Short Take: 1962 MGA


We don’t have much to go on for this 1962 MGA, which is located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon and is listed for sale here on eBay. Since the buy it now price is only $7,500 and the car looks pretty decent in the few pictures we have, we thought it was worth bringing to your attention anyway.


Let’s extrapolate what we can from the information we do have:

  1. It’s an MGA. That’s a pretty good thing in itself if you like this type of car; I’ve never heard anyone complain that an MGA was ugly or a bad car.
  2. It has been owned by an enthusiast. Witness the nice looking MGB-GT next door and the vanity license plate.
  3. The paint is pretty shiny, but the fender beading is still the color it should be, so hopefully the fenders were removed for the paintwork and things were done correctly.
  4. The aluminum aftermarket wheels mean that one source of vibration has been removed, and the missing center caps are available from Victoria British for $3.45 each (!)
  5. The hardtop, while not the most attractive in my eyes, means the interior hasn’t been getting soaking wet even if the car was stored outside.
  6. The seller says the engine was rebuilt in 2005 (so they have some history on the car at least) and the gas tank is new (something someone often does when they are trying to recommission a car after it’s been off the road for a while). Since they also say it runs well, we can probably assume the recommissioning was successful.
  7. They are honest enough to tell us that the left front fender was fiberglass. They didn’t have to do that.
  8. On the negative side, the batteries (MGA’s, like early MGB’s, take two six volt batteries) are dead. I would look at that as an opportunity to convert to a single twelve volt system, but I value practicality over originality in this case; you may not.
  9. We also don’t see the interior at all. I would have to see interior pictures at this price; even a sparce interior like an MGA’s is still expensive to replace.

What did I miss? Are you interested? I look forward to your comments!


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  1. Mark


  2. Francisco

    Jamie, I like your Sherlock Holmes approach. “Good deductions,” said Mr. Watson.

  3. Dolphin Member

    Agree that Jamie’s comments are helpful, and they look spot-on. Looks like a decent car to tackle for someone who wants a final-year MGA. Hopefully the bigger engine is still in the car and the chassis is OK, which should be helped by being an Oregon car.

    The price looks good too, so it will probably sell. The seller could have done himself and potential buyers a favor by editing out dupe photos and showing parts of the car that aren’t shown, and opting for the larger Ebay photo format.

  4. Mark

    Frame rot is a bugaboo on these. If underneath looks as good as upstairs, it’s a bargain. Not possible to restore one for this price. I know. I tried.

  5. stevee

    Sold at Buy It Now price.


    I am so very old, that when the MGB came along, I considered it an upstart. Still do. The A has a chassis. The B doesn’t.

  7. Bruce Best

    As for the two six volt batteries, the conversion is so common and the six volt system so bad you would be a fool not to do this. One other critical item is the metal panel that fits over the batteries. I can not tell you how important that is especially in a snow storm / blizzard.

    On one of my few dates in high school my brother made certain the battery a 12V was charges for I was going about 30 miles into the city to see a stage play at the music hall. He however forgot this important piece and left it where I did not notice it

    The play was Jesus Christ Superstar which should date me and it was performance in the Kansas City Music Hall. We had parked underground and left thru a connecting underground tunnel. We had no idea that over 6″ of snow had fallen.

    If you have used an upright vacuum in your life you get the general idea of what happen as I drove on the freeway slowly back home with I girl I found to be a religious extremist that was telling me what a horrible man I was for taking her to such a sacrilegious play. The normal time for the drive would have been 45 minutes and with the snow and all it was about an hour. And about an hour too long.

    I do not think she was impressed either that the car was sucking up snow from the road and placing it in our laps as we drove along. In a short time the level was over 2″ except where the transmission was and it was hot enough to make it totally wet.

    I had open her door and let her in and when I got in she got shrill. IT GOT WORSE AND HIGHER thru the rest of the drive. We had to go thru the getto of the city and more than once I thought about shoving her out to walk home. I know the man she later married and I think he would have thought it was a good idea as well but she got home safely.

    MY MGA was my only transportation for many years and I finally sold it to one of my best friends who still drives it. I learned much mechanical skills on that car and the true meaning of the phrase MAD AS A WET HEN.

    Such is youth and yea they are great cars for the young and foolish. Restore them properly and you will have a jewel for yourself and your neighbors. That soft purr, amazingly direct shifter and decent breaks for the time.

    Wish it was mine

    • Mike Burnett

      Your spelling and grammar are so bad that I could barely undrstand much of it.

      • biggles

        You misspelled understand. Just saying.

      • Steve

        I understood it just fine. Not sure what your problem is but a little misspelled English isn’t mine. Why not just skip this post and buzz off.

  8. john C

    Well Bruce, …’SHE’ probably tells a similar story after all these years, albeit with a different recollection and laughing !! …maybe * A very nice car in red for sure

  9. Muz

    Am I the only one to notice this is a Mk 2 MGA…..

    • Dolphin Member

      All of the 1962 cars had the 1622cc engine and were called the Mk II. The seller identified the car as a “1962 MG-A Mark II” at the top of the listing.

  10. Bruce Best

    Mike so you understand I am severely dyslexic. I do the best I can and that was written when it was late and I was tired which makes the problem so much more difficult. I am certain you are correct but understand that for some of us expressing ourselves is much harder than it might be for you. Please be kind and try to understand. Thank you

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