Short Caddy: 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic


This well-optioned Caprice Classic isn’t perfect, but it’s only showing 41k on the odometer and appears to be in great shape. In the eighties most cars got smaller, but Chevrolet tried to buck the trend by keeping their Caprice big. It was a true six-passenger car and appealed to consumers who liked to keep things traditional. In fact, the original owner hung onto this one until just recently. It’s ready to go and can be found here on eBay where bidding is currently at $5,000.


The only engine choices available in ’87 were a 4.3 liter V6 or a 5.0 liter V8. This one is fitted with the traditional choice, of course. The engine looks clean and is said to run great. They mention that the previous owner did preemptive maintenance and replaced parts before they even needed replacing. The car was always garaged and they even go so far as saying that it was never driven in the rain or snow.


They did drive it right into the side of the garage though… The damage was all repaired, but this area could still use some attention. The seller states that some people consider these to be “short Caddys” because they drive so well. From what I have found in marketing material, Chevy was aiming for the luxury segment when they built these so that makes sense.


One look at the interior will have you agreeing with the Cadillac comparison. This is the top of the line Brougham leather interior and it does look comfy. There’s a small hole on the driver seat back, but everything else looks good. I’d get some rubber mats in there quick and start driving this baby! It’s not going to be fuel efficient, but it should prove to be a durable and comfortable cruiser. What do you think – would you rock this Caprice Classic?


  1. CCFisher

    A high-school friend’s mom traded her ’80 Seville on one of these, with a power sunroof, no less. Produced to fill the void left by the downsizing of the Olds Delta 88 and Buick LeSabre. The “landau” roof treatment hides a fiberglass cap that was used to give the car a more formal appearance.

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    Every time I see a car from this period, I think of all the snakes in that Egyptian tomb in The Lost Ark. Snakes on a plane my foot, my high school pal (future Cadillac Engineer) drove one of these thru the garage at home and tore off the rear bumper backing out. Still can’t drive.

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  3. Jake

    This is like the 5th listing from that place in Mahopac here on Long Island with the checkered floor. Must be some new business that heckles old people out of their one owner cars, haha!

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  4. Kevin

    My only gripe is the broken filler between the grille and bumper. Common problem on these cars, it always sun-rotted and broke out but with the rest of the car looking so great it was a let-down to see that it hadn’t been fixed. Replacements are cheap and easy to find.

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  5. Ken Carney

    Nice car! Always wanted one, but could never afford one. Like all big Chevys of this era, they were big and comfortable and not much else. These cars just floated over the road as they loafed along the interstate. Aside from the 2001 Buick LeSabre, we may never see their like again. Today’s cars are made for young people as they ride so firmly that you feel every bump in the road. That’s why our Buick has over 185K miles and counting.

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  6. dirtyharry

    I am still in love with rear wheel drive, body on a real frame cars. These are tanks and they ride great. You will live if you have an accident. You really can take 4 adults and real life size luggage with you. If you breakdown, it is likely this can be fixed in the middle of nowhere. These are a real bargain and once they are all gone, that’s it. Thank God for the elderly, who have these cars stashed in their garage whether they still drive or not. I think they are still attractive, in a formal sort of way.

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    • Ken Carney

      I do too, Harry. I’m currently looking at a one owner ’64 Chevy that belongs to a long time family friend. Haven’t been by her place to look it over yet. All I know is that it’s a 4-door of some type and not that desirable. My friend said she bought it new in Ashville, NC in late ’63. I gotta say that I just can’t wait for my brother in law and I to dig into all that wonderful simplicity. I plan to post pics of it here on Barn Finds whether I get it or not. I think that everyone would like to see it.

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    • Russ

      I have an 86 Caprice Brougham in better shape than this one.I bought it off an Elderly Gentleman for 3500. I am 26 years old and I hate the cars of Today, so boring, so cheap, no character. My Gf keeps giving me hell because I refuse to buy a car newer than 1990 but It’s just who I am lol.

