Rust Free Hardtop: 1967 Dodge Polara

With the Oscars coming in a short while, we here at Barn Finds need to put together our own annual awards ceremony for sellers, and I have found a solid nominee here with the person selling this 1967 Dodge Polara. This nice example can be found here on craigslist near Sandy, Oregon and they’re asking what seems like a reasonable $6,495.

This seller is on a different level than most folks who list a vehicle for sale in some sort of online forum such as eBay or craigslist. The first thing they do is to give a good quantity of photos and they’re good quality photos, too, showing just about everything that a seller might want to see related to this car. They also give a very long and detailed description, using actual punctuation! What a concept.

The car itself looks like a winner, too. They say that it’s rust-free, my two favorite words in the car world. This is a third-generation Polara that would have been made for model years 1965 through 1968. In 1969, Chrysler came out with the famous fuselage-body cars. The ’67 refresh added the reverse-slant C-pillar.

The interior looks pretty good to me. I’m not worried about simple vinyl seats that need repair. If they would have been a unique brocade fabric or some other patterned and maybe not available fabric I’d be worried, but these can be fixed without too much trouble. There are a few things to tinker with for the next owner and being a two-door hardtop, I think it would be a great car to own. They have provided a few underbody photos and it looks solid under there.

The engine was modified a bit which is how they came to own the car. It was owned by a single family until a few years ago when it was sold, and the current owner bought it from that owner. They say that it wasn’t running when they got it because they started adding performance parts and then ran out of steam. It’s a Chrysler 383 cubic-inch V8 and I’m guessing that it may have somewhere over its original 270 hp? They say that it starts instantly and runs and drives perfectly. This sure seems like a great car, have any of you owned a third-generation Polara? And, how about that craigslist ad!

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  1. Show73 Show73 Member

    Took my drivers test in one.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    This car is very close cousin to the now-maligned Sportsgrain Newport. Both are obviously awesome cars, and I flip the bird to any naysayers. Here’s a photo of my Newport.

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    • Chris M.

      Have we seen this picture before? Lol

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  3. DRV

    That’s the best 3/4 backside look I’ve seen in years.

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  4. Joe Machado

    Ordered a green 2 door in early 67 In the Army. Then bought a new 66 Fastback Charger.
    Going to get a 66 Charger Sunday in Northern Cali.
    Tomorrow, I take a 70 LeMans convert, then do the Barrett-Jackson auction.
    Not enough time in a day
    Whats that brown stuff on the firewall? Huuummm

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    • Chris M.

      Cool Joe! You the man Joe! You the man! Lol

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    • angliagt angliagt Member

      That ’66 Charger wouldn’t be in Eureka,would it?
      If so,I know that car.

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      • Joe Machado

        Not Eureka. Chico

  5. Juan

    I don’t believe rust free. And Rex? Back at ya. I’m a Mopar person, and to deny the rust issue only means you have your head up where you usually use that finger on yourself. BOOYAA!!!

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  6. Johnny Demonic

    I’d rock it.100 yards of spark plug wire and all.

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Seems like a very nice car for the money. It’s not a commonly seen car, a plus for me as I like the oddballs. $6,500 doesn’t buy a lot of car these days, but here it does. It looks like a good deal. Fix the seats, align the front end and enjoy it. The other odds and ends can be addressed over a few weekends, nothing that can’t wait.

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  8. Kevin Lee

    I was the manager of a disaster clean up business, and the owner bought a dark green version of this in the 80s. It was a torquey, beast of a car that sounded great thru the twice pipes! One of the employees liked it so much, he ended up buying it, and still owns it now.

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  9. Ikey Heyman Member

    You’re right, Scotty, one of the best craigslist ads I’ve seen in awhile. What is it that sellers don’t understand about “presentation”? Information and attitude are key to the sale, it’s not rocket science!

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  10. Gerry Member

    My dad bought a 1967 Polara station wagon in 1969 kept it till the early 80s till the New England winters got it.
    With the 383 it would get up and move I can only imagine how well it motivates a two door version
    Love the rear end treatment on these and if I recall the taillights may be sequential

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Miss my 1967 Polara wagon like every day – same color inside and out ! Heck that front seat even looks like mine as it was just starting to come apart at the seams. Shouldn’t have drove it to the swap meet I guess…..this is a nice one it would seam for the price/condition.

    Why can’t I post pictures !

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @stillrunners – You should be able to post photos. Is there a “Choose File” above the comment box?

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  12. TimM

    Nice family cruiser!! Motors done no rust just get in and drive!!

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