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Restore or Rod? 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

The owner of this 1937 ford DeLuxe Coupe says that it would make an excellent base for a restoration or a hot rod build. It is a solid classic that is set to head in whichever direction the buyer chooses. While the bidding activity has been subdued, the number of people watching the listing suggests that a few people like what they see with this classic. It is located in Clifton, New Jersey, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has sailed past the reserve and currently sits at $5,000.

The owner describes the Coupe as being 99% rust-free, which suggests that any existing problems should be pretty minor. It currently wears epoxy primer, which makes it a blank canvas for the buyer to repaint it in their chosen color. The panels wear a few dings and dents, but none of these appear to be bad enough to justify panel replacement. The buyer will need to spend some money on glass, as there is none included in the sale. The owner states that he has all of the remaining parts to reassemble the vehicle, but the condition of these pieces is unclear. One encouraging aspect of the listing is that the seller encourages in-person inspections. That suggests that he feels that he has nothing to hide from prospective buyers.

It appears that the Coupe is mechanically complete, but once again, it will require work to return it to a roadworthy state. It features a flathead V8, but its condition and capacity are both unknown. With that V8 dismantled to its current level, it could be the perfect time for the buyer to treat it to a rebuild. The vehicle also comes with a 3-speed manual transmission and Juice brakes. If the buyer intends to use this Ford for a custom or rod build, there’s a chance that the flathead won’t find its way back into the engine bay. In this case, the world will be their oyster when it comes to choosing a drivetrain configuration. The most popular choice in a case like this would be to slot in a 302 or a 351ci V8, but there’s no hard and fast rule in cases like this. It could be a matter of the buyer letting their imagination run free to create the custom of their dreams.

When it comes to the question of interior trim and components, it appears that this Ford comes equipped with a seat, a radio, and a heater. Beyond that, the buyer will need to compile a long list of parts if they are to whip this interior into shape. However, the upholstery on the seat looks to be in good order, and I think it would look pretty nice if the buyer treated it to a clean. Once again, this is an area that remains a blank canvas. If a custom build is the goal, the seat might be able to be reused. All of the remaining parts required to complete the interior remain readily available, while a custom trim configuration is also possible. The buyer will only be limited by their imagination.

So, restoration or rod? That will be the question that the next owner of this 1937 Ford DeLuxe Coupe will need to answer. Enough original parts remain intact to make a faithful restoration a viable proposition. However, with the car disassembled to its current level, that leaves it ripe for the picking as a custom or rod build. Ninety-four people are watching the listing, suggesting that a few people like what they see. There have only been two bids at the time of writing, but the number of watchers suggests that the action could heat up at any time. Would you be tempted to join the bidding party on this classic Ford?


  1. Todd

    Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore! Restore!
    That’s my vote.
    If only I could get my garage built faster.

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  2. Dan August

    I would go with the Toyota 4 cam V8, complete with Japanese script gauges.

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    • Dan August

      Hai !

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  3. A.G.

    The damage near the left C-pillar should be a concern. It may affect the side window opening. The left rear window opening shows no damage.

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  4. bobhess bobhess Member

    Mild street rod, warmed over flathead, paint any color other than black or green and you have something fun you can actually drive.

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  5. Gary Rhodes

    I had a 38 Standard coupe (60hp flattie) that I bought back in 84. Came from Texas in 63 and was in similar condition and I got it for $800.00. It had gotten a 312 swap in front of the stock tranny and after blowing the tranny up five or six times they pulled the motor and shoved it in their shed. I was going to do it in Chrome Yellow with red wire wheels, red upholstery with low back buckets or stock bench. Warmed over Stude, Caddie or J2 Olds with a dropped axle and a quick change. I was gathering parts as I went along at the swap meets and it would have been different, not terribly expensive with used parts and it would have really been fun. I saw one identical to what I wanted to do with it (but it had a small block Chevy in it of course) in Street Rodder and lost all desire to do it. Sold it for $2500.00 and wish I still had it

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  6. RKS

    No glass included in the sale? Is the seller going to take the windshield out? lol doesn’t matter anyway as it’s all flat glass.

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  7. TouringFordor

    I don’t think it’s a DeLuxe. The pattern on the seat upholstery is wrong for a DeLuxe.

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