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RHD Euro-Spec: 1978 Ferrari 308GTB

You can’t get more 1980s than a white Ferrari, but the needle really begins to climb when you add a Koenig body kit to the mix. Ferrari 308s are not the most desirable F-car by far, but like so many other brands, discovering a Euro-spec model stateside of even a low-optioned example can be exciting.  Check out this recent garage-find here on from Gullwing Motorcars with an asking price of $56,500.

Already I can see the eyes rolling in regards to the price. And if this were a US-market 308, I’d be right there with you. But Euro-spec typically means better performance due to less restrictive emissions equipment; lighter weight, thanks to the lack of heavy crash protection built into the doors and bumpers; and just the overall cool factor of having a version of one of the most popular Ferraris made with an added dose of exclusivity. Personally, I feel the bodykit is 100% period-correct awesomeness, but I’m sure some of you will feel differently.

Inside, the right-hand drive setup is not going to be for everyone. But again, when you pull up to a Cars & Coffee event and there’s a sea of 308s sitting out front, no one will be able to stop talking about the RHD Euro-spec car! As we know, Gullwing Motorcars typically buys rare projects that will require some level of care, attention and money, and this 308 is no different. The interior looks quite disheveled and the bodykits can sometimes hide poor prep work and lots of rust beneath the flares. A full inspection is mandatory, no matter the rarity.

The limited photos make it near impossible to determine what shape the body is in. It hasn’t run in 15 years, so you and I both know a complete mechanical overhaul is necessary. Although the initial investment will be high, for the Ferrari fan that has everything – or simply someone waiting for the perfect 308 – this Koenig-equipped Euro-spec car likely has a lot of appeal. I’m sure that’s what the seller is banking on, because 308s in this condition rarely command the price tag seen here.


  1. motoring mo

    Another Gullwing money pit.

  2. Blyndgesser

    How to make a Ferrari look like a Fiero…

    Like 1
  3. Bob S

    Hard to believe someone lets any Ferrari get that disheveled. Am I suppose to believe one would pay a premium for RHD and a tacky non Italian body kit?

    • Olaf E

      Hi Bob, don’t forget it was the eighties and it was in Europe!!!? In the late 70’s and in the 80’s tuning (body kits, engine upgrading) was a real hype in Europe, especially after the introduction of the Golf (Rabbit) GTI and other fast hatchbacks. There were bad and fantastic results and also lots of Ferrari’s became ‘victims’. I was 14 y/o in 1980, I am from Holland and I have to say that seeing a tuned Ferrari like this white 308 wasn’t bad for my eyes. Maybe you like the looks more when it’s in a different colour

      BTW, it’s still happening today (in a different way) and not only here in Europe.

      • Olaf E

        What I forgot to mention is that, for instance in Holland, you weren’t and aren’t allowed to have wheels sticking out of the fenders.

      • Jeffro

        I like the white. Too many red Ferrari’s anyway.

    • SSPBill

      Probably couldn’t afford the maintenance. As much as one can believe Wikipedia the euro version is a dry sump engine as opposed to the wet sump engine in the states. It cant be easy to find parts for that. Either way Gullwing Motors is trying to get 4-valve money for this car. Maybe its worth half or a little more then what their asking at with point maybe someone would be willing to do a 308 Group 4 clone…

      • Jason

        Group 4 clone? How about the real thing?

  4. Randy

    Does Gullwing ever actually SELL a car?

    • redwagon

      good question. i see that gullwing has 176 different vehicles for sale through hemmings. doubtful that they actually own that many (that would be a boat load of cash tied up in inventory – some particularly bad inventory!) so much of that ‘inventory’ is likely consignment. if so it would be really difficult to determine what is sold and what is just removed from consignment.

      they must make money somehow as they are still in business. i wonder what their business model actually is?

      • Curtis

        I have been watching their junk regulary for years. It is amazing how much the inventory turns compared to dealers that sell nice cars. Seems like they sell a lot of cars (and rust LOL). Somebody is buying that stuff.

      • will

        My guess is that many of these cars are on consignment,GMC has a huge inventory,sky high asking prices and the cars never seem too sell!

  5. Stewart

    I wonder if its still registered in the UK… if so no Import taxes on return!

  6. Bill

    The classic lines of the 308 have been ruined. Throw in the decay and filth, I wouldn’t offer ten grand for this.

  7. 8banger Dave Member

    HA! That does look like a Fiero!

  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Jeff, normally I agree with you, but this one looks like Ferrari 308 meets IMSA Chevy Monza. I’ll take my 308’s plain, please :-) Nice writeup, though!

  9. grant

    80s body kit that is just…. ick on a fairly common Ferrari (rhd or not) combined with high price and the cost of an engine refurbishment, this one might sit a while longer.