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      • Don

        Good for you Russ, it makes me feel good to know that a fair number of younger folks like yourself appreciate the older Detroit iron. Don’t let anyone try to change your mind either. Cheers!😀

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    Well, a nice car.
    But I am mystified: What grandpa paints his entire differential/rear axle unit orange?

    And, another mystery: Why the RC plane in a couple of shots? Looks to me as though it was put in by Photoshop. Two different angles of the car, but the same (seems to be, anyway) angle of the plane. I wish I had the skills to ghost/superimpose the photos, to see if I am right. Maybe there was a nekkid person standing next to the car, and a plane cover was easier than making someone disappear?

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  8. Tony S

    Nice looking example – these are great cars. This body came out in 1977 and was actually “downsized” from previous. It was “The New Chevrolet”. Downsized just prior to the ’80s. It would be slightly “upsized” at least in appearance, in 1991.

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  9. Rustytech Member

    Had a 1987 ex state police cruiser. It had the 350ci. HO engine, HD suspensions, stay bars at both ends etc. It was a plain Jane i.e. Black vinyl seats with no pattern, rubber floor mats, it was a tank. I loved it, the only problem with it was, when you came up behind someone on the road, they would always slow down. Couldn’t go anywhere in a hurry!

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  10. JCW Jr. Member

    The back of the driver seat is nasty looking and the carpets also for a 41,000 mile car.

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  11. Rock On

    @Alan(Michigan)- Maybe the previous owner had a can of orange rust paint in stock/or free. Does look very odd on this car. Would paint it black within 10 minutes of buying the car.

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  12. Stefan

    Looks more than 41k, i have 2 Cap 87,s myself, look at steeringwheel,
    its missing pieces of moulding, ,Dashboard has different grey color also,
    definitly more than 41k on this one.

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  13. Mike C

    I had a Chevy Caprice Classic in Dubai – 1982 model – 23 mpg. Great motor.

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  14. Jubjub

    Every time I see one of these, and how decently the styling has aged. I think of the hideous bubbles that replaced them. What were they thinking. Couldn’t they have just engineered a set of doors for this with flush glass, integrated the bumpers and been done!

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  15. Jim C

    141K yes.. 41K? No way .. too many signs of age here. What is with people and their low mileage claims on really beat up cars? Also Barn Finds, you guys really need to dig into your research a bit more before quickly writing up cars .. and spell / grammar check on many of your posts wouldn’t hurt.

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    • ESR

      Ad says 49k. Car fax says 49k. You could eat off the undercarriage of that car. That is a 49k mile car.

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  16. Dovi65

    If my Pops were still with us, he’d be all over this Caprice. They were affordable, rode nice, and held up under his tough service!
    Love ya, Pops!

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  17. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Re: the mileage…

    Carfax says 49K not 41K so may be a typo in the description? Also, the gas and brake pedal look pretty clean so that supports the low miles claim.

    And…by 87 it should have a 6 digit odometer, no?

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  18. Kate Davis

    My 1987 Caprice Classic was involved in a serious rear-end collision that pushed me from being stopped about 10-12 feet into the stopped car in front of me. The reckless driver who caused this destruction is insured by Liberty Mutual. Claims adjusters are low-balling “total loss” settlement offer. I need proof of current value of my Caprice. The claims adjuster found two Caprices in Kansas and Georgia selling for “peanuts” and says this is what my Caprice is worth in California. Please help me prove a reasonable value for my Caprice with only 99,000 miles accrued on a California smog emissions compliant engine and 142,000 on the entire vehicle. A/C is ice cold, smooth transmission, no fluid leaks.

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  19. Maestro1

    Kate, your Insurance company is a thief. From an experienced collector: These cars have a strong upside in the entry level marketplace in the old car hobby. As an asset class the car is appreciating at about 7% a year.Tell them 9% and you will be in the ball park including inflation. The claims adjuster is there to screw people out of their justifiable damage repairs. He/she needs another job. My advice would be to cancel your insurance with these thieves and call Hagerty or any old car insurer and get some empathy and intelligence from them. Keep the car.

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  20. David radcliff

    Well, why not SHOW the right side if it NEEDS ATTENTION!!!!!????

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