Rust-Free & 27,917 Miles! 1974 Ford Bronco


Bronco lovers unite, this is one worth checking out. This brown and white 1974 Ford Bronco is a one-owner vehicle with a mere 27,917 original miles on it! It’s a rust-free California vehicle; pretty amazing! It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of $12,000 which is just under half of the Buy It Now price of $24,800! If you would have told me even a decade ago that a Bronco would be worth over $20,000 I would have thought you were nuts. But, I’m the same guy who laughed at the price of Microsoft stock in 1980. This Bronco is now in Birmingham, Alabama.


This is one rare Bronco in this original condition. To have the bottom portion be white and not really show any rust is amazing. The original paint is showing its age, mainly on the hood, but after having the California sun beating on it for so many decades, that’s not bad.


It’s so unbelievably to see an original vehicle like this, one that hasn’t been modified and turned into someone else’s dream machine. A lot of these first-generation Broncos have been turned into mini-monster-trucks with huge wheels and cutout wheel arches and the doors taken off, etc. The seller said that he has never seen such an original truck in 20 years of dealing with vintage trucks. Ford made the small Broncos until 1977 and that was probably too long as they were being outsold by much newer, nicer offerings from Jeep and Chevy. Now, of course, it’s a different story. If we would have only known a decade ago to buy a bunch of these primitive and clunky-but-tough Broncos and stash them away.


This original Bronco interior is a long way from some of the beautifully-restored Broncos, but as they say, they’re only original once. By 1973, power steering and an automatic transmission was finally available on the Bronco, but the Chevy Blazer already had double the sales of the Ford Bronco and Ford didn’t really update these trucks much in the entire run from 1966 to 1977. The rear bench seat was optional and this Bronco has one.


This could explain why this somewhat-crusty-although-not-rusty Bronco is priced where it is, right about where Hagerty nails it, at $19,000 for a #3 “good” vehicle. The 205 hp 302 V8 has to add a lot of value over the 200 inline-six. There’s no word from the seller on how this one runs, but I would guess that it runs just fine. They sure had an unusual air cleaner setup! What do you Bronco fans think about this one? I think it’s amazing to see such a nice, unmodified, original Bronco every once in a while.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Pffft, no,,,way. I’m sorry, I can’t contain myself, this does NOT have 28K miles. Vehicles from California can easily be driven over 100K, and still look like this, on the outside, but you can’t hide the wear in the interior or mechanicals. Again, I have nothing to gain from pointing these things out, if for no other reason, to help someone who doesn’t know, 29K mile vehicles don’t have sagging seats, torn arm rests, rotted carpets, smog pump froze, on and on. These are fun trucks, major alternative to the Jeep, but just be advised, this truck has a lot of miles on it.

    • Age A

      Agreed…there is no telling how many times the odometer has spun past 99,999

  2. dirtyharry

    Howard, I disagree. Being from So Cal, this rig could easily have 227k or 327k. Check out those worn pedals. In So Cal, seeing vehicles flipping the odometer 2 or 3X is not unusual. I own some cars that have over 200k, but they look like 20k. No tin worm lives here. No rain. No road salt. No rust. Lots of liars though.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      dirtyharry, I’m not sure why you disagreed with Howard ?He said basically the same thing that you repeated. Over 100k (he didn’t say how much over 100k) and worn pedals,etc…did I miss something here ?

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Drinkin’, I think he disagreed with the claim as well.

  3. OhU8one2

    I can’t believe the number of people who would fall for this line of BS. The seller obviously thinks there is a sucker born every minute. Do yourselves a favor,and run like its on fire. You’ll thank me later.

  4. Todd Zuercher

    I think the odometer’s gone around the horn at least once too but it’s still a nice survivor truck. Too bad it’s a 3 speed. If it was an automatic, that BIN button would’ve already been clicked by someone. I don’t see any significant rust in the usual spots although I wish they had included some undercarriage shots so we could see the front floorboards (#1 rust spot on these trucks).

    • Moose Feather

      What I wish is that ebay had a comment section like BF or BAT. You seem to get much more honest postings when the lister knows they might get called on their BS.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        I couldn’t agree more.

  5. 68 custom

    well let me add that I agree with everyone else and that this nice looking Bronco has at least 127xxx miles not the 27k stated. nice start for a easy restoration though. I think the aircleaner is like that in order to clear the hood.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      You would be correct on the air cleaner. The hood was shallower/lower than the peaks of the fenders, requiring the air cleaner configuration to be off-set and lowered.

  6. chad

    no D44 till ’71 so this is a lill better, DSII comes in ’75 (2 a bronk) so just add that & away U go!

  7. Rob'sGT

    Clutch and brake pedal pad wear tell a different tale than 27K original miles!!!

  8. Howard A Member

    I found out 1st hand why they call these “Bronco’s”. Right after H.S. I had a buddy that bought a pretty new one, had to be a ’71 or ’72, V-8, 3 speed on the column. This was before the off-road craze kicked in (or seatbelts, for that matter) He said, “want to go 4 wheelin’?” “Sure”, I said. Off to the “highlines” we went. (When it wasn’t such a crime to go on riding under those) Before we set out, we locked the hubs, and got back in, he said, “you might want to buckle your seatbelt”. Pfft, seatbelts are for wusses, let’s go. The 2nd time I mashed my head on the roof ( with my buddy in hysterics) I buckled the belt. It truly was a “bucking Bronco”!