  10. Jeffro

    Ballpark figure…how much is a “tune-up” on a Ferrari in this condition? Be gentle cause I’m asking out of ignorance.

  11. nessy

    Oh no, not another Gullwing Motor Crap, I mean car…. The guy is not good news. Most of the cars are on consignment. He claims to be a buyer of any and all old cars and makes high offers over the phone. Then, when it’s time to pay up, he offers half of his original offer. True classic car dealers laugh at this outfit. To top it off, his ad pops up on this site. Hey Barn Find Guys, those of us who already know how this guy works, do not care to see his bs ad on this site but I guess he pays you so we have to deal with it. Hopefully, he pays you….

    • Brakeservo

      I found Peter Kumar to be a highly ethical and honorable car buyer. I sold him a decrepit old Rolls after accurately describing it to him. He paid the amount agreed to immediately. He never attempted to reneg. Everyone that I’ve talked to that has actually done business with him concurs that he is honest and honorable. How many cars have you bought from, or sold to Gullwing? Five? Ten? Zero perhaps?? If that’s the case then shut the EFF UP about someone you know nothing about firsthand!

      • nessy

        Say Brakeservo, for your information, Kumar has contacted me 4 times in the past on different cars I had listed online for sale. Each time, he made an offer which sounded ok, however, not what I would call a really fair offer. Then, when it came time to fork over the money, he changed his offer and by alot, thousands, not hundreds. He reached out to me again a few months later for the same car with an even lower number. Keep in mind, he reached out to my listing, I did not reach out to him. He did the same time on 4 different cars with the same bs results. My comments on this site are always based on facts, not just my views and from the looks of all the thumbs down on this dealer, many people agree with me and not with you. Most of my comments are voted as “Highly Rated” as I speak the facts. How can you argue facts? Now, to answer your questions, yes, I have first hand experience. To call him “Honorable” is incorrect. He is from India where the word “Honorable” is considered a very important part of your upbringing. He also brags. You could be showing him a Duesenberg and he will downplay it in order to try and get his hands on it for half the value. Enough said and I don’t want to hear about it anymore Breakservo ok? We are all here to protect each other from dishonest car sellers. Again, I am not the only one here who feels this way about Gullwing.

  12. Jake

    I’ve said this before but I live in the area and have passed Gullwing Motor Cars a number of times. On-site they usually have no more than 10 cars, astonishingly restored (and more astonishingly street parked, often with the windows down). I’ve seen everything from 1930s Rolls Royces to 1970s Cadillacs. And around back they usually have two or three rusty shells of usually British cars.
    Point being, they have very valuable inventory, but most certainly not 176.

  13. sparecr

    Love it or hate it you have to admit you would rather have a Koenig kitted car than a Liberty Walk kitted car. I have never understood how Liberty Walk charges Koenig money for a body kit that looks like bolt on fender flares on an 80’s 4×4.

  14. Jeffro

    I don’t think Crockett would drive this.

  15. chad


    We can never tell about ‘taste’ – this guy cuts his hair that way, him – another.
    May be it’s that it’s a “dis” on the orig. designer, search for sparse/pristine? Here in EMass it reminds some of us of what those from that ‘big family’ (mostly in Revere) do to their lawns with the recocco lawn ornaments (that’d be about culture) but gentlemen don’t seem to make comments about it…seems rude. Fun to join tho!

    Glad da ‘thumbs’ R back, no?

  16. hhaleblian

    Gullwing is Peter Kumar. Count fingers and toes prior to negotiating. Better yet, take a pass.

    • Brakeservo

      See my reply above to Nessy – if you’ve not actually done business with them, your “opinions” are worthless. If you want to talk about crooks, well I’ve got personal firsthand stories from personal experience with Beverly Hills Hair Club, Rustle and Steal Collector Car Auctions, Drivers Source in Houston and “Washrack Charlie” Charles Schmitt in St Louis. Plenty of crooks out there, but Kumar is not one of ’em!

  17. Brakeservo

    So Nessy and I have had wildly different experiences with Kumar. I stand by my experience that he is an honorable businessman and you disagree. Well we both get to express ourselves and that’s great and valuable for all.

    • nessy

      Fair enough Brakeservo and for that, you get a thumbs up for that comment. Everyone has different views in business. I was just a bit annoyed from your comment, claiming I never knew the guy, however, as I said, my comments are based on facts, not opinions. This man wasted more than enough of my time, I did not waste his time, I was very straight with him from the start, he was not. Both you and I have commented on this site for a long time and I think you will agree that both of us are pretty honest and forward in our comments.

      • Brakeservo

        I like to say, remember these are just old cars, the point is to have fun and not hurt someone’s feelings. I think I usually do an OK job.

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