Shoebox Barn Find: 1950 Ford Busines Coupe

Shoebox Fords have always been an excellent blank slate for those who love to customize and hot rod classic Fords. Discovered in west Texas, this Shoebox Business Coupe must have lived an interesting life as it sports some unique touches. Fairly solid and with a great mild custom look, this Ford is a great start for the $5,750 asking price. Be sure to check it out here on eBay out of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The flat head V8 is still in place and even sports a set of dual carbs with way cool period air filters. Although it appears that this Ford has sat for quite a while, the seller was able to start the Flathead by pouring gas into the throats of the carbs. The seller reports that the engine sounds healthy. One thing I am not in love with is someone in the past went crazy with red spray paint which is just about everywhere in the engine compartment.

The interior is empty other than some later model Impala seats. The floors show surface rust, especially towards the front foot wells. There apparently is no rot in the floors, but I suspect that there may be a few thin spots. I imagine the rubber seals are burnt to a crisp, and the windshields look to be a bit hazy.

The business coupe shape is beautiful in my opinion, and the period customization is just plain cool. Borrowing trim and hub caps from other cars was certainly a small but neat way to make your car stand out at that early stage of customization. The ribbed bumpers are neat, and the single port hole on each fender looks a bit odd at first glance, but is easy to appreciate. I would assume that this Ford was previously two toned Black over white, which I am sure made for a sleek looking cruiser. Surface rust is plentiful on the exterior, but there is a small amount of rot in the rocker areas. All in all, this Ford is a fair condition project with cool period touches. For me, I would want to return the car to the way it was in its heyday. Are you a fan of this period custom find?

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  1. Matt steele

    Low rider, dragging chains shooting flames

  2. Matt steele

    Jack up the front and dragging the back bumper on the ground

  3. stillrunners

    1949 Plymouth bumpers and Buick trim was a standard custom dilly back in the day….cool 2×2 flattie in there as well……like !

  4. Will Fox

    This baby has all the earmarks of being the pride of some 17 yr old back in about 1956 or `57! He even installed the J.C. Whitney taillamp trim to make `49-`50 Fords look like a `51! This would make a cool old-school restomod project. Just don’t give it a flat black paint job!!! That fad is thankfully starting to die off!

  5. Russell Casey

    I like it. I had a 51 Ford 2-door 6 hand me down in the day. Ruined it every way possible that kid a could in 1961.

  6. Karl

    Pull the engine out for much better purposes and pull the rest to the scrap yard.

  7. stillrunners

    Dang…..another K….hater…….where is the love……..

  8. YooperMike

    Holy waah, not another ‘Field Find’ car.

  9. Vince H

    Ad on ebay states it has rear seats even though not original it would be a club coupe.

  10. Frank McLaughlin

    I think it is a real business coupe because of the rubber seal all the way around the back side window .It would have been a flip out vent window in the club coupe . Don;t know why it has an ash tray on the panel behind the drivers door .

  11. Vince H

    Third from last picture shows the quarter window with the locking latch.

  12. Frank McLaughlin

    Yes it’s a club coupe

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