Roadworthy Project: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

The owner of this 1965 Mustang Convertible uses the car for a spot of relaxed weekend cruising, but after a year of ownership, he has decided to part with the car. It shows a lot of promise as a restoration project, and the fact that it can be driven and enjoyed immediately is a real bonus. The Mustang is located in Peabody, Massachusetts, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $4,350 but the reserve hasn’t been met. Being a relatively early 1st generation Mustang Convertible, it has managed to generate a reasonable amount of interest. There have been 13 people who have submitted bids up to this point, while 96 people are watching the listing.

The Mustang has received a repaint in its original Caspian Blue at some point in the distant past. It remains relatively presentable at this point, although there is some rust starting to show in the rockers. The photos make it hard to see if there are any other rust issues, either externally or hidden under the car, and the owner doesn’t mention any problems that would need to be addressed. He does say that the doors open and close easily, and with all of the panel gaps looking nice and consistent, this hints at the fact that the Mustang might be structurally sound. The vehicle also features a White power top, and while it operates as it should and the frame is in good condition, the original vinyl will need to be replaced. All of the external trim and chrome appears to be in good condition, and it looks like all of the original hubcaps are present, and are free of damage.

The interior of the Mustang remains serviceable, but it will need restoration at some point in the future. There is an aftermarket radio/cassette player fitted into the dash, but the rest of the interior appears to be original. With so much of the upholstery showing its age, the most sensible way to tackle the interior would be to source a trim kit. For the Convertible, a kit can be sourced for around $650 and should have the interior presenting very nicely. At that price, you won’t receive a dash pad, but these can be found in the correct color for around $225. When you think about that, whipping the interior into shape for under $900 sounds like a pretty fair deal. Even better, the work can be performed at home by a competent person, and I can vouch from personal experience that there are few things that are more satisfying than to step back and admire your work once a new trim kit has been installed.

Powering this Mustang you will find the T-Code 200ci 6-cylinder engine, which is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission. It isn’t clear whether these components are original but given the fact that the owner uses the car on a regular basis, it would seem as though they are in good health. He does say that the brakes and tires are in good condition, and also floats the idea of the next owner upgrading the drivetrain. This is a pretty easy task, and unless the next owner is fixed on maintaining the vehicle’s originality, it could be a pretty decent sort of investment. Of course, the next owner might happen to have a larger engine and different transmission just laying around in their garage, which would make this a very tempting path to explore.

If this Mustang Convertible is as solid as it would appear to be, it really doesn’t look like it will take a lot of work to return it to its best. It can be driven and enjoyed immediately, meaning that with Summer just around the corner, it could provide plenty of enjoyable motoring for the next owner during those warmer months. It would be tempting to make the most of that and to then tackle the restoration as a project for the following Winter. The hardest decision would be to contemplate what would occupy the engine bay once the project was complete. What would you slot in there?

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  1. dave

    I wonder why a body respray, but to leave the engine bay like that…?

  2. flmikey

    Looking at the pictures in the ad closely, it appears whoever did the previous bodywork used a roller to apply the paint, and a spatula to slap the bondo on…buyer beware!

  3. walt

    I got a super clean 69 fastback, [2nd owner] black with a 6/4speed, hasn’t been trashed, Calif car, every beaner/want2b in town wants it, [no$] it jabs over I80 Reno [6,800′ pass] Point is nothing wrong a 6, guess if was a V8 it woulded been wraped around a tree/pole or off a cliff somewhere. Sweet ride 2 cruize around in. I love it

  4. Gaspumpchas

    So he shows one side of the trunk and you can see where the quarter was patched. How bout showing the rest of the trunk, plus the underbelly? Cowl? full shot of the eng compartment? Much bad work on both quarters. Possible mud queen?? Looker over good. Looks good in the pics, but caveat emptor.

  5. dave

    And BTW, what’s going on with the extra braces under the hood? Is it a convertible thing?

    • Jim

      Yes my 65 convertible has them. It is also sporting a 66 grill

  6. Tort Member

    Oil change, grease and wash a customer’s 65 Mustang convertible at a station I worked at while in school. Two pretty girls walking on the sidewalk and I ran into pipe protecting a gas pump. Left a dent on the bumper. Was given a 65 Mustang convertible from my mother in law sitting in the driveway that needed engine work but excellent body. After several reminders she finally sold it. My history has not been good when it comes to early Mustang convertibles!

  7. MrMustang

    Buyer beware, no under belly photos. It is a MA car, bet it’s a rust bucket underneath. I know this much, if I was selling a car, I would show any cancer spots so the buyer would know what he was buying. JMHO

  8. Donald H. Chamberlain

    Orange valve cover and air filter are most consistent with the 170 ci six, and I’ve never seen one on a Mustang after the fall of ’64 when the official 1965 Ford line was introduced. Also, this car has a 1966 grill. There are too many questions regarding this car to warrant top dollar.

    • FordNut

      I had a 200 six in a late 65 Mustang coupe and the air breather and valve cover were orange.

  9. Paul

    I do like the color combo on this car, however I had to snicker when they showed the odometer with only 20700 miles on it….why bother?


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