Shining Survivor: 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

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Look at this 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe. Shiny, isn’t it? The owner states that he is unsure as to whether the majority of the paint is original, or whether it is the result of an older repaint. Regardless of which it is, the car presents exceptionally well, and it is now searching for a new owner. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you will find the Ford listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on this beautiful classic has reached $6,101, and with the reserve now met, that new owner would seem to be just around the corner.

The first thing to note with this Ford is the depth of shine that the black paint holds. As the owner says, he isn’t completely sure whether the majority of the paint is original, or whether someone has treated the car to a repaint at some point in the distant past. Whatever the case may be, the result is a car where you can easily see your own reflection in the paint. As for rust problems, just forget that. This car appears to be as solid as a rock, and the various photos that the owner supplies show the underside of the vehicle and the trunk to be clean of all bar some minor surface corrosion. All of the external trim and chrome is present, but some of it is starting to show its age slightly. Don’t get me wrong, because none of it is actually bad, and it is well within character for an original survivor of this age. If I were to buy this car, I wouldn’t change that at all, because it just looks right. One of the exterior highlights for me is the red wheels with chrome hubcaps and period-correct chrome trim rings. They provide a nice contrast to the black, and also impart a classy edge to the Ford.

The interior of the DeLuxe is probably just as nice as the exterior. The owner claims that the upholstery is original, and if this is true, then it has weathered the last 79-years remarkably well. I guess that this sort of proves the old adage that they don’t build them like they used to. The cushion on the driver’s side is sagging a bit, but I’m sure that this could be fixed. The door trims and headliner look good, but the upholstery around the side of the rear parcel tray is sagging and wrinkled. Once again, I’m pretty sure that this could be fixed by a competent upholsterer. There is also some wear visible on the wheel rim, but this isn’t severe, and it is well within keeping for a survivor of this age.

Peering into the engine bay of the Ford reveals a very clean 221ci flathead V8 engine. Behind this, you will find a 3-speed manual transmission, which sends the 90hp from the flathead to the rear wheels. Under the hood isn’t just about cleanliness, because the owner says that the Ford starts and runs quite well and that it seems happy to cruise along at a healthy 55mph. The only fault that he identifies is the fact that there is a hesitation which is believed to be coming from the carburetor. He does suggest that a good mechanic should be able to perform some adjustments, and all should then be fine. He says that the tires are showing some wear, but that they have plenty of life left in them. He also states that all of the lights and electrics work as they should, while the brakes stop the Ford straight and true. One thing that doesn’t rate a mention is the battery. The DeLuxe still features its original 6-volt electrical system, and the battery looks like it might be fairly new.

For some people, their ultimate dream is to buy a dilapidated classic and pour their time, effort, sweat, and money into that car, transforming it into a motoring masterpiece. For others, there is no greater thrill than to own a classic car, but undertaking any sort of project build is not a viable option. For that latter group, which, thanks to the aging process, would probably now include me, this is a car that would make a pretty decent sort of proposition. It wants for nothing, and given the fact that these are also essentially bullet-proof, it is a car that offers the possibility of years of enjoyable classic motoring. That’s why I’m not surprised that it will soon be heading to a new home.

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    This was quite a transition between ‘40 and ‘42. I like the ‘40 and the ‘42 but sometimes I think the designers of the ‘41 models were the same ones that designed the ‘38 DeLuxe; they were obviously drinking their own bath water. Don’t get me wrong; I sure wouldn’t kick this one off my driveway. I would drive it and enjoy it to the maximum…

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  2. JRHaelig

    Lock it down, Jake!

    I’m high bidder at $6,300 and I’m confident that’ll do it.

    For half an hour or so. Still 5 days, but who knows.

    I love a flathead. Who doesn’t. Pair of straight pipes or Smitty’s and you’re singing along.

    Should bring a good price, thank you for sharing it!

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    This leaves you wanting to open the trunk and take a sip of the moonshine hidden in there. Joking aside, it’s a beautiful car and hope the buyer is willing to exercise it on a regular basis.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Good luck, JR!!

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  5. JW454

    So that’s how it’s done? If you don’t have a title you just write a bill of sale saying it’s from a state that doesn’t require titles? I’m not sure it works that way. I’d be a little cautious about it. That should be researched before bidding. Nothing worse than buying a car that you find out later you can’t keep or register.

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  6. socaljoe

    Reminds me of driving around in my dads ’41 coupe. Very original looking but would want a lot of work. Being from Maine you should do an in person inspection for rust and bondo. I don’t like the cheap looking side trim that added to mimic the Super Deluxe trim. That makes me wonder what else was done in the past.

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  7. Bob S

    This is not my favourite year of Ford designs, but I still like the car. Because it looks so clean, if it was closer, I would be bidding for it.
    I know this sounds like a sacrilege, but I wonder if it would be possible to adapt the 40 Deluxe grille to the front of the 41? I wish I knew someone that knew how to use photo shop to see how it would look.
    In the late 50s, I owned a 39 Standard coupe. I always had 40 Deluxe envy, but didn’t have the money to do the conversion. On that car, it would have just been a matter of bolting on the complete 40 front end, including the fenders. I wish I could have kept that car.
    Best of luck on your bidding.

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  8. Stangalang

    I think New Hampshire doesn’t require titles to register older vehicles..send them the required paperwork (found online) their fees and sales tax they will send you a license plate and registration card..all legal.

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  9. Bob McK

    WOW, look at this one in comparison to the other 41 listed today. Nice find.

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    • John C.

      Exactly! what a price/condition difference!

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  10. Richard Allen

    They probably didn’t drive this one much. No heater.

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  11. TimM

    These cars are just to cool!! The price isn’t bad right now either!! Flat head old school hot rod with a three speed manual transmission!! Damn I’m convincing myself!!!

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