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Restoration Ready: 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Purchased in the 1970’s and converted to a handy-capable vehicle, this 1967 Chevelle Malibu has spent many years tucked away in storage until now. Lacking its original drive train, this Chevy was spiced up with a swap. In original condition, this Malibu needs restoration work, but as the seller has stated, the overall starting package of this car would be a great beginning to a restoration.  Relatively complete, this project has had a fair amount of interest with 18 bids and a current price of $4,875. Check out this muscle here on ebay out of Monrovia, Maryland.

Originally equipped with a 283 V8 and a power glide, this engine compartment has been given a makeover with a 350 V8 and what may be a turbo 350 transmission. Previously equipped with air conditioning, that is certainly a worthwhile feature on this muscle classic. The engine looks to have been at rest for quite a while, and the carburetor and other accessories have been removed from the engine, but a chain was attached. Perhaps the engine was the reason why the car was parked?

Most certainly having seen better days, the interior is in need of a lot. The dash looks nice with only a crack or two in the dash pad, and a set of auxiliary gauges mounted beneath the climate controls. The seats and passenger side door panel are blue, but the dash and carpet are brown. The seller has been nice enough to take a few under body photos revealing some rust in the floors, and there also looks to be some rot in the passenger side door jamb. Also not so pleasant, but the seller also mentions some rust concerns with the body mounts.

One great thing about this Malibu is that it is in original condition really giving a realistic representation of this cars condition. As the seller has mentioned, it would seem that this car wears all of its original sheet metal with no shoddy repairs in its past. With that being said, the new owner is going to need some sheet metal for this car, but it would seem that you could get away with lower body panel patches instead of a full quarter. This is a vinyl roof car where there could be some potential for hidden rust or rot along the roof trim. The roof metal along the top edge of the rear window has grabbed my attention at there is dirt collected there, and possibly even some rust. Although this is not a dream SS car, this is still a great starter project with air conditioning that could make a great clone. Would you invest the time to revive this Chevy?


  1. Derek

    Make it run, put some Mexican blankets on the seats, and it’s pretty cool the way it is.

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  2. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Hey, I had those “seat covers” on my 1963 Corvan when i rescued it from 26 years in a pasture. Lol

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  3. 68custom

    this car has more history than as a handicapped converted car it has disc brakes that do not appear to be factory equipment, column shifter that is rarely seen with bucket seats, looks like a line-lock under the hood plus the aforementioned rust issues it has potential but I would hesitate to spend much more than 5k on it unless there are a lot of goodies that are not visible.

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  4. Lance

    Had one is slightly better condition once. Great 283 ran good. Biggie problem was the windshield and rear window leaked like a sieve. Sold it to a buddy who desperately needed transportation. for $300…..yeah I know . Oh well.

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  5. Rustytech Member

    This appears to have good potential as an SS clone. Even clones are currently pulling $40k so it looks like a reasonable project if one is capable of doing most of the work. I love the matching valve covers ( lol ).

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    • Steve R

      Only exceptionally nice clones will come close to selling for that amount. Even then, you’d be better off paying more money for a better body, it will save untold time and money in the long run. This needs to much sheet metal and frame work, it’s an entry level car for someone that doesn’t have the money to buy a nicer car but who has the capability and willingness to improve it over time. It is likely too rough to ever be a top level car.

      Steve R

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      • Ron dump

        Who is stupid to pay $40k for a real one, much less a clone?

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  6. Mike

    I have absolutely no comment to make regarding this car… none what so ever.

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  7. Classic Steels

    I have seen worse! No trunk shots though or underneath.

    10k paint
    2 k interior
    2 k wheels

    Bottom line buy one nicer !

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I’ve a soft spot for a 67 Malibu. My first new car was a 67 Malibu, Emerald Turquois, 283 with a 3 on the tree. They had a lot of rust issues behind the front and rear wheels along with the rear window, or at least in my case they did.
    Loved that car right up to the point my former BIL got in the middle of a 3 car accident with it.

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  9. Jim C

    Not a Chevy Fan, but think the 67’s were the best looking of all of the Chevelles. Back in the 70’s it might get $100 as is.

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  10. mike D

    I think it is savable , altho I am not a pro, will take some work seeing as it is ” only” a Chevelle, would paint it a deep maroon, or black the engine has already had a lot of work done, would keep that ( he had a better Idea than I did) It would be a looker

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  11. wes

    Used to buy this exact car for seven or eight hundred bucks all day long, and it would run. I’m gettin old.

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  12. Wayne

    I had a ’67 Chevelle that was originally an SS396, 4 speed, with 4.10 limited slip. Gold with black vinyl top and gold interior. I bought it with out an engine and popped in a 327 300 horse. That thing scooted. I sold it to my best buddy who spent 40 hours on the Q-Jet. It returned 16mpg. And we never got beat on a street race. Lots-a-fun in that car. My buddy totaled it when he T boned a guy running a red light.

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  13. sluggo

    Nostalgia means this will sell,,,,,, sure its some work but its an iconic style. Lots of flippers buy these and redo them,. some good quality and some not so great. (Junk) but if you follow sales,, this will sell.
    Dont understand the Ron Dump comments? Troll?? Bring back the thumbs down.

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    • PatrickM

      Sluggo, Absolutely right. This may not have been stored in a real barn, but, this is more in line with real barn finds, although it might be priced a little high. But, this is a pretty straight unit. Investment is the name of the game here. If someone doesn’t have the bucks and doesn’t want to invest the time that’s totally up to them.

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      • sluggo

        PatrickM, Totally correct, we make fun of bad ads and delusional sellers but at the end of the day the market is largely self correcting. If yo’ S**t dont sell, adjust until it does.
        For some the learning path is longer than others.
        Free market economics will be in force in Portland Oregon this weekend,. The largest swap meet west of the Mississippi starts tomorrow and runs thru Sunday. PIR & Expo center are 2 different events but run side by side. Total of approx 5000 vendor booths.
        (insert latin quotes here: Seize the day and Buyer beware and dont let the bastards keep you down)

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  14. 69RSz28

    In the mid 70’s, muscle cars were a dime a dozen, especially during the gas shortage, this car wasn’t worth 20 bucks, during that time I bought, restored, sold at least Chemical Chevelle’s, Camaro’s, Nova’s, ect, all were SS’s, z28’s, I had two favorites, a 2000 mile 69RSz28, dz 302 black white stripes, bought that car for $1200 buck’s, and for $350 just for kicks I bought a 67 Chevelle SS396 convertible with a seized big block, turned out that car was a loaded L-78 396/375 hp, m22 tranny, hurst super-shifter, 4.10 dana, rebuilt the L-78, repainted it aqua blue, white convertible top, Mickey Pro-Trac 50’s boots deep dish cragars rear, lifted front end gasser style, fenderwell hooker sidepipes, omg, it was the beautiful car ever, not to mention what a violent animal it was,

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  15. Tyler

    66 & 67 are my favorite years for Chevelles, they look so muscular. I can’t believe in the 80’s we used to haul off & crush cars better than this. While it may be a parts car, I would love to see this saved, but it’s gonna take deep pockets or be a labor of love for a do it yourselfer. So many Malibus have been turned into SS clones, there are more SS cars now than were ever built. If it could be bought right, maybe a nice restomod, but leave as a Malibu.

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