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Restored Barn Find: 1966 Jaguar S-Type

This 1966 Jaguar S-Type sedan is quite a find, as it was restored prior to being put into a barn in Western Massachusetts, where it has resided for 20 years. Despite being in the snow belt, the bodywork appears to be very nicely preserved with little in the way of rust to contend with. In fact, the seller notes that the 30-year-old restoration included cutting out any rust and replacing it with clean metal, a likely indication that the restoration that occurred three decades ago was done to a high level. It does not run, but the engine still turns freely by hand. The seller sounds like a Jaguar specialist who has listed it on behalf of the owner here on craigslist in Granby, Massachusetts, for $5,000.

That seems like a very fair number for a genuine S-Type that has already had its typical rust issues sorted out. The interior is tired but certainly hasn’t been used as a rodent castle for the past 30 years, still looking fairly clean with only some dry leather standing out as the most noticeable flaws. The seller notes the wood dash is in good shape and the carpets remain the original Wilton wool. The details are just great on this Jaguar – the keys are still in the dash, and there’s a vintage Halon fire extinguisher on the parcel tray. Door panels and switchgear all look to be in fine, usable shape as well.

The seller notes the Jaguar sports a fairly unusual shade of paint known as Opalescent Golden Sand, which still matches nicely under the hood and inside the door jambs. The listing doesn’t specifically mention a respray, but it seems likely if rusted metal was cut out and new panels welded in at some point. The 3.8 liter DOHC six-cylinder engine makes around 220 b.h.p. and is hooked up to a Borg-Warner automatic transmission, like most of them tend to be. The seller is clearly into this space at a fairly high level, as they mention having the parts ready to go for a four-speed manual conversion should the next owner wish to go that way.

What’s amazing is how rust-free all of the typically vulnerable areas remain on this S-Type even years after restoration. It must have been a summer car only and clearly was driven sparingly given how many years it’s been in storage. The listing notes it is for sale on behalf of the widow of the longtime owner, so it’s clear this was her husband’s pride and joy before age got in the way. The pictures show a well-loved car that was seemingly carefully put away, as the listing claims the barn that it’s in is “dry and tight.” The price seems very fair for a solid example, and the four-speed conversion would be quite tempting to throw into the deal. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Bill C. for the find.


  1. alphasud Member

    If that car was on my side of the coast I would find a way to buy it. Of course it would have to be solid. I saw all the mouse turds and I would have to wear a respirator and Tyvek suit as I go into respiratory arrest when I get near the stuff. Next to a XK these are about as beautiful.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    These were lovely cars, the styling is just perfect Jaguar. The interior is a disappointment but the price seems more than fair. “Opalescent Golden Sand” is a quite the flowery description for the color tan but it suits the car well. Nice find for the Jaguar enthusiast.

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  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    I know the seller says new metal was welded in, but the edge of this panel looks like a slathering of body filler to me. Just beware…rust in this bodyshell can be a never-ending battle.

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    • alphasud Member

      Yikes! If you get that car wet she will dissolve in your driveway!

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    • Jaker76

      I’d be looking that over with a fine tooth comb!!! Lots of flags popping up on this listing! Really looks like a back yard variety restore and not a true new metal resto! Interior looks sad also, some one needs to be very prudent in looking this one over as can tell you many horror stories on these sedans!

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  4. Jagster

    There is nothing more expensive than a cheap Jaguar.

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  5. Doc

    “Jaguar specialist”, but the car isn’t running? Run away… far away.

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  6. SMS

    Have the same car with a manual. Would check this in person. Check the rust repair, wood looks more red than mine.

    The motors are simple and fiddly. Doing a rebuild yourself can be $3-4k. Know some who farmed it out and costs ranged from $6-10k. A big cost vs value with the S-type.

    For me I bought a driver that I made sure ran well with no rust.

  7. Chris

    Is be leery of thinking this was restored as it has been pointed out there appears to be evidence of bondo in the rocker area which is a known area to rust on these. I also notice that the intermediate hold switch for the automatic is missing in the dash picture. It should Dillon the hole just above the emergency brake light on the left hand side of the steering wheel. The bumpers and wire wheels have their share of surface rust and the interior needs a bit of work. The engines are great and easy to work on but this one is an unknown as to its status. I love these Jags a a lot but you have to go into them with your eyes wide open as the costs to put one right can ramp up quickly.

    • Chris

      Stupid auto correct. Should say fill in the hole above the emergency brake light.

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