Showroom Stored: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

The deluge of Fox Body Cobras appearing for sale shows no sign of slowing, with yet another well-preserved example up for grabs. This red on gray example isn’t even super low mileage or the most mint one we’ve seen, yet bidding is already over $20K. The Buy-It-Now is a reasonable $24,500, and it seems like there’s a good chance it will get snagged at that price or just under. The seller is a Ford dealership that claims the Cobra has been sitting in the showroom for two years and is listed here on eBay in Centennial, Colorado.

The selling dealer is  Groove Ford, which appears to specialize in Mustangs, based on the showroom inventory. It seems likely this was an employee car or a longtime owner who decided to upgrade to one of the new models that makes the Cobra of yesteryear seem laughably slow by comparison. One has to wonder why so many Cobras are suddenly up for grabs – are my instincts correct that all things 90s are suddenly hot, or is just a case of older owners deciding to upgrade while the muscle car wars are in full swing?

Like so many Mustangs, this one is completely stock except for aftermarket mufflers. I can’t criticize the owner too much for this, as it does sound wonderful. The interior isn’t as mint as some of the other, lower mileage Cobras we’ve featured; note the map pocket on the driver’s door doing the typical Mustang sag that they all seem to do, and close-up pictures reveal lots of scratches on the black trim surrounding the shifter. With over 80,000 miles, it’s not surprising that some cosmetic blemishes exist, but the seller does call the interior “immaculate.”

Some recent maintenance has been performed, which includes a new clutch “…to fix a leaking freeze plug,” according to the listing. I have to chuckle when the seller says these are getting hard to find in this sort of condition – well, not according to eBay these last few weeks. But I do notice whenever there’s a rush to cash in on a certain model’s moment in the sun, there are longer dry spells where that particular model hardly ever pops up for sale. I’d say to hold onto your Fox Body Cobras for the time being, as I have to imagine this latest round of sales will make good ones scarce in the future.

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  1. Arthell64 Member

    The bin price seems like a fair price for a nice car. I know you could probably buy a 2015 GT for less money but this is a rarely seen car. It’s got to be a better deal than buying old rusted junk for 15k and installing 30k (including labor) in Chinese made parts.

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  2. Tripp

    It’s just SO pedestrian, inside and out. Why make a special version look so un-special?

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    • Ken

      We call this a Sleeper

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  3. Doc

    Why are so many up for sale? Economics… cashing in.

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  4. RayT Member

    Jeff hits one of my pet peeves with this one: “Laughably slow” the Cobra may be when compared to the 2020 version, but that is entirely relative. Anyone expecting the ’93 model to relieve them of some of the effort and skill required to drive fast — stability/traction assists, etc. — will soon find out how fast the older car really is. Which, if they expect to stand on it and steer without first acquiring some skills, is TOO fast….

    I had some experience with Mustang Cobras, both “standard” and R models. They weren’t exactly refined and were not 750-horsepower-supercar-fast, but they could keep a decent driver entertained. Sideways is sideways, no matter how fast you have to be going to get there. And there’s plenty of Old School pleasure when you realize you, not some anonymous package of computers and sensors, are responsible for straightening out the drift….

    In short, 1993 and 2020 can’t and shouldn’t be compared, and in this case the money involved wouldn’t get you the new version anyway. I’m just sorry that no one seems to have stashed away a bunch of these for us fogies who didn’t have the coin the first time around, but would love to rekindle some old memories.

    Oh, and see what happens if you try to tell that Highway Patrol-type that your Mustang Cobra is “laughably slow.” He or she may not agree.

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  5. dirtyharry

    “Laughably slow?” Is a car that hit 140 mph and runs 0-60 in 6 seconds laughably slow? I don’t think so, actually very fast in 1993 and very competent in most other ways too. Ray is correct about driving skill. I see people wrecking on the strip all the time and all they had to do was stay in a straight line for a quarter mile. $15k sounds better.

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  6. AndyinMA

    definitely not teal

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