Restomod Caddy: 1957 Cadillac DeVille

A classic car is always a pleasure to see whether it has been restored to a “T”, is in original condition, or is otherwise modified. Collectively everyone’s flavor is a little different, so some see beauty where others see something else. This 1957 Coupe Deville is a restomod of sorts featuring a slightly modern drive train than the original unit, with freshened up brakes and suspension. With a few dents from the test of time, this Caddy’s weathered appearance and low stance has a certain allure that makes it hard to not stare. With 7 days remaining in the auction, this Coupe Deville has been bid up to $6,100 with the reserve not met. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Bethel, Pennsylvania.

Beneath the heavily weathered body lies a modern Chevrolet V8 that is decked out with some goodies. Absolutely no information has been provided on this car, its past, or its modern components. The engine appears to be an LT1 and is quite clean. Featuring a neat cast aluminum intake manifold with an Edlebrock carb and headers, this Caddy looks like it is ready to drive wherever you may please.

The interior is a bit “wild” in flavor, but the sheep skin dash pad, and seat cover could certainly be removed. You will notice the interior has survived rather well minus the carpet and possibly the seats and dash. I would imagine a few cracks would be more appealing to me than the furry dash, but to each their own. There is no word on the seats condition under the cover, but again, I would likely ditch the cover as well. The door panels, and rear seating are in nice shape looking only to suffer from minor dirt and age.  Same with the dash and steering wheel. A solid cleaning and detailing would likely breathe some life back into these remaining interior components leaving you with a seat that needs upholstery work.

The exterior is stunning as this Cadillac is no slouch in the styling department. Repainted at some point in its life, the blue is a color change from the copper like original color. Worn quite thin, it would appear that some of this patina may have been “forced” to yield such a weathered appearance. There are some areas where surface rust is present, but as a whole, rot seems to be minimal. Some trim is missing, but the remaining bright work is in fair shape and matches the weathered look of this Caddy nicely. The factory tinted glass is all accounted for, and the custom exhaust is still routed through the uniquely designed rear bumper. Depending on your flavor, this turnkey restomod has a sleek appearance and modern amenities that will make it a comfy and easy driver. Is this Deville the right flavor for you?

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  1. TR Rowe

    Lost me at SBC. Swap in a Caddy 390, 429, 472, or 500 if you want some grunt. One of my goals in life is never own a SBC, Nailheads or Ford FE’s all the way, TR “Falstaff” Rowe

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  2. Miguel

    I wonder what they did with the transmission as the pattern on the shifter is P N D L R

    • William

      P N D L R original would be the original shift pattern.

      • Miguel

        That is what I posted. If they put a newer transmission that is PRNDL, the I wonder what they did to acomodate that.

    • Jim Z Member

      Many cars of that era didn’t have a “park” position. “R” was reverse when running, and “Park” when not.

  3. richard hernandez

    Awesome lookin caddy.diggin those taillights they look like hellfire missiles locked and loaded.has anyone out there played twisted metal.

  4. mtshootist1

    by the way, those bullet taillights look really good on a 1958 Chevy Impala.

    • Marshall

      I believe those bullet taillights are the same ones found stock on 1959 Cadillac’s as well. Though I have seen them on 1958 Impalas, they were not original stock.

  5. Dave Wright

    I always question the sanity and intelligence of people that would install an inferior Chevrolet engine in the place of the original engine in a car like this. It just shows cheep low class workmanship and ideas. The original Caddy engine was wonderful, powerful and well engineered. I like small blocks just fine, but not in the place of a better engine like this one originally had. Just makes no sense.

    • Ralph Terhune

      I agree, Dave. A small block Chevy has no place in a car like this. The only reason to use it is because it’s cheap and you can buy parts for it anywhere.

    • Marshall

      I’m with you Dave regarding keeping the original Cadillac engine in a Cadillac. I always prefer to keep things original as a general rule.

      As for it “making no sense”, it would make sense to me if the original Cadillac engine was not rebuildable, and I could not find a suitable replacement Cadillac engine within my budget. Meanwhile, if I happen to have a good Chevy engine cluttering up my barn (and no suitable Chevy to put it in), I would use that, rather than allow it to continue serving as a rodent hotel.

