Short Commute: 27K Mile ’82 Datsun Pickup

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

This Datsun 720 pickup is a low-mileage survivor with under 30,000 original miles. Said to have resided in the care of a longtime owner with a short commute, the 720 is a bare-bones rear wheel drive model with a long-lived 2.2L four-cylinder paired to a manual transmission. Find it here on eBay located in Oregon. 

It’s been ages since we’ve seen one this clean, and the horizontal tail lights beneath the lift gate are a distinctively Japanese touch. The truck is said to be rust-free thanks to vigorous factory undercoating, and the red Datsun lettering still retains good color. The Datsun was repainted in 2004 in its factory correct shade, which likely explains the fresh colors on the tailgate.

The interior is bare-bones, not a surprise considering this was a base-spec model. This truck will never be confused as sporting or fast, but it will provide years of reliable transportation for the next owner. The seller opines that it is an excellent candidate for a farm truck or a “…pimped-out street cruiser.” While this era of Datsuns were popular with that scene, we hope this one remains an accident-free survivor.

We’re assuming this is just a bad photo and not evidence of overspray on the hood. While the burly 4WD models with their white-letter radials and lifted suspension are the ones enthusiasts crave, this basic model with few options is also tempting as a low-buck entry into classic truck ownership. The Buy-It-Now is $5,300 with the option to make a best offer.

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  1. Pete

    Just what I want.
    But on this coast…..

  2. grant

    Hmmm. Nice truck but I’d see it in person first. The photo quality is pretty suspect. It’s 2017. Even the cheapest cell phones have decent digital cameras. These pictures look like they were shot with an 80’s vintage 110 film camera.

  3. LAB3

    The ad states it was driven 6-10 miles a week, not a good thing! When an engine doesn’t get up to temperature it tends to form sludge in the oil and rust forms on the inside. I’ve pulled apart enough of them to see this first hand, caveat emptor!

  4. Loco Mikado

    2 years ago it only had 10,000 miles on it according the vehicle report shown on the ad. And it has been in Hawaii and on the East coast before it got to Oregon. It sure got around.

  5. Rich

    Years and years ago everyday I’d pick up a friend and drive to work. Very, very often we’d end up behind a blue and yellow version of this truck. A great looking one too, btw.

    So…the tailgate was the same exact colors as the license plate; blue with yellow letters. It had a personalized plate that said: ICE CAR which hung under the DATSUN tailgate.

    It must have taken us 6 months to figure it out but we laughed a lot when we did…and it’s still one of my favorites!

    • grant

      Don’t leave us hanging man….

      • Chebby

        “Dat’s A Nice Car”

  6. RoadRash

    ^^^OK, I’m probably not the only one not getting it, either. Tell us!

    • Loco Mikado

      I ce=see car. I learned that one over 55 years ago.

    • Rich


      Now you know why it took six or so months. Just read it. 😎(Of course my other buddy at the time, uh…herb, may have played a part too )

  7. Veggie

    DATSUN ICE CAR. Just say it fast!

  8. Trikerider4life

    I was told many many years ago how Datsun name by the German.When Japanese built it they couldn’t come up a name the Germans ask if they give it but they wanted a year or so the Japanese said it needed it a month the German asked the Japanese said a week the Germans ask.Japanese said no more sooner.the Germans said DATSUN!####!!!!

  9. misterlou

    Seller has been an eBay member since 6 days ago.

    • John T

      Seller made a Sale … SOLD Thursday, August 10 for $4000.


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