Series 2 Project: 1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2

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Among all E-Types, the Jaguar XKE 2+2 has always been one of my favorites, not only in the looks department but the car also gets an honorable mention for pseudo-practicality too as it offered seating for an additional 2 occupants in the rear, as long as they weren’t very big.  I can just hear optimistic husbands back in the day driving home in a new 2+2 and trying to convince their wives it was a great family car, and based on the number of seats she might have a hard time putting up a legitimate argument, so long as the family only had 2 small kids and a dog about the size of a Yorkie.  If you’ve been on the hunt for a British sports car project, this 1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2 here on Craigslist may be worth considering.  This one’s in Frederick, Maryland, about an hour northwest of Baltimore, and comes at an asking price of $26,000.

We’d like to thank reader PRA4SNW for sending us another of his interesting finds here!  Jaguar introduced the 2+2 version of the fastback in ’66, which featured some additional body length and a revised roofline.  The car still incorporated that way cool front end that tilted forward to access the engine, and I’m hoping it’s functioning properly on this one as I couldn’t find any photos where the hood seemed to be latched all the way down at the bottom of the front fenders.  But overall, the body looks pretty good here, with a decent finish for the most part and a handful of small areas in primer.  There’s no mention of body rot present, but the seller does specify that the front floor on the passenger side needs replacing, so hopefully, that one spot is just an isolated area with rust.

The interior appears to be the weaker region here, with the seller not in denial that the Jag needs work inside.  Those center gauges look a lot like a glove box in their downward position, but it’s kind of nice to know that they fold forward for easy access or to swap out.  This XKE is another example where not much effort was made to tidy up the cockpit before photographing, and if it’s nothing but a driver you’re seeking I’m wondering if a weekend with a few bottles of 409 and maybe a couple of six-packs wouldn’t get things looking quite a bit better, then maybe recover the seats and replace inside components gradually as you go along.

This one’s another running-when-purchased auto that’s not anymore, with no details of what exactly needs to be addressed to get the engine fired again.  The owner says a tune-up kit and carb rebuild components are included, so maybe there’s nothing serious going on with the inline six beyond minor carburetor issues, and even though the motor isn’t functioning at the moment things under that enormous hood seem to be in reasonably good order, at least what hasn’t been detached.  I was a little disappointed to see the automatic, but I guess Jaguar figured making this an option may boost sales if indeed a man was trying to talk his wife into it as a family mobile (“Look honey, no clutch!”).  I’m kind of thinking this one’s probably decent project material, but the two things I’d inquire about first are the exact state of the motor, then ask for some photos from the undercarriage.  What are your thoughts on this 1969 XKE 2+2?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Is that some type of steering wheel lock?

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    • jrhmobile

      Hey! Don’t you go talking trash about my date …

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    • John EderMember

      Silly- don’t you recognize Jaguar’s prototype “self driving mode” when you see it?

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    • Yblocker

      Those are used to hold the steering wheel straight while doing a front end alignment.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Thanks Yblocker !

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  2. Hank R

    somehow 26k and this car do not match up.

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  3. RMac

    Let’s see? Less attractive 2+2 6cyl not v12 automatic with rotted floor jag hmmm 29k?? Unreal

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  4. Stephen Nelson

    Wow – all I see is $$$$s waiting to be spent. I’ve always thought these were a bit of a travesty compared to the exquisite lines of the XKE coupe. Lipstick on a pig? Or, given it’s condition, on a fright-pig?

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  5. The Other Chris

    Down to $22,500 now. Even at that price, looks like a money pit to me.

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  6. Fill Cozlik

    Most of the car looks like crap, but I do just love the dual shifting levers… Black for normal day to day driving, and bright red for sport rallies or drag strip attacks. These are extreeemley rare items!

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  7. Hank R.

    …what I initially saw here was a parts car for a standard E-type, which is still the case, notwithstanding the fact it is an automatic drivetrain, which would have little appeal to the basic enthusiast, even on it’s best day, as was the case when the car was new. So…let’s get real on the price of things as this will never be the potential 80k car that the equivalent standard E-type would be…

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  8. Glenn ReynoldsMember

    Is that an XKE engine, or a transplant from an XJ6? I don’t recall any XKE with one puny carb.

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    • Hank R

      ,,,one is missing…XJ-6 had dual carbs also.

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  9. Yblocker

    I’m no Jaguar connasuer, pretty sure I didn’t spell that right, but someone please enlighten me on the difference between this XKE, and other XKEs

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    • The Other Chris

      This one is a 2+2, so, has a back seat, which some (including myself) think destroys the original lines of the design. Although, I have to say, this one doesn’t look so bad, either because of the photo angles or the color? Not sure. Plus, it’s an automatic, which is not the preferred transmission. Series I cars are more in-demand, but the Series 2 cars, like this one, are still in high demand with the right specs.

      I would not mind having a 2+2 / auto if I were in the market for one of these, for the right price, but I cannot afford the divorce, so it’s a moot point for me.

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      • RallyeMember

        I think it’s the photo angles. Even in this color, I think a straight side shot would look like the wrong roof on a good car.

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  10. Hank R

    …the 2+2 type experienced a profile extension of the roof line that literally destroyed the overall looks/appeal of a car whose appeal was dependent largely on it’s looks. One could say the lines went from sexy to frumpy in one stroke of the designers pen. Jaguar wasn’t the only one to experience this phenomenon as insurance policies in Europe at the time ( which were horrendously expensive ) gave substantial lower rates to what were considered to be sedans, which had “seating” for more than two whether or not that seating was actually usable for humans.

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  11. JGD

    IIRC, when the XKE 2+2 was introduced, a wit at Road & Track said that the additional seating could accommodate two legless children or a pair of Roman busts. Brutal comment!

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