Running V8 Project: 1968 Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac’s Firebird was in its second model year in 1968, a companion to the Chevy Camaro in the growing battle against the popular “pony car,” Ford’s Mustang. Changes were minimum that year and Pontiac would still sell more than 100,000 units, outselling the Plymouth Barracuda. This ’68 Firebird is an admitted rusty project that has a period-correct V8 under the hood where an inline-6 once lived. It’s going to need a ton of work to be viable again, though the seller also suggests buyers consider it for parts. Located in Cedar Lake, Indiana, this Firebird is available here on craigslist for $4,900. Thanks go to KENNETH ATHON for the tip!

The most visible changes in the Firebird for ’68 were the loss of opening vent windows (replaced by flow-thru ventilation) and the addition of Federally-mandated side marker lights. The basic Firebird had a 250 cubic inch six, but that motor is long gone in this car. A YJ 350 V8 with #17 heads is there now and we’re told it runs, but we’re not sure how or how well. It’s paired with a TH-400 automatic transmission. But don’t let that mislead you as the car will have to be towed to its next domicile.

If you’re looking for a Firebird project with a title, this car’s not for you. The seller says he has a “VIN inspection” and a Bill of Sale to offer the buyer, recommending said buyer to search the internet on the process for securing a new title from Vermont. The car has been sitting for more than 40 years, and the body, paint, and interior reflect that downtime. Besides sheet metal damage, the Firebird is going to need floors and rear frame members. So, this car is going to keep the body shop busy if a restoration is planned. Or perhaps a nicer Firebird with fewer issues would be a better place to start. Would you save it?


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  1. PaulG

    Dang, it’s got to be worth $4900, at least it’s fairly complete…
    The side pipes go on the garage wall for posterity!

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  2. Tony Primo

    The slotted aluminum mags have held up incredibly well. Must have been a later addition. Too bad about the rest of the car.

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    • Steve R

      Those are the most valuable items on this $750 parts car. For the asking price the seller should put in the work so he can include the title. As it sits, hard pass.

      Steve R

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  3. Ed H

    There’s cars in every parking lot around that I will sell you at a great del, sadly there will be no title for any of them.

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  4. RKS

    “Project” is a kind term to call this parts car.

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  5. Derek

    My Finnish pal would probably describe that as a “farm-boy car”, same as she talked aboud a Taunus coupe (matt black, lowered, V6) that used to kick about her town.

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  6. ERIK

    The “screwdriver test” on the body and frame will likely immediately turn this car into swiss cheese. If rust were cancer this car would likely be given a terminal diagnosis. By all means, with time, money, and skills this car can be resurrected but that depends on how deep the next owner’s (or future owner after next owner) pockets are and how much time they have to do so. Likely this car will remain sitting where is or will sell to someone with foolish spending habits and ultimately with more dreams than brains and money and that is sadly the fate of many a classic car in our hobby.

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  7. PairsNPaint

    I’ve always wanted a ’67/’68 ‘Bird, but not this one.

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  8. Robert Rulison

    Everything’s relative. Around the great lakes, this is a restoration project. The fact that you can tell what it once was, is good enough in the rust belt.

    Our eyes have adjusted to the red/brown tint, and we all look right past it (however foolishly) Unlike our counterparts in the south or west (where every car restoration show is located it seems) we almost never get “rust free” examples, and if we do, they are very, very pricey.

    I love this thing. I’m not about to buy it, but I can see the potential as easily as you can see the road between your feet.

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  9. Dave

    Only two words are needed to describe this:

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  10. Frank

    Another jack up the radiator cap vehicle.

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  11. Charles Sawka

    Saved, you have to be kidding ?

  12. Johnny

    Doesn,t run,no title and in bad shape. How about $1,200 as a part car? For his asking price . It should be drive able with title or has a really descent complete body. I have a 77 Fire bird in alot nicer shape ,tile and it is driveable. With a new front end,rebuilt motor,new tires and I was thinking if I sold it. I,d ask about $4,500. No way that car will get $4,900 unless he finds someone who has big dreams ,alot of money and not much up stairs.

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