Six Pack Survivor: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Survivors of this vintage are pretty uncommon, especially Mopars. If you don’t already know why, the answer is rust! Though this car certainly isn’t any kind of show-ready cream puff, it is mostly intact and original. In my opinion, this car will not need a full restoration, but it will need some “freshening up.” To others, this may be a clean starting point for a complete restoration. The seller states “This car could be made into a driver if someone were working on a budget.” While it could easily be made into a driver, I’m going to assume that nobody on a budget is bidding $38,000 on a 440 Six Pack 1970 GTX! This Plymouth has 77,000 original miles and “one owner.” Find it here on eBay in Oregon at Graveyard Carz. Bidding is at $38,100 with no reserve. 

There she lies! As you may have already figured out, this GTX is equipped with a 440 Six Pack hooked up to an automatic transmission. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mopars or cars in general, the “Six Pack” name is derived from the addition of three 2-barrel carburetors to this 440. Thus, this car effectively has six carburetor barrels for increased performance. This car is numbers matching, meaning this is the engine it left the factory with. If you’re still wondering why an old Plymouth is close to bringing $40,000 or more in this condition, now you know.

The interior of this car is not atrocious, but it certainly isn’t mint. The carpet looks to be the worst of it, and it looks like water damage to me. The seller states and pictures rust damage around the rear window lower corners, so it is very possible that water-damaged carpet is the result of a breached window seal due to the rust. The rear seats could use a good cleaning, but are in otherwise very good condition. The front bucket seats are in very rough shape, at least the driver’s side is. The dash trim and pad are showing their age, but that is to be expected.

Though I initially thought this would be great if kept as-is, I think that given the rust around the rear glass and the condition of the interior, this car will need at least a partial restoration. The tires are bias-ply, and the seller guesses they are from the 1970s. While I’m sure it was one person who put most of these miles on this car, this is not exactly a one owner vehicle as claimed (though this is an opinion-based thing). Graveyard Carz bought it from a gentleman who bought it from the original owner, meaning this is technically a three owner car. The winning bidder will have to decide what to do with this car, or they may have already. Would you restore it totally? Partially restore it? Or fix the bare minimum and enjoy it?


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  1. stillrunners lawrence Member

    As is….fresh mechanics….drive it ! A lot !!!!!!!

  2. San Jose Scot

    Had a Duster with a 340 6pack. Would cruise along just fine. When I put my foot in it I swear I could watch the gas gauge move. That motor overpowered the suspension and brakes, and man was it fun.

    • Jay E.

      I also had a Duster with a 340 Six pak! Pistol grip, 4 speed, 3.91 posi. Loved that car. White with black interior/vinyl top. It was 1 bad 340! The sound it made when the six pak opened up was unmistakable, as was the thrust to your back. It wasn’t “fast” like todays cars, but somehow seemed much quicker than it actually was. I agree, the steering and stopping part wasn’t the best, nor was comfort. I was young and that car always made me feel great when I drove it.

    • Kurt Knechtel

      Just started following post on Mopar’s. Never did own one as a youth. I’m now a proud owner of a 1970 Mopar Satellite convertible. My uncle was the original owner. I can’t seem to fine another’s one out there to compare it with. What could be the approximate valve. It pretty close to original, it has a 318 engine.

      • Trey

        It’s a Plymouth.

        Do you have the fender tag? Build sheet?

  3. Steve M

    looks like a great car……. whats wrong (except price is high in todays market)… were the other 2 owners flippers or is something hiding???

    • Trey

      What’s wrong?

      Column shifter
      Graveyard Cars

  4. Mike

    This is the guy from graveyard carz on TV. I’m wondering why he’s not restoring it.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I was wondering the same!I would guess they’re trying to clean out the shop or something.

  5. Karguy James

    If this is really Graveyard Carz, the guy’s credibility just took a pretty big hit for me. Why advertise the car as a “one owner” car, then state in the listing “I bought it from the guy that bought it from the original owner”. Surely Mark can count can’t he?

  6. jwinters

    the guy I bought it from bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy that bought it from a guy that was the original owner. so its a one owner car…..

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      I think these sellers consider it to be a one owner car if the title is still in the first owners name. is that possible in the U.S?