  9. Fo Mo Co

    I said it before and I’ll say it again
    No historical mileage documentation it’s TMU ‘True Miles Unknown’ or as Mecum puts it …believed to be xxxxxxmiles which is a legal way of saying bulls*it.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Without repeated state inspections (in states that require it) or repeated title transfers which require mileage verification, and states that exempt mileage after 10 years, it is virtually impossible to document mileage on 5 digit odometers. How would YOU be able to present “historical mileage documentation” if you, were selling a vehicle?…..I’m curious.
      If I were to buy a vehicle from you, how could you prove to me that the vehicle’s mileage is documented accurate ?

      • Barzini

        The State of California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair website shows this vehicle’s last smog check was done in 2001. While the website results for the VIN don’t show the mileage, it’s possible the state database retains this information.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Barzini….”possible 2001 EPA” without mileage is not documented proof. Hence my comment. The lesser of all evils is to have the insurance carrier do an annual appraisal, but even that is not set in stone given when the vehicle is initially purchased and insured…The only way to document a vehicle’s mileage authenticity is: You purchased it new and retain it’s documentation and, have yearly appraisals done by the insurance carrier….documenting mileage. My 97 Ranger, purchased new has been documented yearly by my carrier, now has 310,000 + on the odometer and should I ever decide to sell (much doubt), I can produce annual appraisal documentation. Same with my 2006 Taurus, purchased new which now has 235,000 + mileage. I’ve been in the game well over 40 years and mileage is a crap shoot unless it’s documented annually. Common sense prevails. I’ve come to the point where I don’t even bother with the odometer other than to ask if it’s known to operate or not. I own a 1949 Desoto Custom with 33,000 + miles and a 1966 VW Type 1 with 26,000+ miles…both purchased with intimate trust. Would You take my word for it if I were trying to sell them to you without insurance documentation ? It’s a crap shoot for Mecum and Barrett-Jackson….don’t kid yourself….they have insurance guarding against fraudulent transactions.

      • Age A

        Documented service records from reputable garage/shop. Brake, clutch and fuel pedal pads can be purchased and replaced at any time to fool perspective purchaser. Upholstery can be repaired…so many things can be done to fool. With some vehicles as with this one to some it does not matter the mileage…it is a solid base for an outstanding restoration for years of driving fun.

  10. WRS

    In 1977 my dad took one for a test drive. Same color combo, with an automatic. Dad decided to hang on to his ’75 highboy F250. I wish I had either of them today!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Your Dad was smart to keep the (67-77 F250 4WD). Highboy was a nickname. FoMoCo’s designation was “Highrider”. And like you, I wish I had either of them also :)

  11. Rustytech Member

    If it’s TMU it should be stated as TMU This mileage believed to be is just a legal way to lie. There is no way this is 27k and the seller knows it. This is a good base for a restoration but I think in current condition is over priced by at least $10k.

  12. JW

    I love these things and we are currently hunting one down to modify to the specs of the 73 we sold in 1995 for $5500, what a mistake that was. I wouldn’t want this unmolested one because it would be a crime to some what I would do to it. Pass !!!

  13. DrinkinGasoline

    I like these old Broncos (Ford guy). I don’t think i would go with the DSII as mentioned but i would do an HEI dizzy conversion. Those bumpers always looked too small and out of proportion to me. The mileage….um,no.

  14. cyclemikey

    Calm down everyone. I couldn’t find ANYwhere in the Ebay ad where the seller claimed that the truck had 27K original miles. He just said that it was an original survivor, and reported the odometer reading. The claim that it’s actual miles, and all the outrage about it, is all an invention on Barn Finds.

    Of course it’s not original miles. For what it’s worth, I have a ’73 Bronco in my stable, all original, uncut, and rust-free, with under 100K on it, and it looks brand new compared with this one, especially under the hood and in the interior.

  15. Neil

    Really? Is that the way you read the description? It clearly states the mileage as 27K, Not Unknown. Also, he posts a pic of the odo, showing 27 K.

    • cyclemikey

      Yes, really. If you read that Ebay ad as claiming Actual Miles, you’re being a tad naïve, IMHO.

      A picture of the speedo is not the same as claiming actual miles; further, by general convention the mileage on a 5-digit odometer is assumed to be TMU unless *specifically* claimed and documented otherwise. Under federal and state DMV rules, any vehicle over ten years old is mileage exempt (assumed to be TMU) unless specifically attested to by the seller to be actual miles. All of the major collector car and motorcycle auctions assume TMU unless the seller can document and sign off that it’s actual miles.

      So yeah, I do think it’s a bridge too far to claim that the seller of that Bronco is trying to pass it off as 27K actual miles, and then castigate him for it. If I were the seller of that truck, I probably would have called it out as TMU just in the interest of clarity, but that’s just me.

  16. Thatcarguy41

    It’s for sale by a dealer, nuff said.

  17. Neil

    If it is not explicitly stated, it is certainly implied, but that’s just me. It is clearly stated in the mileage report as being 27 K.

  18. Car Guy

    While the hubcaps are correct on this Bronco, I always hated how they looked on this vehicle. To me, these Bronco’s looked much better with without the hubcaps…………

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Or white spokes. I do like the caps though.

    • Rocco

      I think the ’66 Galaxie hubcaps, that Ford used on Broncos, look great when detailed properly. These look to be fading where the black trim is. The Bronco’s front caps are trimmed out, for the front locking hubs, with red plastic.

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