Sold by Spud! Amazing 1960 Corvette Survivor!

One look at this stunning 1960 Chevrolet Corvette immediately triggered the thought that I’d have to pass on this obviously-restored classic unless it carried a Barn Find story in its past. Shady sellers have rendered the phrase “original” barely notable, but “Most if not all of its ORIGINAL Sateen Silver Paint” and “Original Red Interior…” ring the right bells. With a listing here on, this Bedford, Pennsylvania beauty could be yours with a single click on “Buy It Now” for $67,500.

This well-composed shot highlights the Corvette’s Space-Age styling and showcases the design opportunities made available by fiberglass car that would prove difficult or cost-prohibitive in steel.

The Jetsons look continues with the interior’s futuristic dash pods and chrome accents. Though not a one-owner car, it comes with a trunk-load of documentation going back to the original sale by a 21 year old garage owner named “Spud” who somehow earned a Chevy dealer franchise. The seller says “only four previous owners, and you can still talk to all four of them!” In fact this car appeared in a magazine article with its four owners present.

Not only is this 283 cid V8 original to the car, it’s the 270 HP variant with two four-barrel carburetors AND it transmits power to the rear axle via the original T-10 four-speed manual gearbox. The seller says this first-generation Corette “DRIVES LIKE THERE SUPPOSE TO,” and grammar and spelling aside, that’s always better than “Ran when parked!” It only takes one click –by one smitten enthusiast– to find this well-documented specimen of America’s Sports Car a new owner. Is it you?

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  1. elrod

    Too nice to drive – what beauty for a museum though!

    • Bob

      <Too nice to drive – what beauty for a museum though!

      After watching Goodwood this weekend, NOTHING is too nice to drive!

  2. Redwagon

    The photo of the dashboard gauges at night is pure automotive pornography.

    The satine silver and red is stunning under a cloudy sky. These colors would not photograph nearly as well in bright sunshine. This one would have to be my cloudy day Corvette.

  3. flmikey

    ..don’t ever remember saying this on this site, but….isn’t the price rather cheap? This car clicks all the right buttons…right colors, right engine…am I wrong thinking this is a low 6 figure car?

    • Fred W.

      I had the same thought, but looked it up on Hagerty and found $70K for a #3. However, this looks closer to #2 to me, at least in photos, and that’s over 100K. Someone should probably go check this one out.

  4. Rube Goldberg

    It’s Red Forman’s car, dumass,,,

    • redwagon

      who the heck is red forman?

    • JazzGuitarist54


    • Mark S.

      It was sad when Red sold it and bought a Toyota.

    • Jason

      Ahhh, nope, no stripe dumass.

  5. Max

    I am classic cars collector and also vintage film & Tv collector. I am Not fan of sports cars but Whenever I see this classic Corvette I remember (Route66 Tv show) I like alot every now then watch!

    • Rube Goldberg

      I have reason to believe, The Route 66 Corvette was Red Formans car, also Jim Reeds car in the last few episodes of Adam-12. It also showed up in the background of the other Jack Webb shows. It surfaced again in a movie, I think. Hollywood got their use out of that car.

      • gbvette62

        The Corvette used on the “That 70’s” show was a 1958, so it could never have been used on “Route 66”. The first episode of Route 66 aired in October 1960, and featured a 1960 Corvette.

        The Corvettes used on Route 66 were supplied by Chevrolet’s ad agency, Campbell-Ewald. Once they had about 3000 miles on them, they were returned to Campbell-Ewald, to be replaced by a new Corvette for use in filming. The show went through 3 or 4 Corvettes this way each season. Once returned to GM, the Corvettes were sent to dealers to be sold.

        Chevrolet also provided a number of support vehicles for the show, and new Corvettes for Milner, Marharis and assorted executives.

        The Corvette used on Adam-12 was not the car used on That 70’s show either. It didn’t have the 58 washboard hood and trunk irons, so it was either a 59 or 60.

      • Rube Goldberg

        Thanks for all that. Figures someone with a “gbvette62” would have all the facts. To an average viewer, me, they all looked like the same car. I wonder if any of those “Route 66” Corvettes ever surfaced?


    One of the funniest comedy shows to come out of America. Red Forman’s classic line, “Dumb Ass” is still directed at my Grandson when he makes a stupid foul up. Particularly liked the “Vista Cruiser” and “Donna”. Three good reasons to watch the show. Forget Mila Kunis, that’s a real Dumb Ass.

  7. JW

    The 70 show had everything cool cars, Hot Donna, Red and his Dumb Ass line and then my favorite when Red Kitty Bob Midge got stoned on Hyde’s special brownies and Red sold Eric’s car.

    • Tom Justice

      especially Hot Donna!!

    • dan

      Lets not forget Kelso’s VW bus !

      • KEN TILLY


        Or the Vista Cruiser!

      • Rube Goldberg

        Hydes El Camino, that was Leo’s ( Tommy Chong) Great show, that’s how it was too. My old man could have been Red.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    This car has got to come to my place! Just need a money tree growing in the backyard. I would prefer a single 4bbl but having a spare would work out just fine. Where’s that winning Powerball ticket…..

  9. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    Now THIS is what a small block Chevy V8 with those truly beautiful cast aluminum valve covers should be installed in !

  10. Gus

    I had the same car as Reds. Horizon blue with blue interior, blue convertible top. Paid $1200-$50 down and $60 a month for two years. Pretty cool for an 18 year old. Two months later a drunk driver pulled in frront of me and took out the front end. Sold it shortly afterwards. This happened in 1966. Oh well.

  11. Dr. D

    I love that all 4 previous owners are still alive and the current seller has their contact information.

    If I could buy this I would make a road trip out of visiting all of them.

  12. sluggo

    This is a cool car, great story and the interior is simply artwork and amazing. I dont like that exterior color, but it works on this car. While out of my price range, I too think this car is underpriced. FPI needed of course, but me thinks this is a amazing deal

  13. Cmarv

    Seller , Valley Auto , gets some great vintage Corvettes . They are good guys too !

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