Silver Spiritual: 1986 Rolls-Royce Hearse

The world of Japanese market imports is as vast and diverse as you can imagine, and while we typically associate JDM finds with actual Japanese cars and trucks, there were plenty of German and British marques that found favor with Japanese customers. Oftentimes, you can find the rare Alpina-modified BMWs and Mercedes-Benz AMG models with barely any miles on them, but also configured with right-hand-drive steering. This 1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit hearse is even more unusual for being a Japanese market vehicle that was imported from Germany, which uses left-hand-drive steering, making this stately cruiser well-suited to life on American roads. Find it here on craigslist with just over 40,000 miles for $18,000. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Larry D. for the find.

Of course, if it’s going to be your final ride, shouldn’t it be in maximum comfort? This Silver Spirt may have an unconventional rear seat arrangement, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need your own writing desk. I do find the image of a rear-seat passenger quietly eating a meal or writing a piece of correspondence while the casket rides alongside. Perhaps this makes sorting out the will and signing all of the estate paperwork easier? Regardless, this Rolls is still quite nice inside, with what looks like soft leather, striking red carpets, and wood trim (real wood, at that) all in outstanding condition. There’s also plenty of curtains, too, should you want to put the precious cargo out of sight, out of mind.

There’s no escaping it: this is a hearse inside, but it’s not like your conventional corpse carriers. In this case, the rear seat passenger sits pretty darn close to the casket, which is quite a bit different from your standard U.S. model which I believe reserves the rear cargo bay solely for the casket and not a casket plus a solitary backseat passenger. The seller will throw in a casket he created as a prop to complete the look, but what if you went a different direction entirely and converted it into a Silver Spur shooting brake? Find a standard rear seat and then create a third row, and you’ll be like some Middle East sultan that all the luxury car makers love to make one-off wagons for.

It certainly seems possible with this matching blue vinyl top already installed and thus blending the custom bodywork into the rest of the car quite nicely. Of course, you may want larger windows than what’s seen here, and I’d also want a conventional rear wagon door. The whitewalls can obviously stay, along with the new parts the seller has thrown at it over the last few months which includes a new power steering pump, battery, and spark plugs. The seller has also installed a new Bluetooth stereo to replace the non-functional original. Overall, this is a clean Silver Spur with tons of potential as either an actual vehicle used by a funeral home or a prop for a business that can make the deceased a central part of its marketing plan. How would you use it? Would anyone else love to see this converted to a wagon?


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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing………….

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  2. Bob S Member

    my gawd!!

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  3. Dewey Grimes

    I know for sure that people are dying to ride in it.

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  4. Gary

    I never understood the idea of a hearse. Why not a standard van or a station wagon? Many of us would prefer being hauled to the cemetery in the back of an old pickup. Being sent off in some pseudo luxury vehicle is idiocy. How many of us could afford, or even preferred a luxury car when when were around, so why pretend you are something you are not when you croak? MLK got hauled off in a wagon drawn by a mule team. A humble decent man. We all should learn from that fine example.

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    • Steveo

      How about a Home Depot rental utility trailer? Save a trip and haul some drywall…

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    • Steve Clinton

      Sometimes a hearse is the closest some people will ever get to riding in a luxury automobile.

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    • Troy

      When my uncle died of natural causes the funeral home wanted hundreds of dollars to go get him because they lived two hours away in the cascade mountains. So my aunt not able to afford it on her income and not able to completely lift him by herself got him outside and used tie down straps to tie him to a sheet of plywood then wenches him into the back of the truck and took him to the funeral home. She said the Funeral director was mortified when she came to their building with his body in the back of the truck

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      • Mountainwoodie

        I hope she ‘winched’ him into the truck though I’ll bet he’d prefer to be ‘wenched’ into a pickup.though preferably when he was alive. Great example of ‘can do’ American spirit. Tough lady though necessity is the mother of invention they say.

        As for the RR . its a little awkward, styling wise, to my jaded eyes. But what a ride to pull up to the VFW hall.

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      • Troy

        Yep mountain woodie gotta love auto correct when you try to use speak to text

      • Steve

        “The funeral director was mortified” – nice pun.

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    • Bolivar Shagnasty

      a high school buddy always drove and El Camino. when he passed he was hauled to the cemetary in the bed of his 1968 El Camino. all of us in the car club did smokey burnouts in his honor! I drive an El Camino because of him. Diabetes is a cruel disease.

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    • daveshoe Member

      Funny you would say pickup truck! True story. I used to work in Public Health, and a funeral home called incredulous that a family wanted to do just that! We researched if it legal, and it actually is (at least here in California). The family refused to say what they were going to do with their loved one, so we guessed it was for the carpool lanes on our toll bridges. That MAY work in the winter, but with our summer heat, that could create an issue…

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  5. Rodney - GSM

    “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”

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  6. Uncle Buck

    Best idea ever make a extended cab truck out of it. You would have the only one. That roof plug probly would come off fairly easily.

