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Royal Ties? “Highly Original” 1968 Ford Bronco

The first generation Ford Broncos continue to rise in popularity (and price) and seem to be coming out of the woodwork like crazy. We’ve featured several gen-1 Broncos here on Barn Finds and each one seems to be nicer and more original than the next. This one is a 1968 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $17,000. The seller states that it is “highly original” and is basically a one-owner Wyoming truck. Check out the rest of the story on this cool ride below.

The Bronco is being sold in Hamel, Illinois by Gateway Bronco CEO Seth Burgett. We featured another one of Seth Burgett’s Broncos here on Barn Finds in December. Apparently, he is selling some of his collection because he purchased a historic Shelby race car and is doing some vintage racing!

The engine is a 289 cubic inch V8 and is said to run and drive. The ad states “67,535 miles believed to be original miles” and based on the condition, I believe it.

The interior is described as completely original and luckily the front seats were covered. The upholstery is white, which is a very classy combination when combined with the brown color and white top. The rear seat isn’t perfect but looks pretty good. You can also see a gun rack in the back. Speaking of hunting, Prince Phillip apparently drove this Bronco when it was new on a bird hunt in Wyoming.

These Broncos are original once and this one looks like a good one. The ad does state that there is some rust, but based on the photos in the ad, it doesn’t look bad. If this was your Bronco, what would you do with it? Would you even wash it or try and preserve it just the way it is? Let us know what you think.


  1. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Not going to make any comments on price here, it is your money to spend as you see fit. I am happy to see the owner was a Ducks Unlimited supporter. Yes, I would wash it Montana, I like my rigs clean. The reason for my post is I need some seat covers on the old Willys and I would like to find who did these. And If Prince Phil is ever in Wisconsin, I will take him on a bird hunt he will never forget.

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  2. Avatar photo Del

    Wash it. Sheesh.

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    • Avatar photo Cfj

      Wash it, TLC, Drive it! And of course, leave the cool University of Wyoming sticker in the rear driver side window!!!

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  3. Avatar photo Chebby Member

    I dunno about Royal Ties, but maybe it has Uniroyal Tires?

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  4. Avatar photo James

    I wouldn’t let Prince Phillip drive it now. Did you see what he did to that Land Rover a couple of months ago??

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  5. Avatar photo Mark

    Double stripe WSW in spare was in style for original equipment 1970, 71, and very early 72 vehicles.

    Replacement tires from this time period were usually double stripe

    Very narrow time frame for that spare to have been made.

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  6. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    It says “Prince Phillips” – maybe not royalty.
    Kind of like “John Voight’s LeBaron” on Seinfield.

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    • Avatar photo SumtingWong

      angliagt, thanks for the chuckle.

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  7. Avatar photo Bill Shields

    In the related items is it’s previous sale in March 2016 for $12000.
    It had the same dust on it then. The paint isn’t gonna melt guys, wash it!

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  8. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    I hope Seth is able to sell it – he’s had it for sale for awhile now.

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  9. Avatar photo Ralph

    Its almost like I’ve seen this car somewhere already…….I can quite place it…..

    Oh yeah…..


    2 Years ago…..


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  10. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    You guys amaze me with your recall of previous postings of cars on BF…hell I cant find my keys most days!

    I’d say the market has spoken, no? But I don’t get the love Broncos get. They never appealed to me strangely enough.

    And wash it…you want that kind of money for anything…make an effort to put some lipstick on it.

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  11. Avatar photo 71Boss351

    A wash would be in order. The dirt has no value to me.

    Is the top removable on a 1968?

    What’s up with the radiator cap removed for the picture of the engine.

    I would love to have this one but the bidding is going to high for me.

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  12. Avatar photo Paul

    After owning one one these years ago, I don’t see the appeal in them at all. I felt that it was a terrible vehicle at the time and I sold it cheap..If I only had known!!
    Although mine had many issues and some tin worm, it was still in much better shape then the junk I see going for big money today. Oh well live and learn ….I replaced it with a Pinto runabout that actually was the worst car I ever owned!! I seemed to have made a few mistakes in my time.

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    • Avatar photo Rob S.

      I want to hear more about the Shelby race car. And i want see more of that 67 Shelby in the picture!

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  13. Avatar photo Bob McK

    I am surprised at what these are selling for today. It is an excellent time to sell if you own one. In a few in a few years, interest will change and they will become affordable again. Today, they are HOT, so be prepared to pay!

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  14. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Ended: Mar 05, 2019 , 8:06PM
    Current bid:US $20,700.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 18 bids ]

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  15. Avatar photo chad F

    ’66 – ’77 top comes off.
    Mine has 3 – rag, 1/2 cab’n wagon top…fun, fun, fun!

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