain today. 1970 was also the first year of the Hi-Impact colors, like Plum Crazy and Panther Pink. We can’t quite make out what the seller’s car wore, but it’s not likely one from that series.

The seller’s 1970 Super Bee is said to be a California car, which may even include its point of production as Chrysler had a plant in Los Angeles. The car’s numbers-matching status is said to apply to both the rebuilt 383-4V (335 hp) and the 4-speed manual transmission which has a new clutch. The car is also equipped with a brand-new exhaust system, rebuilt brakes, and a new fuel system, so we’re guessing any mechanical issues that existed are now out of the way. The odometer reading is said to be 76,000 miles. P.S. The seller must like these Dodges. There’s a ’68 Charger in some of the photos!

While the interior looks pretty bad, the buyer should have faith because boxes of new, Super Bee-correct interior pieces are ready to be set free. That includes kick panels, door panels, rear panels, package tray, headliner, and front and rear seat covers. We’re told that ensemble alone cost $2,000. The seller says the car has some rust on the lower quarter panels and trunk floor, but no good photos are provided that would help us to assess the extent of the problem.

At most car shows, you’ll find a GTO, Road Runner, Chevelle SS396, Challenger, and the like. But you may not see a Dodge Super Bee. They are no less desirable than any of the Mopar muscle cars, so having one would give you something that’s perhaps less common. Current auctions are reflecting Super Bee’s available in the $40-100,000 range, so clearly, they’re out there. Since the motor and tranny are done and the interior is one step away from the installation, body and paintwork may be the most of what’s left to do on this car to find its way into that value range.


  1. Moparman Member

    This looks like a good buy for someone! It’s going to be a beauty when restored. It’s a shame that the engine bay wasn’t “pro-actively” prepped for its’ eventual restoration though. GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Joeybagofdonuts

      That is what I thought… Take the engine out and not clean and paint the engine bay really?

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      • stu

        Times are tough….LOL

    • Helmo Member

      I was thinking the opposite. Why paint the engine at all? Just rebuild, assemble and let it get back a similar patina like the car hasn’t been touched… I’d freshen up the interior, replace all the weatherstripping and drive this car.

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  2. Scotty2hotty

    Not cats eyes. Bee wings. This one is a little too rich for me and not in close proximity for me. Good car for the next owner

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  3. K Gun Offense

    Looks like a great deal to me!! From what can be seen in the pictures, the bodywork doesn’t appear to be much. The panels look to line up and aside from the baked look, looks pretty clean. Apparently it was originally a green color. If you like the old Super Bees, this looks like a pretty easy restoration. Would like to see a few pictures of the u derside to be sure and the pictures provided are not the best, but I like the car and the potential appears to be there!!!!

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  4. George Mattar

    No restoration on a 50 year old Chrysler product is easy. These cars were built like junk and were trashed 35 years ago. However, this one is far better than most of the garbage on this site that need a truck full of AMD metal. 69 Bees far better looking.

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    • Rich

      Yes! You said a mouthful. The appearance of the 70 Super Bee is/was a shame. I have always wondered how the Bee would have sold if they had kept the old 69 body style for a couple more years. The 70 models remind me of the ugly stepchild , can’t fix ugly….but best of luck to whoever bites the big one, and takes this one on.

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      • Gus Fring

        Best looking Super Bee ever. Mean looking front end and not a single bad angle.

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    • Whynot Member

      To say Dodge cars of the 60’s were build like junk . I have had a couple old Fords , several old Chevy’s . One Dodge by far the Dodge Coronet is 3 times the quality build . I would love to have this Super Bee cool design.

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  5. Dewey Gill

    My mom wanted a sub lime green ’70 Super Bee. Dad said no, probably anticipating my upcoming drivers licence. She got a ’70 Mustang fastback with a 302 nearly the same color instead. I beat the hell out of it. She finally got a Charger in ’73, but I was out of the house by then

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  6. TR jones

    I remember 1973, just going into High School. Lots of cool stuff around then!

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  7. Kev

    Second time on barn finds only sold a few weeks ago on eBay

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  8. Tom

    My 70 Super Bee was plum purple, 383 4 barrel, automatic, bucket seats. I was ending my stint in the Air Force. Went to an expensive college after that…RPI in Troy, NY. Had to get rid of the car. Traded it plus $500 for a nice little 2-stroke motorcycle. The 1972 Kawasaki H2 750 Triple still sits in my garage! I think I made the right decision…trading for the bike.

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  9. arkie Member

    Perfect! This one looks solid enough to leave and enjoy as is, once it’s declared mechanically fit. Reminds me of what was left of these cars in the early eighties and the fun we had with them. I’d even be tempted to show this ‘Bee from time to time, in a survivor category. I mean, it is original, far from pristine, but very original.

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  10. T-Bone

    Put in the new interior, scuff it, clear it, drive it.

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