      • jwinters

        i don’t know about other states but here in Nevada if you sell a car it is required by law that you sign off the title and the new owner has to mail it in and get a new one in their name.
        i once bought a car that had changed hands several times, and like 5 people had signed the title. they would not register it until they tracked down all of them and had them redo it. it was a mess,

      • Big Mike

        It is the same way in Missouri, Missouri law says it is to prevent flippers from buying and selling or rolling over a car. The only way a car lot can sell a car without having it retitled is to do it under consignment. I have bought cars from a consignment lot before and had to wait to get the title signed by the owners before I could take it home. It is a pain in the butt, but it does keep down flippers.

      • John D.

        Yes, it is possible in Pa. I have owned several cars where a title signed by an owner previous to the person I bought the car from had signed it. In Pa, a signed title is like an endorsed check, the bearer of the document (and hopefully posses the property) has the right to have it re-titled in his name. Pa enforces proper endorsement with the notary. But shenanigans are common if you know the notary and that person is a rule bender.

      • Tommy D

        In Michigan, it’s called jumping the title, not proper, but not enforceable.

      • The Walrus

        Considering many, if not most states, do not issue titles for vehicles this old, it’s more or less irrelevant.

  7. Keith Keith

    These old Mopar prices are getting out of hand. Mopars back in the day were never good cars in the first place, most of them had terrible suspensions and weak bodies (rust buckets). The only thing good about these old Mopars were the engines. Now days the newer cars will run circles around these old Mopars! Only fools pay these over inflated prices. In my opinion they can keep these old Mopars, there are way better cars out there for a lot less money and a lot faster!

    • Dave

      They were overpowered for their handling capabilities. They came factory with wood magnets. The power poles loved them.

    • CHRYCO Member

      I do not want this to sound like an argument or disapproval, but… I own three 60s Chrysler products. A 63 Belvedere wagon, 66 Satellite, and a 66 Chrysler Newport, all bought pretty cheap. The Satellite and the Newport still with their original never opened up engines, 318 and 383 . The wagon has a 72 dodge van 318 that I did a mild performance rebuild on. the old poly 318 had over 270K on it and was a bit tired but still ran well. They all have solid dry chassis and handle great with a few Firm Feel upgrades. All three are used as daily drivers and are a blast. The Belvedere wagon is my favorite though. Different strokes for different folks.

  8. JW

    I find it interesting Mark would not take on this project for his crew to freshen up and get more money than the asking price now, Something smells funny about this auction.

    • Dave

      By the looks of the back window deck I would pull the back seat to see if there’s anything left. I have my doubts. I had a ’69 road duck bought in ’74 ($850) and it had unbelievable hidden rust.

  9. Joe Backer

    I’d sit on the front fender and have a… poweraid. You all thought I was going to say beer. Didn’t you?

    • Jeffro

      I thought you were going to have a quiet moment to reflect on money and time put into this car

  10. redwagon

    Couple of possibilities……

    Mark is selling bc someone can no longer afford to have it repaired (2nd owner?)

    Someone is selling on consignment

    Mark is selling with the hope that the buyer will do a restoration through the shop.

  11. Dan

    I did not see where he was advertising it as a one owner car. Also, they took the exhaust manifolds off the car. Wonder if he gave them to Darin?

  12. Jay E.

    You are right that todays cars are faster/quicker/better in every respect. But when I was young a Mopar was like a hard tail Harley. All that crudeness just made it bad ass. You had to steer the crap out of it, the brakes locked up a lot and they were hot and uncomfortable. But they had an awesome sound wide open and at an idle, and made you feel good when you drove them. Hot chicks loved them. When your 3.91’s were were screaming along, the engine pegged at 7 grand at 120 on a 55 mph highway you felt like an outlaw! I was lucky to have one for many years as my daily driver. It was loud, crude and did endless pointless burnouts and it was perfectly matched to how I felt as a young man at the time. Weird today how youth don’t even have drivers licenses, what happened to manhood… I still do sticky burnouts in my Mustang, its not the same, but it makes my wife squeal and me feel young.

    • John D.

      Any reason you get your wife to squeal has to make you feel young!