      Unlike bodywork abomination (VW Bajas and chopping roof lines in old Mercurys to lower them, etc.), mechanical molestation (installing a Chevy engine in a Cadillac) is much easier to reverse.

      • Dave Wright

        That is true enough but with the number of rusted hulk Cadillacs around…..a buildable core can’t be that tough to find. 300 hp in a common Caddy engine of the day and a lot more in some of the special cars. Even the hydromatic transmission was way before there time only really improved on by modern lock up systems in today’s cars. A stock dual 4bbl set up would make this old girl run…..I am really irritated by people that put small blocks in my favorite 55 Pontiacs. The original V8 was the basis of many great performance engines for decades, the 389’s are the same block, common and inexpensive on the market……….bolt in stuff and with an original,hydromatic makes a tremendous car. Use original valve covers and a good 4bbl carb and it looks stock to all but an expert only with 350 HP.

      • Tom Member

        Agree with it all just a little confused by some of the comments. SBC….they are bullet proof…..guys put them in Ford’s frequently (which as a GM guy & and a “like to keep it original guy”) I never really understood except that the 350 is rock solid.

        Comment. to DAVE WRIGHT, about the 389 being the same block…same as what? I could be wrong but V8 Pontiacs Blocks starting with the 350, maybe the 326, were a big block and the same block in a Pontiac 350 as the 389, 400, 421 428 and 455 (and caddy 502??) Where the Chevy 350 was clearly a small block. I have owned most of the above more than once.. .I am just a little confused on your comment.

      • Dave Wright

        The 287 is the same as everything through the 389….they changed the bore and stroke……..even the 326 and 400 was built on the same base engine.

  6. ron bajorek

    Chevy Motor in a Cadillac? Yuck!

  7. Ben T. Spanner

    My high school friend’s mom had a light blue 1957 Coupe Deville. They lived 1/2 mile from their chicken restaurant. Each Spring we would jack it up with borrowed jack and jack stands and replace the entire dual exhaust system.

    NAPA guaranteed them for 2 years or so. We learned to coat all the hardware with never seize to allow easy removal. There were lots of pipes and resonators/mufflers, and they all had to carefully aligned to filt through the bumper with no rattles.

    I vote big Cadillac for motive power.

  8. J Paul Member

    While I would rather see a Cadillac engine in this, the SBC would be somewhat less offensive without the Chevy logo on the manifold and valve covers. Why draw attention to the fact?

  9. Pat A

    My uncle had a ’57, and he constantly had to replace the taillights, because they just screwed out and were stolen pretty often.

  10. InspectorWhat

    Go to the dealers website . Read the description listed with the 49 Cadillac. I believe it is for this 57.

  11. Jubjub

    These always remind me of the hitchhiker scene in the movie Pink Flamingos.

    I’d have scored a set of original…way cooler looking…and probably no more expensive wheel covers.

    I’d be knocking those tail lights off on various fixed objects or with my knee in the garage.

    I’ll kick a dead horse on that SBC!

  12. Tim W

    Did anyone else notice the weird water pump with the thermostat housing on it instead of on the front of the intake? I’ve been messing with these “inferior” sb Chevy’s over 40 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

  13. John C Cargill

    No sbc. find a Caddy engine in a bone yard if the original is shot. By the way all Pontiac v8s except 301 were same basic block and bolt in replacement.

  14. Amature

    Tim W,
    I believe the water pump is the newer (1990+) design. They are seen in Corvettes, Camaros, Chevy patrol cars and wagons. The pump is driven off the cam so no need for a pulley either.

  15. Jim Z Member

    I was getting excited about possibly owning this…until I saw the Chevy motor stuffed in there. (buzzer!) Nope.

  16. Joe Haska

    It seems I am always on the wrong side of the argument. I love this car, its the look the styling it’s classic Cadillac, with a hint of what if? Who cares what the drive train is, as long as it starts and drives, it is dependable and you can go anywhere in style, if it’s that bad, don’t lift the hood. I think its “Cool” and I would drive it until the SBC died, and then I would get another one!

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  17. RS

    What fun is it to drive an old car like that with a heart transplant?

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