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SEMA Concept! 2003 Ford E-350 4×4 Van

Many of us are big fans of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas but most of us have never been there. If you’re an industry insider you can have a chance to sneak in and see vehicles like this 2003 Ford E-350 4×4 Harley-Davidson van, which was one of the stars of the 2004 show. This cool custom can be found here on eBay in Lake Oswego, Oregon with a buy it now price of $125,000 or you can make an offer.

This would be almost the perfect vehicle for me, it checks quite a few things on my wish list. A 4×4 van is cool but when it’s converted into a pickup but still keeps a lot of its interior storage capacity, that’s even better. It also has a V10 engine, which unfortunately there are no photos of. I know that the V10 when they’re in these types of vehicles are typically made more for hauling big loads rather than hauling ___ but still, that’s cool. And, this one was dyno-tested to 343 hp so that’s no slouch. Now, about selling a $125,000 vehicle without one engine photo… that’s a whole’nother story..

What a unique idea, I love it. A Harley-Davidson-themed 4×4 van. It would have been nice to see a Harley-Davidson in the back of this rig, I’m sort of assuming that’s what the overall idea was at least when it was in the concept phase. Actually, this was probably never out of the concept phase since it’s a concept. You know what I mean. Would a Harley even fit in the back? Diagonally, maybe. I hope that it would, and not a ’62 Harley Topper, but a big, fat, new one. This concept has been in storage for the last 15 years since right after the 2004 SEMA show.

There are basically two interior photos both shot from the passenger door side and both basically showing the same view. It looks comfy in there, no? This is a rock-solid super custom from front to rear, not just a van with the rear portion cut off. They show a couple of underside photos and the detailing is amazing. No wonder it’s a six-figure vehicle. You can pay $90,000+ for a 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser or for another $35,000 you can get this van. If you’re in that tax bracket another $35k doesn’t matter that much so why not just go for it? Do any of you remember this Shotgun concept from the 2004 SEMA show?


  1. Jeffry R Harris

    If I am not mistaken, there doesn’t appear to be a drive shaft on the front axle. ?? Or is it my eyes.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Good eye! Definitely no driveshaft up front. You can see the empty yoke on the front diff.

      I was there in ‘04 but I don’t remember this van- definitely shown there in the Ford booth though which is in the same location in the Central Hall each year.

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  2. Paris Trout

    A cut up, $10,000 van with $125,000 worth of harley logos on it.

    As the frame is essentially the same as the pick-up trucks, the suspension pieces should come off and bolt right up to a pick-up. So at least they can be salvaged.
    My Guess is that there is no transfer case underneath there, hence no driveshaft.

    I believe its called a “bluetooth” driveshaft at sema.

    The real 4×4 ford van conversions, which exist as the military has a bunch of them, ride much higher than this.

    The chopped back end is too short to haul a harley, it therefore is really only good to haul a 5th wheel.

    But this would suck for pulling a 5th wheel, you would have to upgrade the rear end.

    The V10 is a lump.
    Sure it has decent pulling power, more highway power than stump pulling torque, but that motor has a 100,000 mile lifespan, and if you are actually pulling with it, the trans will last 60,000.

    Ask me how many I had repaired….

    Sorry, this is junk, the wrong kind of junk, and unworthy of Barn Finds.

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  3. CapNemo

    Shouldn’t be hauling a Harley anyway. Get on the damn thing and ride it.

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  4. Paul Grasso

    The ask

    and the get will be M-I-L-E-S apart.
    Better off sending it to BJ for a Friday night slot…

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  5. Tonyf

    You could buy a few nice Harley’s, an enclosed trailer and a new Ram pickup . A buck and quarter for a butchered van , no thanks . Also I agree with CapNemo on the comment

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  6. Tom Member

    I thought is was a pretty good deal for $25,000, then I saw the 1 !! Maybe one too many zeros?

    Love the comments…..especially CapNemo !!

    Afterall the concept was such at big hit, or not, that well….I guess it just remained a concept. Oh yeah, Chevy just called…..and reminded me that in 2003 they called it an Avalanche !!

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    • Sam61

      Let’s play Price is Right “squeeze play”. What number in the asking price is wrong…2, 5 or 0? I will give the seller the first and last number.

      Kind of like the modified vans to pull a 5th wheel.

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  7. michael h streuly

    Harley bulls**t.

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    • Jubjub

      That grille guard would look really nice on my Club Wagon!

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  8. Oregon_Guy78

    I’ve seen a lot of full sized Ford vans with the Quigley 4×4 parts added aftermarket. Sportsmobile is a popular brand. Definitely sit taller.

    So does this really have 4 wheel drive?

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  9. Mountainwoodie

    Like most concept cars I would think its missing some of it’s guts……Sportsmobile sit waaaay higher……….my neighbor across the way has one he uses for wildlife photography.

    Now if it had Indian logos on it , maybe $12,500………………..

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  10. JimmyJ

    I chuckle when I see a ‘Harley ‘ truck.
    I wonder how many of the owners even know how to ride.
    They’re all posermobiles!

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    • Fiete T.

      Same with the “Harley” trucks…sorry, not paying a premium for that. It’s like the Mercury Villager “Nautica” minivans for the Harley & wannabee set

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    Give ya’ 20k…tops.
    I’m sure it wowed at SEMA…but it’s not doing enough of either of the things I would need a van or a pickup for.Looks nice though.

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  12. ROTAG999

    Something wrong with that Lake Water….lol

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  13. Lance Nord

    Anyone who would pay six figures for that “concept” needs to have their head examined…

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  14. Jf85tr99

    Saw this rig on I-287 in New York yesterday, looks like it made it up here from Florida. I like this one better, more utilitarion. Had the dual wheels out back and possibly a partial sleeper cab. Rather this as a hauler than the sema truck. My aplogies again, im not sure why my pictures have been posting sideways!


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  15. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: I just saw this van sell at a Mecum auction for $39,000 less than a minute ago!

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