      • Jay E.

        Thats a funny comment! The two aren’t connected, it it probably a badly constructed sentence. After 40 plus years together (she was one of the hot chicks) life is so predictable that the old fart being being irresponsible (her terms) gets her attention and reaction. But it is the burnouts alone make me feel young. But now I don’t do them in crowded intersections on main street or in suburban housing developments at midnight to leave youthful evidence.

    • JohnD

      Has to be the best post I’ve read about cars, ever.

    • Angrymike

      You sound a heck of a lot like me. I to had mopars back in the day, and yes the girls loved them. Now I have a Mustang GT convertible and yes I melt the tires here and there but not as much as in the 80’s when I could get cheap used tires instead of 11″ wide monsters that cost a few more bucks !

    • Chuck Pierce

      Congratulations Jay and (squealing) wife on 40+ years of marriage! 31 for me and I can’t ever remember my wife squealing. Hmmm – more burnouts maybe! Chuck in Kansas

  13. The Walrus

    “They’re only original once”, and it seems that GYC is acknowledging that by pointing out how original it is. A full restoration on a car in this condition would be a shame. The collector car market in the US is currently in the midst of a transition from valuing over-restored cars to valuing original/conserved cars. A complete cleaning mixed with conservation of the originality would be the best long term outlook for this particular car. I’m not sure that a shop that specializes in over restoration is in the best position to properly conserve it.

  14. Gunner

    Great comments Jay. I feel the same way about the cars of my youth. IDK what the newer cars are. There is a lot of great memories for me as a reckless, irresponsible kid living life on the edge. The fact that I made it through those years is nothing short of miraculous. The classic Detroit muscle will always have my heart.

  15. J Paul Member

    Searching the great Google, I read that only about a thousand of these were made with the 440-6 (678 auto, 350 manual)…if the price seems high, it’s not like there are a whole lot of similar cars out there, especially with this level of originality.

    (Also, if the car itself is honest, what does it matter if you are buying it from the original owner or the person who found it?)

    • JohnD

      Great point. A moderate ‘refresh’ is all that’s really needed here and you can have tons of fun with it. Maybe that’s why GYC is passing it on, rather than giving it the full teardown/acid dip/resto.

    • Nick Rice

      Exactly right Paul, why would it matter.

    • Trey

      The numbers you found are incorrect.

    • Brian

      678 total, of which 350 were 4spds & 328 were autos.

  16. Tommy D

    Ugly as sin, but looks like fun!

    • Jeffro

      I said that same thing one night after alot of tequila! That’s why I drink bourbon now. Lol

  17. Dman

    the carb set-up was referred to a a six barrel in Plymouth parlance, Six Pack was the Dodge term.

  18. Ron

    I think GYC generally builds cars for customers, not on speculation, and they won’t do a halfway job. The customer may not have been willing or able to finance a full restoration and GYC is helping them inload it.

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $38,100.00
    [ 64 bids ]

  20. Tommy D

    TY BF’s!

  21. Troy S.

    Fry the tires off the line with all that low end torque but once they hooked look out brother! Every street racers wet dream; or worst nightmare depending on where you were sitting, right off the showroom floor. I’ve heard the two secondary carburators were operated by vacuum instead of a more conventional mechanical linkage which made light passing situations a bit of a hassle.

  22. Mike

    It is NOT legal to have a signed title in PA. That is termed an open title and illegal. All signed titles have to be notarized and have buyers information written on them if he can’t be present. Then he would have to take notarized title to his notary to get titled and registered in his name.

    Having someone sign a title outside the presence of a public notary is a big No No

    • John D.

      True, but it still happens.

  23. Moparman Member

    This car looks just perfect; the thin stripe whitewall accenting the Magnum wheels are spot on (IMO)! I would like to freshen it up and drive the snot out of it, while I saved up to do a proper restoration! :-)

  24. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Mark has been posting via the GYC Facebook account that he is looking to buy restorable Mopars to sell via a new enterprise named Graveyard Motors.

    Maybe “moparrevival” will soon become “graveyardmotors”?

    Plus, if you buy from GYC, you can choose to just keep it there and have them do a full-on restoration.

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