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    • Bob S Member

      I was thinking the same thing about the truck topper. This is a classic example of an after hours build, here, hold my beer!

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  7. Ed H

    People are dying to get into these.

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  8. Paul in Ma

    Take off the lace and the roller, add some vinyl fake wood trim on the outside and you would have an upmarket Family Truckster. You think you hate it now, just wait till you drive it.

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  9. Connecticut Mark

    Looks like a lunch snack table in back seat. Kind of gross 🤮

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    • Rodney - GSM

      No, on this model that is a “Personal Walnut Autopsy Tray”.

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    • GCS Member

      I like old Cadillac hearses but this gives me the creeps, not that I’d buy one of any kind.

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  10. Chris

    Just why !!!!!!

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  11. Brian Collins

    Time to throw a few bucks at this and turn it into an “estate” (station wagon).

    Then sell off all of the hearse hardware to a willing buyer in the UK.

  12. scott m

    Build in a slide out freezer and set up as the Corpsicle truck!

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  13. TBone

    Hideous and creepy

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  14. Steveo

    Would make a neat camper

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  15. grant

    Why do so many people automatically call any car ever sold in Japan as JDM? JDM is Japanese Domestic Market, that is a car built IN JAPAN for sale IN JAPAN. This car was built in Britain for the export market. I expect stuff like this on Facebook but not on a car blog.

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  16. Steve Clinton

    Rolls or no Rolls, that is the ugliest hearse I’ve ever seen!

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  17. Ward William

    I see a weekend camper that would get me all the Goth girls I want, especially if I leave the casket in it.;-)

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  18. Troy

    With some minimal body work getting rid of the vinyl top and a new paint job taking out that casket Holder thing and put in a surf board rack you can probably double or triple your investment. Unlike most the comments above I think this thing is kinda cool

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  19. matt grant

    if I had money to burn, I would buy this, convert it to a wagon and I would be one happy man.

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  20. Lance

    A Mercedes with a camper.

  21. John C.

    So today folks we have a real funeral car. Not like that Caddy pickup from yesterday. lol!

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  22. John C.

    Yes indeed!

  23. Howie Mueler

    Excuse me, would you have some Grey Poupon?

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  24. JL

    Rolls-Royce Hearse ! Nothing better and cheaper than to cremate and UPS the remains to the family. Make a Bonfire and spread the ashes. As they say, ashes to ashes, dust to dust ! Lets all sit around and bust our glasses.

  25. Sam Shive

    I’d love to park this out front of the trailer. I’d be the KING OF THE TRAILER PARK.

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  26. Richard Kirschenbaum

    What a butt ugly vehicle obviously a butchered sedan. the exterior “coachwork” looks almost homemade and may very well be vinyl stapled to plywood. Compare this to hearses built by Henny, Meteor, Superior, Hess &, Esienhardt or scores of others. where some real artistry and skill went into their creations A vinyl top is the ultimate cop out. You can put it over anything.

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  27. Denny

    Looks like the trunk is still there. Any decent body shop could probably turn this into a ragtop.

    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      Denny, The frame might not withstand the torsion when road situations are encountered were this made into a convertible and working ragtops are a very difficult to create taken by themselves, This is why there so many “California Tops” put on coupes that have been castrated or ragtops that have had their windshields chopped. Getting the original ragtop to work becomes a major engineering feat that most customizers are not capable of. Muntz Jets had California Tops that were crudely made when examined. There was just too much involved although owners did manage to build working convertibles tops for their cars. Even the fabulous Cord 810s did not yet have tops made when displayed at the New York Auto Show in late 1935. They worried about that later.

  28. Audifan
  29. Verlin J Boes Member

    I am a player would you please contact me 816-223-7017 Verlin

    • Stevieg Member

      Just so you understand this Verlin, the owner probably has no idea you posted that. You might want to look at the link in the original posting and contact the owner through that link.

  30. Winesmith

    Would make a swell “Ute”

  31. Stevieg Member

    I love hearses, having owned over 20 over the years. I don’t love this! It tries so hard to be tasteful…but it is not. Not tasteful, not creepy, not anything an American hearse is supposed to be. It looks like a caricature of a hearse.

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    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      Stevieg, Had a ’38 LaSalle Hearse, body by Superior with a still intact interior. Parked it on the street, Could not help but put a carboard box in the crypt area full of spare mechanical parts topped with one of those plastic replica skulls for the morbidly currious. Loved watching them stand on the running board and bolt backwards suddenly when they spotted it.

      • Stevieg Member

        I always enjoy pulling up to bus stops. People at bus stops get freaked out by hearses. Nothing like watching a bunch of people simultaneously stepping back 1 foot lol.

  32. Verlin J Boes Member

    I am a serious player please give me a call I Send somebody down to Houston to look at this to see if it’s worth spending any money on I live in Kansas City it’s just an hour away I’m not coming unless I talk to someone 1st 816-223-7017 Verlin Have a blessed day

  33. Howie Mueler

    This Craig’s List post has expired.

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    • Ward William

      So the link is “dead”?

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